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Latest News from Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

May 18–June 3, 2019
Volume X Issue 10
'Stop Killing Us' Protest
DEFENDING THE RIGHT TO LIVE ‘Stop Killing Us!’ Drew 2000 to Rio Beachfront to Protest State Violence in Favelas [IMAGES] - Carolina Medina Zárate and Daiana Contini, RioOnWatch reporters
COALITION OF 79 ORGANIZATIONS The “Stop Killing Us” Protest in Rio is the Start of Something New - Jack Arnhold, The Rio Times

POLARIZED POLITICAL SPECTRUM Favela Residents Ask Government to “Stop Killing Us” in Counter-Demonstration - C.H. Gardiner, The Rio Times
MENTAL HEALTH The Psychological Effects of Falling Asleep and Waking Up to the Sound of Gunshots - Luís Eduardo Macedo, Agência de Notícias das Favelas (translated to English by RioOnWatch)

See "More on Public Safety" section below for further news.
Grassroots Solutions: Sustainability, Media, Census and Dance
SUSTAINABLE FAVELA NETWORK RONGO’s Graffiti Museum and Verde Vale Recycling Project [PROFILE] - Adriana Gonzalez and Emma Bergman, RioOnWatch
DO-IT-YOURSELF-CENSUS A new census shows how a Brazilian favela really works - Sarah Maslin, The Economist
COMMUNITY MEDIA PROFILE Rocinha’s - Stefanie Bessler, RioOnWatch collaborator on community media profiles

WESTERN GAZE IN JOURNALISM Samba and sensibility - Ann Deslandes, The Troubled Region
ALTERNATIVES ‘Creative Pathways to Cultures of Equity’ Seminar Discusses Solutions to Violence in the Periphery - Zaynah Karem, RioOnWatch events reporter
SUCCESSFUL CROWDFUNDING The Teenage Girls Building Their Own Ballet School in a Rio Favela - Frederick Bernas and Sebastian Gil Miranda, VICE
Historical and Present-Day Battles for Upgrades and Land Rights
FLAGRANT INEQUALITY Quilombo Sacopã Denounces Luxury Condo and Authorities for Damages by Recent Rains - Luisa Fenizola, CatComm public policy analyst
LANDSLIDE RISK Rocinha Still Facing Potential Landslide from Recent Rains - Fernanda Gomes, RioOnWatch community contributor
FAVELA UPGRADING 25 Years On, Seminar Celebrates Favela-Bairro Upgrading Program - Ben Bildsten, Luisa Fenizola and Zaynah Karem, RioOnWatch reporters
GENERATIONS-OLD COMMUNITY Families of Chácara do Algodão in Upscale Horto Fight for Their Future by Remembering Their Past - Tyler Strobl, RioOnWatch evictions reporter
More on Public Safety, Rising State Violence, Marielle Assassination
'THEY CAME TO KILL' Almost 5 Die Daily at Hands of Rio Police. - Ernesto Londoño and Manuela Andreoni, The New York Times
EXTERMINATION POLICY Black Lives Matter: a battle cry against Brazil's extermination policy - Alexandra McAnarney and Alexandra Montgomery, Open Democracy
SHADOW STATE Mafias run by rogue police officers are terrorising Rio - Sarah Maslin, The Economist
FIGHTING VIOLENCE WITH VIOLENCE Jair Bolsonaro will not defeat crime in Brazil by tolerating militias - Sarah Maslin, The Economist
IMPUNITY DESPITE 80 SHOTS Brazil military court frees soldiers pending killing trial - Associated Press
MARIELLE'S MURDER Federal Police Conclude that Investigation into Marielle Franco’s Murder Was Obstructed - Jack Arnhold, The Rio Times
National Policies: Social Security, Inequality, Drug Policy
FAVELAS SAY NO 5th Political-Cultural Soirée ‘Politilaje’ in Vidigal Debates Brazil’s Pension Reform - Carolina Medina Zárate, RioOnWatch events reporter
GROWING GAP Brazil’s poor are squeezed as inequality grows - Marcelo Silva de Souza and Víctor Caivano, Associated Press
PUNITIVE APPROACH How Brazil’s institutional crisis shaped a terrible drug policy - Natália Tomé Scalzaretto, The Brazilian Report
CONTROVERSIAL REMEMBRANCE For some in Brazil, commemorating slavery is vital - Sarah Maslin, The Economist
COMPROMISED RECONSTRUCTION Restoration Funds for National Museum to be Reduced by R$11.9 Million - Richard Mann, The Rio Times
PLUNGING APPROVAL RATES Diehard Bolsonaro supporters prepare to march as criticism of his rule intensifies - Tom Phillips, The Guardian
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