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December 2021

 Well, we’re OFFICIALLY in 2022! And we can certainly say “Goodbye” once again to 2020 and 2021 like we did in our last Newsletter! 
Let’s ALL hope for a PAWtastic 2022 and well wishes for everyone! 
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Founder's Note

As we take the time to reflect on 2021, what are you most proud of? What would you change? I’m most proud of my daughters, Addy and Maddy, for being themselves and teaching their mom to be proud of herself.  They also have made me realize that mistakes happen but it’s okay because it allows us to learn, pivot, and make changes.  
This last year was full of changes in every aspect of my life.  I’m most proud of all the changes that have been going on behind the scenes of Michael’s Angel Paws to better serve, better connect, and help you reach your goals with your pup.  I wouldn’t change the experiences I’ve had, whether positive or negative, because those experiences have allowed me to grow and change to become a better person, a better spouse, a better mother, a better dog momma, and so much more.
My wish for 2022 is to keep growing personally as well as increasing our presence within the community. This is the year for Michael’s Angel Paws to shine and we need your help to help us reach our goals. If you can help us in any way let's connect.
What can we do to help you reach your training goals for this upcoming year?  We are here to help you, just let us know, let's connect.
As always Pawsitively,
Stephanie Gerken

Assistance Dog Program

Our Assistance program trains and provides dogs for people with disabilities - sometimes visible and sometimes invisible.

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Assistance Dog Team Spotlight below!
Amber and Sammy

“Fun Fact” 

Assistance Dogs are not pets.

Common examples of assistance dogs include:

Guide dogs assist the blind and the visually impaired.
Hearing dogs, or signal dogs, help the deaf and hard of hearing.
Other ways they help us are:
Mobility assistance dogs
Medical alert dogs
Psychiatric service dogs
Autism Assistance dogs

"Get Involved"
Therapy Dog Program

We hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for the New Year, 2022! We have lots of activities planned and we want ALL of our Teams to “Get Involved”. Please make sure your pups are up to date with their vaccines and fecal cultures. We are hoping for a very active “Paws and Relax” schedule in 2022 where we support our convention-goers. 
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Check out our
Get Involved Spotlight below!
Kathy Sharp and Biscuit
We are growing and are always looking for help! Do you want to “GET INVOLVED”?

“Get Involved” provides volunteer opportunities through which you can support Michael’s Angel Paws, give back to the community and be an advocate for everything Dogs. 
Opportunities include:
Assistance Dog Program
  • Puppy Raisers
Therapy Dog Program
  • Therapy Dog Team Members
  • Team Dog Team Assistance
Community Dog Training Program
  • Administration 
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Internships and School Community Services
If you would like to "Get Involved" let us know.
Did you know?
Some mental health challenges and psychiatric disorders are known to respond well to therapy dogs. Patients diagnosed with a range of issues, such as depression, Bi-polar Disorder, Autism, ADHD, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and Alzheimer’s disease, benefit from their interaction with therapy dogs and other companion animals

Community Dog Training Program

Did you know?
That puppies need a lot of patience and reassurance? 
The basis of your training should center on positive reinforcement. This is to say, giving a dog a reward to encourage the behavior you want is like getting a paycheck for going to work. The idea is not to bribe the behavior but to train it using something your dog values. Avoid using punishment such as leash corrections or yelling. It is important to remember that we can’t expect dogs to know what they don’t know. Patience will go a long way in helping your new puppy learn how to behave. 
Sounds easy, let's connect we can help!
Get to know our Canine Coach
Kathleen Jones
Our programs offer our very best in dog training to the Las Vegas community. We train Basic Obedience to Advanced Obedience, AKC Certified Canine Good Citizenship (AKC/CGC), and train teams to join our Therapy Dog Program.

