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Summer is definitely here, and we've been making the most of it. It was great to see new friends come out to July's social. Maybe you'll join us on August 11 for this month's social? We'd love to see you. 

We continue to make real progress in bringing our neighbourhood to life. We've really stepped up our game with the help of our cohousing consultant, Katie McCamant, and her team. And we're taking a very close look at a couple of excellent sites.

But just what is it that defines cohousing? Perhaps this will shed some light. 

Most of us sign on to cohousing for the mutual support and a strong sense of community leavened with respect for privacy that it offers. And despite what you may think, cohousing attracts both extroverts and introverts. See what Jay and Linda have to say about it.

Still have questions? Want to find out what makes our KCC community tick? Why not come out to one of our meetings? We're always looking for more people willing to help us build our neighbourhood.

Not quite ready to attend one of our meetings? You can still contact us at (add us to your address book), or head on over to

We'd love to hear from you!

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious. ― Ruth Reichl
Kawartha Commons Summer Social Part II

Summer's in full swing, and the weather's been simply magnificent - at least in this neck of the woods. We've already had one social and are gearing up for our second this coming weekend. This time it's a Hoity Toity Tea and Garden Party, hosted by the ever-so-genteel Al and Linda Slavin:
  • When: Sunday, August 11, 2019
    • 2:00pm - Tea
    • 3:00pm - Games, fun, and music
    • 6:00pm - Potluck dinner
  • Where: 3749 Wallace Point Road, Peterborough (GPS: 44.249838, -78.312997) 
  • What to bring:
    • Potluck dish (please label ingredients)
    • Lawn chairs
    • Comfortable shoes to go with your garden-party outfit
    • Musical instruments, singing voices, and song books
    • Beverages of choice (alcoholic or otherwise)
    • Insect repellant (there's a small creek nearby)
  • Visiting friends and family always welcome
  • Questions: contact Al or Linda at 705-745-5503.
This social being both hoity and toity, Jay's bringing his world-renowned scones to go with Linda's strawberry jam and clotted cream. Extend those pinkies!

Meanwhile, our July social was tons of fun, thanks to the warm hospitality of Kris, Marc, Becky, and Mathew:

Plenty of good food and conversation...

Lots of singing too.

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So What Is Cohousing, Anyway?
Every cohousing community is unique, and sometimes it can be tough to define just what it really is. But we all know it when we see it.

This idea is nicely captured in this essay by Chuck Durrett, who helped to introduce the idea of cohousing to North America. Cohousing is more than just picking up your neighbour's mail, or shovelling their walk, or running errands to the mall. As Chuck says, it's about "a wonderful conversation that grows richer and deeper over time".

While every cohousing neighbourhood is unique, one essential element they all share is the desire to build a neighbourhood that benefits everyone. Here's an example of the amenities that one community chose to build.

Regardless of the path it chooses, a cohousing project realizes its vision only when everyone works together to build a genuine community. Amazing what people who truly care about each other can accomplish when they put their heads together.  

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Our Members Speak - Linda and Jay McLaren
We are a retired and active couple, and have been married 42 years. The dream home we built 24 years ago is now too big and too much to care for. We love the riverside setting and the beautiful gardens that we have created over the years. But it is time to move on. For us it is more a question of how rather than if.

We were introduced to Kawartha Commons Cohousing (KCC) in February and quickly decided to become full members of this most attractive and dynamic community. Not only are we making wonderful new friends, but we are learning so many interesting new things.

For us, KCC answers the main questions that we are asking ourselves in deciding to downsize and simplify our living:
  • WHAT? We aren’t ready to move into an apartment, so this opportunity to still own our home and live in a community of friends is perfect.
  • WHERE? We have lots of friends and connections in our home town, but KCC offers us the answer to the problem of finding a suitable community to live in, with new friends and connections.
  • WHEN? The timing is perfect for us. We'll have enough time to sell our home, and we plan on renting until our cohousing unit is ready.
  • HOW? This community of friends is working together to make so many important decisions that we would find very difficult to do on our own.
  • WHY COHOUSING? Linda is a very private, introverted person, while I am very busy and extroverted. A cohousing neighbourhood is ideal for both of us. We have our privacy when we need it, and we can socialize and be busy when we want to. Kawartha Cohousing will satisfy both of our needs.
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Come See What We're All About

There's no getting around it: cohousing takes time and effort, and it's no different with Kawartha Commons.

It takes a bunch of incredibly dedicated people with the expertise needed to build a strong, vibrant, and viable neighbourhood. And Kawartha Commons is blessed with just the right mix of skills and talents to make that happen.

Of course, it helps to be well-organized too. And we're well-organized, if we do say so ourselves.

But don't just take our word for it. Come see for yourself by attending our business meetings. Everybody's welcome - all that's required is that you attend an Orientation Session first.

Our next Orientation is from 1:00pm to 2:30pm on Sunday, August 25 at Activity Haven, 180 Barnardo Avenue in Peterborough (enter through the back door). Once the Orientation's done, you're welcome to stay on for our business meeting, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

A potluck dinner follows, and we invite you to break bread with us. The day ends at 6:00pm.

To sign up, contact us at We do hope you'll join us!

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