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Latest News from Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

May 6—11, 2018
Volume IX Issue 14
Dear Readers—Today, May 11, 2018, we're celebrating eight years of RioOnWatch! That's eight years of highlighting favelas' qualities, denouncing cases of government neglect and irresponsibility, covering events and initiatives organized by community organizers, and analyzing key issues that affect residents' day-to-day lives. Exactly eight years ago in our first-ever article, titled 'Rocinha, Rain and Removals,' young community journalist Gabriel Ribeiro wrote: "Now, with new media, it’s easier to blow the whistle. Twitter, blogs, Orkut and everything can be used to help, even if just a bit, to transform a community into a place which is better for all."

Thank you for accompanying our work, for reading and sharing our content, and for helping us build a world in which favelas are no longer stigmatized but rather, are valued and ultimately prosper for all they contribute to the city.

On this anniversary, we're launching a new campaign to make RioOnWatch fully sustainable through monthly support from readers by its tenth birthday in 2020. If you value our work, please read more about our anniversary campaign here and sign on as a monthly contributor.

Thank you!
Theresa, Rose, Cerianne, Luisa, Clara & the whole CatComm team
Housing and Cultural Occupations
OCCUPATION MTST Occupies Land in Niterói, Demands Housing for Victims 8 Years After Bumba Tragedy - Shawn Provost, RioOnWatch
EVICTION IBGE Occupation Eviction in Mangueira: ‘You have five minutes to leave’ [IMAGES] - Émilie B. Guérette, RioOnWatch
CONTEXT Homeless Groups Are Making Use of High-Rise Buildings and Historic Houses throughout Brazil - Carolina Linhares, João Pedro Pitombo & Lucas Vettorazzo, Folha de S.Paulo
CULTURE When the Favela Occupies the University: Abraço das Favelas at UFRJ - Priscilla Mayrink, RioOnWatch
Local and National Policy Debates
MONITORING Fifteen Months of Mayor Crivella's Administration
Part 1: Culture and Public Security
Part 2: Urban and Social Interventions
- Luisa Fenizola, CatComm Public Policy Analyst
BRAZIL INEQUALITY DEBATED IN LONDON Justice and Politics of Inequality Dominate Brazil Forum UK 2018 - Patrick Gibbs, Chair of Trustees of The Favela Foundation
Favela Activism and Black Resistance
FAVELA TOURISM ‘Rocinha is Not a Monster’: Take a Stroll with Favela Activists in Rocinha - Cheyne Bull, RioOnWatch
MARIELLE'S LEGACY In wake of councilwoman's murder, black Brazilians seek political voice - Jake Spring, Reuters
TRANSLATION After the Take-Over: Mobilizing the Political Creativity of Brazil’s Favelas - Marielle Franco, New Left Review
Violence and Marielle Investigation Updates
HATE CRIME Genderqueer student murdered in Rio favela - AFP
INVESTIGATION Rio police closing in on activist's murderers - AFP
UPDATE Witness: Rio Councilor, Military Police Officer Behind Marielle Franco's Assassination - teleSUR
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