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October 2019                                                                    Check out our previous newsletters
We're getting closer!

In our last newsletter we told you that we were looking at two sites. Since then, we've found yet another promising site, so we've got lots to think about.

A well-chosen site calls for a creative, unique design that really enhances the neighbourhood. So just what does that look like? Here are some great examples. 

If you're new to cohousing and are intrigued by it, this article is a great introduction. It notes that there's lots to like about living in "close but not too close" proximity with your neighbours: "when you need community — because a spouse is away or a baby is sick or you’re just plain lonely and would like some companionship — it’s there for you".  

That's what it's all about for Mathew and Becky. And as you can see from these pictures from our most recent social, community also means having fun together.

But don't just take our word for it. Come see for yourself. You're invited to attend our next Orientation Session, at 1:00pm on Sunday, Oct. 20 at Activity Haven, 180 Barnardo Avenue in Peterborough (come in through the back door).

We encourage you to stay for our monthly business meeting, which starts at 3:00pm. There's plenty going on these days, so it will be a lively meeting. You'll discover what makes Kawartha Commons such a dynamic - and friendly - group.

There's a potluck dinner too, following the meeting at 5:00pm. No need to bring anything - we'd be delighted to have you as our guest.

Want to join us? Drop us a line at

Need to think about it? Find out more by writing us at (add us to your address book), or by visiting We're on Facebook too.

We look forward to telling more about our wonderful community.

People crave comfort, people crave connection, people crave community. -- Marianne Williamson
Not One, Not Two, But Three Sites To Look At
In the past few weeks, we've been actively pursing three locations in and around Peterborough. Each one is an urban site; all of them have plenty of potential.

We're especially excited to be in discussions with a local developer who is a strong believer in cohousing. He's familiar with Kawartha Commons, and he's interested in helping us build our community.

That's huge. Any cohousing group lucky enough to work with a developer is already ahead of the game. Developers have experience in the design and construction industry, relationships with municipal officials, and access to financing. Those are big advantages for any cohousing project.

There are still a few hoops to jump through, but we've taken some giant steps these past few months. We look forward to announcing our site in the not-too-distant future.
Smart Design Makes All the Difference
Scott Donovan, KCC's very own architectural guru, brings the Australian firm Breathe to our attention. They have designed several urban projects which, as he notes, have "created a nice connection between the building and the street".

In Breathe's Nightingale1
project, "the main floor of the building is articulated differently from the upper stories. It makes a big difference to the scale of the building, how you approach it, and what your expectations are of what is to be found there".

But we don't need to look Down Under for forward-looking design firms. There are plenty right here at home. One that we've got our eye on is Sustainable, located in Toronto.

They have a strong reputation for passive design strategies that are integrated "into the design of a building to work with natural elements (including sun and wind patterns) to provide free heating and cooling of spaces through different seasons".
With examples like these to draw upon, 
we'll have plenty of inspiration to build a home that we can all be proud of.
Our Members Speak - Becky and Mathew Ingram

We used to live in the suburbs of Toronto (with detours to Edmonton and Calgary along the way), where we raised our three lovely daughters. Recently we moved to the Buckhorn area, 40 minutes north of Peterborough, where we share a duplex with Marc and Kris, who are also some of the earliest members of Kawartha Commons Cohousing.

It was Kris’s passion for the idea of cohousing, and the close sense of community that it fosters, that got the two of us interested in it. In the year or two since KCC has been up and running, we've made many close friends with the group, and we're active on several different committees.

It's only going to get better. We're close to finding a site, and we're looking forward to sharing meals, hobbies, social activities, and other passions with everyone in the group. It won't be long until we start building our dream community.
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Who Has More Fun Than Us?
A group of friends who often meet,
Today brought delicious treats.

One lady in a charming big hat,
Would get no sun I'm sure of that.

Two men who wouldn't be outdone,
Came in kilts which made more fun.

All in all it was an enjoyable time -
I'm sure a repeat would be just fine.

- by Linda Slavin's Aunt Ruth.  
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