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This edition will cover current coronavirus (Covid-19) advice and information.

This issue of your CCG newsletter will focus on coronavirus (Covid-19) and important information on local services.

If you haven't already done so, please ensure that you familiarise yourself with all of the official government guidance relevant to you and share relevant information with friends and family members. 

Stay Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS

You must only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home.)

If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times and wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Do not meet others, even friends or family. You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

Read the latest FAQs on what you can and cannot do here.

Remember, if you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, you should seek help and advice first using NHS111 online services and only call NHS111 if you cannot get help online.

For the latest on coronavirus visit the NHS website and the Gov.UK website. 

Where to get medical advice over this bank holiday weekend

The NHS is here for you if you need it this bank holiday weekend.

If you need to see your GP, the majority of local practices will be open on bank holiday Friday (8 May.) Practices can be contacted online or by phone. Please refer to your GP practice website for opening hour details.

Most community pharmacies in the area will be open 2-5 pm on bank holiday Friday. Please check your local pharmacy’s website for more details.

If you have any health concerns, do not delay seeking advice and help during this period. GP practices and pharmacies will be available over the bank holiday to make it as easy as possible for people to get the help you need.

However, it is important, that you do not go to your GP practice unless you have been specifically advised to do so by a member of the practice staff.

If you need urgent dental treatment contact your dental practice by phone first. If you can’t contact them or don’t have a dentist, go online or call NHS 111.

Read more here.

The NHS is here to help you if you need urgent help

We want to reassure you that the NHS is still here for you and you should seek medical treatment if you need urgent medical help. 

Nationally, there has a been a sharp decrease in the number of referrals for treatment and investigations for conditions like cancer, which may result in patients being diagnosed later, decreasing chances of survival and placing extra strain on the NHS.

General practice, dentists, pharmacies, NHS 111 and accident and emergency departments in the area are open for those who need them and extra measures have been put in place to ensure that those attending medical settings are not put at risk of contracting the virus. Find out more here. 
Dr Niall Leonard, a GP in Sefton talks about how to access your GP practice during COVID-19.
Support for those most vulnerable to COVID-19
Over the past few weeks we have been working with GP practices and our national NHS colleagues to identify Sefton residents who need to take extra care to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Those residents who are extremely vulnerable from COVID-19 due to medical reasons will have now received a letter to let them know they are part of this group and about what they should do to stay safe.
If you have received a letter, you are strongly advised to stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact to protect yourself until the end of June. This is called ‘shielding’ and you can see the full guidance about what this means for you here.
Letters also give details of support available to help you shield.
Importantly, your letter asks you to register online even if you do not need additional support now and we would urge you to do this as soon as possible if you haven’t already.
You should register here. In addition and separately, help is also available to you from Sefton Council and you can find out about this here.
Further expansion of access to coronavirus testing helps protect the most vulnerable

Testing for coronavirus is now available to all over 65s and members of their households, if they have symptoms. Any worker who needs to leave their home in order to go to work, and their households, if any of them have symptoms can also get a test. 

Read more about whether you are eligible and how to book a test here.

Public urged to get vaccinated during coronavirus pandemic

While preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a public health priority, it is still vital that you go to scheduled vaccination appointments to stop outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and to protect vulnerable groups including children, babies and pregnant women. Read more here.

Local case studies

See a video of local dad Pete Rimmer and his 12-month-old son Theo from Southport, Merseyside talking about how important it is to get vaccines. 

Watch a video of local mum Mandy Davies and her 12-month-old daughter Skye, from Southport, Merseyside about going for their immunisations.

The Blossom Awards

Nominations are now open for The Blossom Awards which aim to identify high achievers from the British-Chinese Community in our region – and across the country – in a range of fields from public service to community and voluntary work.

Do you know someone inspiring from our British-Chinese community working in our NHS or healthcare across our region? If they're making an impactful contribution, they can nominate themselves or you can submit a nomination now until Friday 12 June 2020.

Find out more here.
How to keep fit and healthy at home
It is more important than ever that we all take care of our health. Alongside Sefton Council and Living Well Sefton, we're helping to highlight different ways to stay physically fit whilst improving your mental health. 

You don’t always need to leave your home to find ways to keep active and stay healthy either, and there is a range of local and national support that you can get help and ideas from. Read our tips and ideas here.

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