The Mental Militia Will Support The Ryan Family Rally This Weekend, June 4 & 5
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TMM Supports Jury Nullification:

Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia.
About Jake Ryan

I hope to meet many Mentalitians at the rally for Jake Ryan this weekend at Plains, Montana. I do know a number of friends who will be there and I look forward to seeing each of you there. Among TMMers who will be there are Jim and Starr Farley. Starr wrote the following synopsis about Jake:
"The Ryan family were a part of Celebrating Conservatism here years ago. They are a super, stalwart, patriotic family.  Jake, 21, is in jail now because of going over to the Burns, OR "stand-off" to see what it was about and to help out if he could.  He did nothing wrong, but he, as well as numerous others, were rounded up and thrown in jail without bail."

I met Jake Ryan's family several years ago and have the highest respect and admiration for the whole family, and I intend to show up and show support in their drive to get Jake out of prison.

Last week I posted what TMM member Ted Dunlap (candidate for Montana Governor) had placed on his campaign website. I would like to send readers to that page now to see the fliers (which I cannot attach to this email):

Jake Ryan: Montana Political Prisoner

Details for Saturday evening's events are on that page, along with other important info for taking action which can help the more than 35 political prisoners be released. There is also a listing of those arrested, so do click that link above and read the article. I will be there for the 6:30 kick-off pot-luck event and stay through the evening's events. I do hope to see many TMM members there. If I get an opportunity on Sunday I will offer a few words about jury nullification and why we all want to promote that knowledge far and wide, how it can help the political prisoners.

As a Psychological Operation on behalf of individual liberty The Mental Militia will also be gathering information and making associations between federal departments and agencies, NGOs currently operating in Montana and other Western States, and associating those with pressures exerted onto our federal government by United Nations leverages, so show the corruption which shapes "policy" to our detriment as people living on the land.

The Mental Militia will promote and spread the blessed message of jury nullification across all States in which these political prisoners will be tried under statutes which are not pursuant to the highest uncontradicted law of the land.

I have posted two lengthy articles at TMM's national website and invite all TMM members to arrange time for a careful and studious reading of both articles.

The First Branch

Guerrilla Jurors

Every prospective juror in every Western State needs to be shown that each juror has the inherent right and duty to judge the law as well as the facts of any case, and render a verdict according to one's conscience. Most Americans have been taught that they must obey the rules of the court as the judge dictates to them. That is not true, and the perception held by our good neighbors across the land needs to be made aware of that deception. It has been ingrained in our collective perception for more than a hundred years, and now must be re-examined and corrected. Jury nullification is the way.
The Mental Militia is proud to invite readers to view our trailer for the movie project to document the life and philosophy of the "Montana Natural Man". But the movie is also about the times in which ernie lives, including the Sagebrush Rebellion, the Bundy and Finicum family patriots, surveillance, police state, Agenda 21, undeclared overseas wars, the Federal Reserve folly, etc.

Enjoy this six minute trailer, and click the link in the text box under the video to visit the ernie page at our national website. TMM is seeking financial support for completing the full length film, and you can donate for that on the ernie page by clicking the link under this video trailer --.
This Land is our Land full trailer v4 0 in HD 1
"Montana Natural Man"
The "ernie movie" is a fund-raiser project for the general fund of The Mental Militia LLC. We are appealing to grassroots crowd-funding to help The Mental Militia produce this movie! We have engaged the creative talents of Adam Ruff, Greg Jednack, Jim White, and Jason Van Tatenhove. Musical scores in the movie will include Jordan Page and Rob Lethart's band, The Innocents. You may contribute on our "ernie movie project" page. Just type in the amount you wish to contribute and click the button.  Thank You!
Miscellaneous Notes of Interest

My personal YouTube posting of the ernie movie trailer is here  --

Dan Happel's radio show last Thursday was a conversation with Dan and myself. I am honored to have been invited. Andy down in Ennis did a great graphic for the show, and Dan and I got into some spiritual psychology. The one-hour show is HERE

Dan Happel's website is here:


Also of note, Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth was interviewed for James Jaeger's "MAINSTREAM" documentary film on Hollywood and the New York media.

The Jake Ryan post at The Mental Militia:

Also, please read this two-page press release by COWS (Coalition of Western States) about the unacceptable abuse of our political prisoners. From that press release:

"The Coalition of Western States also strongly condemns the imprisonment of American citizens who dared to pursue their constitutionally protected rights including young Jake Ryan. It is clear that the federal government is evincing a design to destroy the right to protest and the right to keep and bear arms. These
inviolable rights rights ultimately also include the right of civil disobedience.
"We are deeply troubled by the decision of the federal government to aggressively pursue the prosecution of a young man who wished to practice his rights guaranteed to him by this nation's constitution." (end excerpts from press release)

The press release is a pdf. Please share the link:

Your comments are welcome under articles at the site. Stay in touch with the national website as we continue to develop the site.

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