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August 16, 2019
Volume 4, Issue 12
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View of Charles River and Boston from MIT
Photo credit: Christopher Harting
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Reminder: Beware of Recent Scams

ISO Director David Elwell recently sent out an email to all international students on July 30, 2019 regarding the most recent scams. Please see our website for more info about these recent scams. 

Please notify the ISO immediately if you receive any calls/emails asking for personal information. No matter what, do not ever give out personal/banking information over the phone or email; tell them you will get back to them (respond later). If they are demanding immediate attention, this is likely a scam!

Remember these THREE steps to protect yourself from scams:
1) Please remain calm, 2) Do NOT give out any personal information over the phone or via email, and tell them you will get back to them, and 3) Contact the ISO immediately

Don't forget documents when traveling/re-entering U.S.

Bring your ORIGINAL I-20 or DS-2019 while traveling outside U.S. 

See the 
ISO webpage on entering U.S. borders for detailed information about returning to the US and what documents you should carry with you upon entry.

Check for recent travel signature on I-20 or DS-2019

If you are traveling before the fall semester begins, please check NOW when your document was last signed. Requesting a travel signature will take 2 business days, so please PLAN AHEAD!

All students are required to have a travel signature that has been signed within one year in order to re-enter the U.S. Travel signatures are valid for one year. Exceptions: a travel signature is valid for only 6 months if 1) your passport is Canadian  OR  2) you are traveling to Canada, Mexico, or the adjacent islands  OR  3) if you are currently working while on F-1 OPT or F-1 STEM OPT Extension.

To request an updated travel signature, visit the ISO during business hours between 9am and 4pm and drop off your most current Form I-20 or DS-2019 at the reception desk. You may return to the ISO after 2 business days to pick up your immigration document with the new travel signature.

Reg Day is Tuesday, September 3

Don't forget to register for classes; as a reminder, international students must be registered full-time for each semester.
Culture Corner

Culture Thursdays

Check out the weekly ISO "Culture Thursday" Facebook posts for
Americanisms & idioms, as well as ideas to explore Boston/New England. 

 Idioms with the word "pitch"
...posted on July 18 on FB

1. Pitch In
DEFINITION: It means to contribute (give) to something or someone or to join in.
EXAMPLE: Dad wants everyone to pitch in this weekend and help clear the backyard.
2. Make a Pitch for
DEFINITION: It means to make a presentation to influence 
others to support, purchase, or agree to something.
EXAMPLE: Wanda will be making a pitch for her new product idea at the meeting today.
3. Pitch Dark
DEFINITION: It means completely or extremely dark.
EXAMPLE: The stars were covered by clouds, and there were no lights for miles, so it was pitch dark all around our campsite after we extinguished the fire.
Check out more idioms about “pitch” from the source link:

Find other idioms here:

Share your Confusion about American Culture

The ISO would like to hear from you! What are some confusing/surprising phrases or aspects of American culture that you would like clarified?

Please fill out this google FORM and let us know your thoughts. We may feature these in a future "Culture Thursday" post on Facebook! 
Upcoming Events

ISO Events

Grad Students- Looking for Volunteers for ISO Welcome Reception
8/28 (W)
, 4-6p, La Sala, Student Center
Welcome new international grad students/families to MIT

Sign up here by Wednesday, August 21! FREE FOOD

Past Event Photos
Summer in Boston: Game Night- July 17
ISO Afternoon Break- July 10
Summer in Boston: 
Ice Cream Social/Discover Boston- Jun 26

Discover Boston slides


MIT Events & Programs

W11 Community Meals: Every Monday until 8/26, 5-6p, W11 Main Dining Room
PKG Summer Series: Film Night. 8/20 (T); RSVP required

Summer Graduate Blog Workshop: 8/26 (M) & 8/29 (R),
RSVP by 8/16

 ET Housing available: Fall 2019. For grad & undergrads

Foundations of Academic & Professional Writing 
Improve Your "Listening, Speaking, & Pronunciation" in English
Advanced (ESL) Workshop in Writing for Science & Engineering
Advanced Speaking & Critical Listening
Public Speaking for Bilingual Students

Always check the MIT Events Calendar or the MIT mobile app to find out what's happening on-campus!

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