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August 2022

“Be a wonderful friend and affect this planet In a positive way.” 
– Snoopy
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Founder's Note

Did you know? 
Starting next month marks 10 years of H.O.P.E!  I had no idea what had begun as our darkest hour would bring so much HOPE to you, our friends, our family, our community, and to myself.  When I began Michael’s Angel Paws, it was a way to deal with my grief, my pain, and the loss of a son.  Little did I know that 10 years later we would have trained over 180 Assistance Dog teams, 250 Therapy Dog teams, and 5000 four legged kids.
Many of our dogs have stories of their own of overcoming obstacles only to now give back to the community with smiles through waggin’ tails!  
Several of our Assistance Dogs have come from local rescues.  These dogs have been transformed from nervous dogs to a dog that is dedicated to his/her partner.  The bond between the Assistance Dog and their owner is unconditional love that has given their human the ability to live a life on their own terms and not be ruled by their disability.
Our Community Dog program is all about helping your pup become the best pup he/she can be.  This program is dedicated to helping minimize the number of dogs surrendered to our local shelters.  We all know a well-behaved pup is a welcome family member.  
The Therapy Dog program was never part of the original plan! It wasn’t until many of you wanted to give back to the community while spending time with your dog that the idea took hold.  It took almost 6 months to put together with defining the rules, regulations, curriculum, insurance, and application.  We began with just 10 original Therapy Dog members and now we have grown to over 250 members. Your hours of dedication bring so many smiles to many people in need. The stories I hear from you are nothing short of amazing.

Join us this year as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of HOPE!

As always Pawsitively,
Stephanie Gerken
Join us in celebrating 10 years of H.O.P.E!
This year the HOPE Celebration 2022 is commemorating Ten years of love on September 10th from 7 – 9:30 pm at The Space.

Join us for a Night of laughter hosted by the one and only, Mr. Dirty, Gabe Lopez of The Dirty at 12:30 comedy show. Gabe and his friends will be sure to keep us in stitches.The merriment will include adult beverages, food trucks, a super exciting silent auction and much more!

Location - The Space 3460 Cavaretta Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89103.
Tickets -  $25 in advance or $30 at the door 

Michael’s Angel Paws is spreading HOPE by Helping Others Pawsitively Everyday through the love and guidance from our loving dogs.
Open your hearts to a dedicated cause that Is determined to better the community through Therapy and Assistance Dogs for those in need.

Sponsored by Findlay Subaru of Las Vegas.
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"Assistance Dog Team" Spotlight

January 3rd 2009 my life was altered forever when I rescued a pup, moments before she went into the Humane Society system, which for her breed, would start the short count down for her to be destroyed in those days.
This little bright-eyed beauty would just a few short months later demonstrate that she was meant to be my hero dog. I suffered a life-threatening emergency which was first detected by my pup, Diamond Girl.  
A year later, I suffered an unimaginable loss, then compound and complex PTSD crippled me. That's when I opted for a service animal instead of medication.  
I was introduced to Stephanie through a military widow’s organization.  Diamond Girl became Michael's Angel Paws first PTSD service dog.
Through her 9-years of service, she restored my dignity and confidence, while bringing so much joy and laughter to my life...even some adventures. She even tandem trained Xena, my current service dog.
Now retired since October of 2020, she spends her days chasing critters, relaxing and eating very well. Our connection is still strong and as I work with Xena, my gratitude to Diamond Gril continues to grow.
I couldn't have made it through my broken spirit without my angel with paws.

"Welcome" Spotlight

Hello, my furry friends!  My name is Sadie.  I am a 6 yo, mostly black, terrier mix rescue.  I am originally from the Phoenix area, but in May 2021, my original owners went through a divorce and surrendered me to a rescue near Phoenix.   Although the rescue was very kind to me,  I was so scared, hurt, and lonely.  I had no idea if anyone would ever love me again, but then a miracle happened!  

