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ISD continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine and the spread of disinformation by pro-Kremlin actors in Russia and abroad. Our latest research shows how the war has sparked an influx of disinformation among conspiracy groups, and how a network of accounts linked with the Chinese Communist Party is supporting Putin's war. We also explore the policy precedent set by the banning of RT and Sputnik across Europe.

ISD’s Ciarán O’Connor appeared on a panel discussing the narratives being pushed by Russia and Ukraine, while Tim Squirrell spoke to UnHerd about the splits that may be created within the far-right because of the war, and Jasmine El-Gamal wrote an op-ed about the future of refugee policy within Europe after the exodus of millions of Ukrainians fleeing the conflict.

For more of our ongoing Russia-Ukraine analysis, visit our regularly updated hub.
How to combat antisemitism in the online space
This toolkit, released by ISD and B'nai B'rith International in partnership with UNESCO, summarises antisemitic threats and policy responses across the EU, and provides recommendations for civil society on engaging with governments, platforms and communities.
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Insight into the Russian-language online extremism landscape
The Strong Cities Network investigated stigma against Central Asian labour migrants in Russian-language online content, identifying narratives and language used to dehumanise & ostracise those coming from the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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Russia-Ukraine War sparks influx of disinformation in German-language conspiracy groups
Far-right circles have increasingly amplified pro-Kremlin disinfo, pushing Russian state media and the long-debunked US biolabs theory. ISD explores the exponential growth in pro-Kremlin messages and links among Telegram and Facebook since the war began.
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Pro-Chinese Communist Party Twitter network mobilises to defend Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
ISD has discovered that seemingly inauthentic Twitter accounts aligned with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are spreading disinformation about the war in Ukraine, and official state-linked accounts are amplifying them.
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Banning RT and Sputnik across Europe: What does it hold for the future of platform regulation?
Responding to the rapid ban of Russian state media, this Dispatch examines the implications and makes recommendations on maintaining the balance between content moderation and freedom of expression.
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ISD’s Ciarán O’Connor appeared on Oireachtas Debates as part of a panel interview discussing the Russia/Ukraine war and the spread of disinformation around the invasion, as well as misleading information from pro-Ukrainian parties.
Tim Squirrell, ISD’s Head of Communications & Editorial, spoke with UnHerd about the far-right’s split over the Russia-Ukraine War and the appeal of conspiracies in moments of human crisis.

Jasmine El-Gamal wrote for the Arab Weekly about the future of refugee policy and asks: “As Europe rightly opens its borders to Ukrainians fleeing Putin’s bombs, can European governments extend the same generosity to people who ‘don’t look like them?'”

ISD's Dominic Pkalya spoke to All Africa about the growing threat of political gangs and militias in Kenya ahead of the national elections on 9 August 2022.

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