"Assistance Dog Team" Spotlight

Hi Friends,

You may not know me but I go by the name of Sammy! I’ve heard as I’ve listened to my person that I was a surprise gift for her Christmas of 2016.  I was chosen to be her best friend, her confidant, and her ticket to Freedom with her illness. Little did I know that just shortly after meeting her she would be gone for a very long time as her health took a turn for the worse. I remained back in Vegas while she traveled to New York and Los Angeles.  As she was taking care of herself, I remained diligent in my training so that when she returned I could be ready to help her at a moment’s notice.  The day she returned was glorious as I only was able to see her a few times in Los Angeles, I jumped with joy, wiggled, and “woo-hooed" at her return.  I stayed by her side and still remained diligent in my training as she regained her strength.  Each day she got stronger and stronger and, about 6 months after her return, I was able to walk by her side, steadying her each step of the way.  It was the first time she was able to walk in over a year and I was by her side to be her Balance Mobility dog.  I was so proud of myself for all of the hard work I put in to be a part of her life getting back to normal. I stood tall and beamed with pride, as I know the power of a dog is more than anyone can understand at times.  My person is now attending an online college and is set to graduate soon.  I wonder if I can walk with her as she receives her college degree?


Hello Friends! 

My name is Biscuit and I am a 4-year-old male Goldendoodle. 

I was born in Eagle, Idaho (just outside of Boise).  I originally went to a different home but that person decided that I belonged with someone else so I came to my current family when I was 6 months old.  The minute my mom (Kathy Sharp) saw that I needed a new home, she fell in love with me!  She and my dad drove 10 hours to pick me up and renamed me Biscuit.  When I arrived at my new home I was met by my 2 older Goldendoodle sisters, Cookie and Honey, who are also from the same breeder.

My mom knew that I was a smart puppy and destined to be a therapy dog because I love everyone.  We started with beginning classes learning the basics.  I am very food motivated and do much better when I know I am getting a treat for learning something.  I passed the beginning class with flying colors and followed up with other classes, ultimately earning my Canine Good Citizen certificate.  I took the therapy class but my mom didn’t think I was ready to pass the test yet, but I definitely surprised her, passing on the first try!  I also continued taking 4 levels of Trick classes, a brain game class, and 3 Agility classes. 

I was so excited when my Therapy Dog bandana and ID badge came in the mail. Covid was in full swing so we started volunteering at the Covid vaccine clinics.  I loved it and loved making people happy! 

Gradually, there have been more volunteer opportunities to visit hospitals.  I am (along with my sisters) registered at Sunrise Hospital and love visiting the patients there.  One day we had a special request to visit a patient who was at the hospital all alone.  He was missing his dogs terribly so when we stopped by, he was so happy he cried.  I hopped on his bed, let him pet me and he felt so much better.  I also visit Henderson Hospital with my sisters, trying to cheer up any patients who might need some puppy love.

I know when my mom puts on her gray shirt and gets out my bandana, that we are going somewhere to make people happy.  I love being a Therapy Dog representing Michaels Angel Paws! 

Love Biscuit and mom(Kathy Sharp)

"Canine Coach" Spotlight

When I was younger my mother used to tell people that if they wanted to be my friend, get to know me, or even live with me, they better love dogs because I will never be without a dog in my home (and would probably choose a dog’s company over a person’s). There are many reasons for this but when it comes down to it all my world was not complete without a dog in it. And true to my mother’s words, except for maybe two years, I have had a dog living with me. Even when I did not have a dog in my house there was always a dog in my life.  Luckily, life has always brought other dog lovers into my life and I have been married to someone who shares my deep love of dogs for the past twenty-five years.
When I started teaching obedience classes over twenty plus years ago I did it because I wanted to spend more time with dogs. I enjoyed the teaching aspect and have grown to know it will always be the ideal way to always have dogs in my life. The more I taught the more I realized it is incredibly rewarding being a part of building a relationship between an owner and their dog. However, it was not until we got our first Newfoundland, Guinney, that I realized I was going to need my own trainer because I was not sure if all my experience prepared us for a dog that would outweigh me by a good thirty to forty pounds. Guinney changed our lives. Not only was she an introduction to a breed I have become passionate about, but she also led us to a whole new level of the dog world by learning more about pet nutrition to life-long friendships with people I would never have met otherwise.
We lost our Guinney almost five years ago but still share our home with two Newfoundlands which include Guinney’s “niece” Zoe.  Malcolm, our fifth Newfoundland and our seventh giant breed dog is going through Michael’s Angel Paws therapy classes with my husband Sean and hopefully become a full-time therapy dog like his mom.

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