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ISD and CASM Technology are pleased to announce the launch of our Beam website. Beam began as a partnership between ISD and CASM in 2015 which, from the beginning, had two key emphases: the capability to detect information threats at scale, and empowering more effective ways of responding to them. Since then, our award-winning technology has paved the way for researchers to custom design their own data collection and analysis ‘architectures’ by bringing data from various social media platforms under a single format. Users can then categorise data, analyse behaviour and identify trends among communities. Information can be synthesised into outputs including dashboards, data visualisations, regular reporting and alerts. This technology has been the basis for investigations of election disinformation in the US, Australia and France; information operations and disinformation about the Ukraine and Syria conflicts; climate disinformation in and around COP26 and COP27; and more. More information on Beam and how to get involved is available on our website
Election disinformation thrives following social media platforms’ shift to short-form video content
The meteoric rise of TikTok has prompted competing platforms Instagram and YouTube to rapidly roll out their own short-form video content. But these quick turnarounds have left ample room for major issues. In the lead up to US elections, misleading content proliferated across these short-form video platforms. ISD's investigation on platforms' efforts to safeguard users exposes major problems for the public and democracy alike. 

Covered in the New York Times.
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Social media platforms and the drop box monitoring ecosystem 
US ‘election integrity’ actors – including conspiracy theorists and extremists – were highly active during this election season, organising vigilante efforts and leading to various police reports – a slippery slope for those concerned with voter intimidation and safety. ISD explored the online activity of ballot box "watchers" – including their recruitment efforts, fearmongering, and repeated calls about "rigged" elections – as well as analysing platforms' role in aiding the spread of this content, finding numerous opportunities for improvement in preparation for the 2024 presidential election.
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In one of our most recent COP27 Disinformation Bulletins, we explore Advance Australia, a well-funded right-wing organisation, which is expected to launch a significant anti-climate effort coinciding with COP27, stoking fears around the cost of living and energy security. 

The bulletin is a product of Climate Action Against Disinformation's (CAAD) Intelligence Unit, overseen by ISD. The Unit is tracking ‘discourses of delay’ - attempts to delay climate action - and anti-climate lines of attack at the transnational level during COP27. The Unit analyses content across public Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube on a daily basis, in order to track efforts to undermine or overturn key negotiated outcomes in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

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The ‘New World Order’ conspiracy resurfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that a global elite was attempting to invoke a totalitarian one-world government.
The event was new; the narrative was not. The 'New World Order' conspiracy has a long history of association with antisemitism and other forms of hatred. 

ISD explores the theory and its history in 'Explainers', a new series we publicly launched in September with the support of Microsoft. 

All of our Explainers are available on our website. Check back for new content as we continue producing brief guides to key concepts in extremism, hate, and disinformation.
"In the last decade we’ve seen a mainstreaming of all of these types of movements that we once thought of as being in the fringe," ISD’s CEO, Sasha Havlicek, told BBC Panorama. She appears in a recent episode to explain how and why people believe conspiracy myths that terror attacks are hoaxes.  
Climate delayism narratives - attempts to delay climate action - did not take long to resurface at this year’s COP27. ISD's Head of Civic Action & Education, Jennie King, told POLITICO that the far right's focus on climate, however, has been "turbo charged" by the energy crisis. 
Elon Musk is making some major changes at Twitter, but to what end? Senior Research Managers Jared Holt and Katherine Keneally offer commentary to various outlets, including the AP and the Washington Post, regarding the new transfer of power. Katherine also features in Bloomberg's 'Sound On' podcast speaking on Musk, algorithmic transparency and what could happen if Trump's account is reinstated.

ISD's Head of Digital Integrity, Jiore Craig, joined Bloomberg's Emily Chang to discuss the 'long game' for election deniers, combatting mis- and disinformation, and the future of Twitter. She was also quoted in a BBC piece on the exposure of voters to electoral mis- and disinformation online.

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