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Following Saturday’s act of terrorism in Buffalo, New York, ISD analysed the resulting discussion online. We produced a Dispatch on the attempts made by a variety of actors to link the perpetrator to Azov Battalion, a regiment in the Ukrainian army with white supremacist links. Much like other recent acts of white supremacist terrorism, the shooter claims to have been inspired by the ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory. ISD has warned that this is becoming increasingly mainstreamed in 2019 in the aftermath of the Christchurch attack. This attack and the ecosystem in which the shooter was radicalised demonstrate the hybrid nature of the threat: extremist ideology, bolstered by radicalised conspiracy theories, motivated by hate. We will continue to work tirelessly to mitigate these threats.
Far-right, hard-left and pro-Kremlin efforts to link Buffalo to Ukraine
There are no known links between the Buffalo shooter and Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, but some groups are making the connection anyway. ISD explores who they are and what they hope to achieve.  

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Dark MAGA: The latest cycle in the far-right aesthetics laundromat
This Dispatch takes ‘Dark MAGA’ as a case study in how far-right actors are attempting to rebrand their movements, grab attention and radicalise the mainstream. 

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After Bucha, here’s what to expect from the next phase of Russian disinformation in Ukraine
Deny. Dispute. Deflect. This is the Russian disinformation playbook that was once again deployed in response to the atrocities found in Bucha, following Russia’s withdrawal from the city in March. As more tragedies are likely to come to light, we analyse Russia’s response to Bucha.
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Our practical guide to tackling antisemitism is now available in German
This guide both explores the prevalence of antisemitic content in German across a range of platforms, and provides practical steps to address this kind of hate in the online space. The English version of this guide is available here
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Unprompted and unwarranted: YouTube’s algorithm is putting young men at risk in Australia
Our researchers set out to investigate whether YouTube recommends more politically extreme content. Instead, they found something else just as disturbing. Read our latest Dispatch on YouTube’s amplification of misogyny.
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YouTube’s Super Chats tool enables the platform to profit from misinformation
A new study headed by ISD’s Ciarán O’Connor in collaboration with the Southern Poverty Law Center, examines how YouTube’s under-researched & under-scrutinized Super Chats tool is allowing the platform and its creators to profit from violence, conspiracies, misinformation & hate.
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ISD’s Head of Civic Action and Education and climate disinformation expert, Jennie King, will be discussing curbing climate mis- and disinformation to create positive change at an online event by Climate Action Against Disinformation. Register now to join the conversation, Thursday, 26 May at 3pm BST. 

British white nationalists Patriotic Alternative want parents to home school children with an alternative, racist curriculum. ISD fellow Julia Ebner features in this Channel 4 investigation on the group's recruitment and grooming tactics. 

The great replacement theory inspired the El Paso & the Christchurch attacks in 2019. In 2022, it is referenced by the suspect in the Buffalo shooting that left 10 dead. What can the US do to prevent others from turning to this mainstream conspiracy? Tim Squirrell, ISD's Head of Communications and Editorial, talks it through with BBC World News

The Buffalo suspect wore a Nazi Sonnenrad on the day of the attack. Tim spoke with VICE News about the resulting attempts to link him to Azov Battalion and undermine support for Ukraine. 

It has been revealed that the Buffalo shooter previously left details of his plans on Discord and used Twitch to livestream the attack. ISD’s Head of Research & Policy, Far-right and Hate Movements, Jacob Davey, spoke to Tortoise about findings from ISD’s Gaming and Extremism series that show how gaming platforms are used by dangerous actors. 

ISD analyst Ciarán O’Connor spoke to NBC about what is known of the Buffalo attacker's involvement in online spaces, including forums and platforms, dedicated to extremist conversations and hate speech.

Days after the mass shooting in Buffalo, videos capturing the shooter livestreaming the attack are still available across various platforms, Ciarán told Bloomberg. Researching the aftermath, Ciarán found that the most viewed videos were on Twitter, with one reaching almost 460,000 views. 

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