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January 4, 2019
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Upcoming Events

ISO Events

Coaching Well-Trained Fleas: Shayla Rivera 1/29 (T); 3:30-5:30p, 10-250
Immigration Attorney Visit: Working After Graduation 1/31 (Th);11-1:30, 10-250

MIT Events 

LCE Lunch: 1/9 (W); 1-2p, E19-202

What Every International Student should know about finding employment in the US: 1/17 (W); 1:30-3p, E25-111. RSVP on CareerBridge

FOR CREDIT: Learn to Teach (For TAs): Starts 1/14 (M)

Worried about Food during IAP? See flyer
Affordable groceries @TechMart in Walker Memorial; 1/07-1/30, 3-9p, M-F
ISO Events
Coaching Well-Trained Fleas: 
How to become aware of the limiting beliefs that keep away possibilities

Tuesday, January 29
3:30pm - 5:30pm, 10-250
Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Comedian & Professor Shayla Rivera
Funny Rocket Scientist, Inc.

The most important subject to study for anyone seeking true success is the one subject usually given the least amount of study, that subject is the self.  I realized that I was going on through my existence feeling many times like I was dragging a great bag filled with some discomfort that I wasn't quite sure what it was.  This affected my daily life in negative ways, the most common of which was keeping me from my best.  I have made it my business to get to understand me and through that I have gotten to understand most others. Through paying attention, I can report that I found a way to get 'clear' about why I do what I do and this has opened the door to me changing the things I need to and want to change.  Humor has been my saving grace and combining humor with respectful contemplation I can share ways to become clear and then free from what holds us back.  However, I only point the path to the water and sometimes lead the horse there, ultimately the horse must decide to drink.

Self-exploration and contemplation have never been given importance in our modality of education, however, they are paramount to success. This workshop will offer tools and guidance to help find our way through the cobwebs of our own limiting beliefs. 

Co-sponsored by International Students Office, Institute Community and Equity Office, Latino Employee Resource Group, & De Florez Humor Fund

ISO Immigration Attorney Visit: 
Thursday, January 31
11a-12:30p, E19-202

Iandoli Desai & Cronin P.C., Boston Law Firm, specializing in immigration, will present a seminar focusing on rules regulating employment opportunities after graduation for international graduates.
MIT Events
LCE Lunch Around the World

Wednesday, January 9th
1 pm - 2 pm, E19-202

Tuesday, January 22nd
1 pm - 2 pm, Bush Room, 10-105

Twice monthly lunch mixer for language enthusiasts to meet native speakers and exchange about language and culture! All MIT community members welcome. Multicultural foods will be served at each lunch. This is a great way to find a language partner.
Can't fit these lunches in your schedule? Try finding a conversation partner for language practice on our new website: Partners pick the day, time, and place that are mutually convenient to meet.

Eat, Meet, Speak

What Every International Student Should Know
About Finding Employment in the U.S.

Thursday, January 17th
1:30pm - 3pm
RSVP on CareerBridge

Dan Beaudry, author and former head of campus recruiting at, shares expert tips and strategies for finding employment in the United States as an international student. H-1B's are won in ways you likely don't expect.  What you'll discover in this program may surprise you:

  • Learn how to secure H-1B sponsorship at companies that have a policy against sponsoring H-1B visas. 
  • Learn why 80 percent of open jobs are never advertised - and how to find them before anyone else.
  • Learn why human resources is often an obstacle instead of a conduit to finding a U.S. job-and how to bypass it.
  • Learn why submitting résumés online is not an effective use of your time-and how you can better invest that time.

Dan’s programs at MIT have been very popular in years past. He’s delivered presentations to thousands of international students at over 80 institutions, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Voice of America, The Straits Times and many other media outlets. Find more information about him and his book, The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States, at
Registration for this program is requested via CareerBridge.

This program is being co-sponsored by the office of Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD), International Students Office (ISO), Office of Graduate Education, and the Office of the Vice President for Research. All CAPD workshops are open to MIT undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and alumni unless otherwise specified.
For more information about this program email the office of Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) at

Learn to Teach (IAP 2019)
21G.217: Workshop in Strategies for Effective Teaching (ELS)

Monday, January 14 to Friday, January 18
2:30pm - 5:00pm, 14N-225
An intensive workshop for current or future international teaching assistants that overs the most important aspects of teaching a class. It addresses special problems in teaching when English is a second language and the USA a second culture. Class is hands-on with extensive practice of teaching skills. Practice sessions are video recorded for evaluation. Individualized programs will be made to meet different needs. Graduate TAs have priority. Also useful for those hoping to teach after graduation from MIT. Limited to 14. No listeners. 

Instructor: A.C. Kemp
Questions? Email:

Worried About Meals During IAP?

Free meals are available in 2 ways!
  1. Every Monday in January, get free hot delicious meals from 5:00-7:00 pm in the W11 Dining Room. See the below poster for more information.
  1. SwipeShare is available during IAP for use in Baker Dining Hall.  
    1. For undergraduates, to get 3 free swipes automatically added to your student account, just fill out this quick request form
    2. For graduate students, to get help with food, fill out this form or contact Dean Naomi Carton at
Also, don’t forget, affordable groceries are also available on campus during IAP at TechMart in Walker Memorial. TechMart hours during IAP (January 7th - 30th) are Monday through Friday, 3:00-9:00 pm.

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