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Latest News from Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

June 30–July 6, 2018
Volume IX Issue 22
Black Women at the Vanguard of Resistance
PROTEST #FavelaLivesMatter Protest in Rio: ‘I sent him clean to school, he returned covered in blood’ - Rithyele Dantas, Jornalistas Pretas
REPRESENTATION ‘Black Women Shaping the Future’: A Reflection on Inclusion in Technology - Chris Harden, RioOnWatch event reporter
HEALTH CONSEQUENCES OF VIOLENCE Police Killings and Violence Are Driving Black People Crazy - Brentin Mock, CityLab
Favela Literature and Culture
BOOK REVIEW The Inspiration Behind Geovani Martins’ Critically Acclaimed Favela-Centered Book - Chris Harden, RioOnWatch event reporter
PROFILE Complexo do Alemão’s Fight Club #SustainableFavelaNetwork - Shawn Provost, RioOnWatch sustainable favela reporter
Olympic and World Cup Legacies
CELEBRATION Vila Autódromo’s Annual June Festivities Celebrate Hope and Sustained Perseverance - Sophy Chan, RioOnWatch Olympic counter-legacies researcher
DOCUMENTARY The human costs of the Olympics: Inside the community displaced by the 2016 Rio games - Tom Roston feat. Marc Ohrem-Leclef, Salon
BRAZIL HOUSING CRISIS Putting Human Faces and Bodies on Abandoned Building Data - Zoe Sullivan, Next City
OLYMPIC LEGACY After Olympics, South Korea wrestles with the legacy of a bulldozed forest - Kim Tong-Hyung, National Post
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