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How COVID-19 & Clumsy Headlines Sparked 'Climate Lockdown,' a Conspiracy Narrative Against Climate Action 
ISD analysed the rise of a new conspiracy centred around the idea that COVID-19 lockdowns would become a blueprint for a new 'green tyranny.' Read the full report here, and find it covered on Channel 4 and EuroNews.
COVID-19 misinformation is seen by millions on Facebook despite fact-checking
ISD research analysed COVID-19 disinformation spread by the World Doctors Alliance Group, whose key members have 1.2 million followers on mainstream platforms that claim to prohibit the content they spread. Covered by the Washington Post.  Read the full report here.
White Supremacists Draw on U.S. Military for Organisational Inspiration 
ISD finds that white supremacists on Telegram hate the military as an institution, yet draw aesthetic and organisational inspiration from it, including in planning violent activity, and target soldiers and veterans for recruitment. Read the full report here.
Why are Online Book Retailers Recommending Anti-Vax Content to Buyers?
Amazon’s algorithms were publicly called into question after our report in April showed users were being promoted conspiracy-related literature. As of September, ISD found the problems persist: anti-vax literature is pushed to the top of search for terms like 'vaccination.' Read the post from our blog, Digital Dispatches.
A Virus of Distrust: How the German Broadcaster RT DE fits into the German COVID denial scene
ISD Germany analyses the extent of Russian state-controlled German-language broadcaster RT DE's influence on YouTube and its integral role in COVID-19 scepticism. Read the full report here. Covered in
Interactions & Reciprocity: Understanding the Australian Far-Right and Far-Left’s Twitter Activity
Our research on Australian Twitter explores how the far right and far left interact online, and how this can fuel their confrontations in the physical world. Read the full report here.
ISD's Jennie King and Chloe Colliver joined the EU Disinfo Lab's annual conference in their return to physical format in Brussels. Chloe moderated a session on 'Disinfo for Hire,' speaking about the 'lucrative business' of influence buying, and why actors outsource information operations. Jennie spoke about the  challenging nature of climate change disinformation and what can be done about it. #Disinfo2021 Read more about the conference here.

Chloe also presented alongside our CEO Sasha Havlicek on the impact of algorithmic amplification of extremist content across a range of platforms, as part of an EU Internet Forum session on the role of algorithms in terrorist and violent extremist content.
ISD's Jacob Davey participated in the opening conference of RUSI's Far-Right Extremism and Terrorism (FRET) Research Programme, discussing the transnational links between far-right individuals and online communities, ranging from mainstream platforms to online gaming.
Our CEO, Sasha Havlicek, discussed internet safety on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live in the wake of MP David Amess' killing, amid calls for a crackdown on social media abuse toward public figures. Watch it here.
BBC specialist disinformation reporter Marianna Spring enlisted our Chloe Colliver to help investigate how online trolls can openly abuse her and so many other women without repercussions from platforms. Watch it here.
Jennie King spoke with Channel 4 News about our report  ’Climate lockdown’ and the Culture Wars,' discussing the weaponisation of the pandemic by climate change deniers and right-wing media. Watch it here.
Aoife Gallagher discusses our report "Ill Advice: A Case Study in Facebook’s Failure to Tackle COVID-19 Disinformation" with the Washington Post focussing on the virality of the 12 medical professionals that make up the World Doctors Alliance. Read it here.

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