On July 4, 2021, a couple drove all the way from Las Vegas in their 5th wheel with their Airedale, Chala, to meet me and took me camping in Camp Verde, AZ,  before taking me to my forever home with them!  At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the love and affection, but I quickly adapted.  
One of the first things my new mom did was change my name from Snickers to Sadie.  I loved my new name and took to it right away.  Mom also quickly recognized that I would be a great therapy dog, because I am what my humans call a “unicorn” dog, meaning I am one of a kind.  I am super chill in the house and love to be cuddled.  My sister, Chala, is my best friend, but sometimes she can be annoying because she always wants to play when I just want to relax. 

 When I am not chillaxin’, I enjoy hiking and camping.  My new family has exposed me to so many fun adventures.  However, I have to say one of the most rewarding experiences is being a therapy dog.  Thank you Michael’s Angel Paws for believing in me and for giving me the opportunity to bring joy to others!
Volunteer Opportunities Include
Assistance Dog Program
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Therapy Dog Program
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Community Dog Training Program
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A positive way to look at
“Exposing” your Dog to “New” things

Often when we take our doggies to the vet, groomers or out on errands, we may notice that some dogs are chilled and relaxed while others are barking and acting very stressed out when they are confronted with new places, people, or other animals. Socializing Or “Exposing” our dogs will prepare you and your pup for a broad range of scenarios, by teaching him/her how to interact with various objects, animals, people, and situations that they may encounter in the future. Making these activities positive (Treats and Praise) will help the dog understand how “fun” it is to go out!
Benefits of Exposure
In order to help both you and your dog to enjoy a happy life together, veterinarians and dog trainers alike recommend that your pup gets out and about as soon as possible. Exposing our dogs to a variety of different things early on teaches your dog how to react to the world around it in a healthy way, without unnecessary fear or aggression. Starting early can eliminate additional challenges for both you and your dog. All these activities should be done at a pace that suits your pup’s age and abilities. We do not want to introduce “New” things too quickly and force them. 
If you dread taking your dog to the animal hospital or the park because of the fear or aggression it exhibits, both you and your dog can benefit from visiting different places. It is particularly important to be slow and patient with an adult dog that has been rescued or adopted as they are likely to have deeper fears and learned reactions. Once your dog can face his feared situations in a healthy way, both you and your dog will be happier.
Having a dog that is accustomed to being around many different environments means less stressful visits to the animal hospital, pleasant trips to the dog park, and the ability to take your dog on walks without worrying that he/she might misbehave or bark unnecessarily. When your dog has been exposed to many different faces or unfamiliar people, other dogs, and places without fear, he/she will be happier and more confident throughout his/her life, making your job as a doggie parent easier and more enjoyable.
Sounds easy doesn’t it! We can help! 
Help Please

Assistance Dog Program


Our Assistance program trains and provides dogs for people with disabilities - sometimes visible and sometimes invisible.

"Get Involved"
Therapy Dog Program

Our "Get Involved" provided opportunities through which you can support Michael's Angel Paws, give back to the community, and be an advocate for everything Dogs.

Community Dog Training Program

Our programs offer our very best in dog training to the Las Vegas community. We train Basic Obedience to Advanced Obedience, AKC Certified Canine Good Citizenship (AKC/CGC), and train teams to join our Therapy Dog Program.
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To inspire timeless and trusted relationships through a common passion for canines, their companions, and helping our communities.
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COVID-19 Statement

To protect the safety of you, others, and your animals, Michael’s Angel Paws insists that you review the Center for Disease Control & Prevention COVID-19 guidelines and policies from time to time and diligently adhere to them.  More generally, Michael’s Angel Paws encourages our volunteers to be vaccinated, always wear your mask, socially distance, wash your hands and/or use sanitizers frequently.  In addition, many of Michael’s Angel Paws community partners (e.g., hospitals and clinics) may require visitors to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result. We will use our best efforts to keep you informed of those partners’ requirements, but it is ultimately your responsibility to know them and provide appropriate documentation if required and Michael's Angel Paws will not be held liable for any failure to follow these guidelines.

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