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June 25, 2021
Important ISO Updates
Issued June 24, 2021

(1)  ISO Virtual Forums – next session July 8, 2021
(2)  Virtual Webinars/June Orientation Sessions Posted
(3)  MIT Medical Survey for Students Unable to Get Vaccinated Prior to Arrival to U.S.
(4)  USDOS Issues Update on Travel Restrictions and National Interest Exemptions
(5)  Requesting an Expedited Visa Interview
(6)  Reporting in iMIT Your Scheduled Visa Interview or Visa Approval Informatio
(7)  MIT Fall 2021 In-Person Instruction and Appointments Guidance
(8)  U.S.-Canada-Mexico “Non-Essential” Travel Restrictions Extended to July 21, 2021
ISO Virtual Forums
Past slides/recordings posted here
Next one is July 8, 2021 at 6pm EDT
The recording and slidedeck for each Virtual Forum will be accessible on the ISO website via the Orientation Programs page (  

*MIT Kerberos/Touchstone required
**MIT Alumni who are unable to access the recording/slidedeck online, please send an email to at the ISO to request the pdf slides. 

All students, both new and continuing, are invited to attend one or more of the ISO Virtual Forums that will be offered regularly throughout the summer.   

Next Virtual Forum for All Students: Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT  

Recurring Zoom link:

Please pre-submit questions at least 1 day before each forum (same link each time):
Zoom Break: Codenames
Tuesday, June 29, 2021
12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT
Join your fellow students and have some fun playing Codenames!

Recurring Zoom link here
Sign Up requested for new participants

Co-sponsored by ISO and Postdoc Association (PDA)

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Discover Boston
Slides available here

Slides are from our presentation this past week.

You can also review our webpage "Explore Cambridge and Boston" on our Life at MIT section
Writing and Communication Center (WCC) Consultations
Open until June 30, 2021
The WCC Consultations
The MIT Writing and Communication Center (WCC) continues its remote one-on-one consultations through June 30th. The WCC communication experts are looking forward to working with you on your ideas, drafts, slides, and presentations.
These consultations can help you further develop your oral communication skills and learn about all types of academic and professional writing. The WCC hours are open on Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., and fill up fast. You can learn more about consultations at the WCC website and book appointments with the online scheduler.
More Information
Wellness Events & Resources
MIT Community Wellness: Workshops and Resources
Koru Mindfulness [FREE]
Open your mind and manage your stress! Koru is a four-week introduction to the practice of mindfulness. Participation in Koru is associated with decreased stress and self-judgment and increased mindfulness and sleep quality.
This virtual session begins July 6.
Click here to register

Workshop Recording: It's OK not to be OK

Did you miss the live session of It's OK not to be OK with Zan Barry from (Community Wellness at MIT Medical) and Sherri Crowley (Student Mental Health & Counseling Services)? We recorded it for you. During this workshop, Zan and Sherri spoke about the difficulties of coping with lost opportunities and changed routines during the pandemic year. They identified self-care skills and MIT resources that can help one manage stress.
Link to recording
SOME: Acronym for self-care
Sleep, Outside, Mindfulness, Exercise

Instead of an “all-or-nothing” approach to self-care, you can choose SOMEthing from the list and do SOME of it today. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to work for you. SOME activities signal to your body and mind that you are listening to, appreciating, and taking care of yourself. 

S is for Sleep: Sleep experts recommend creating a bedtime routine that allows the body and brain to slow down and prepare for sleep. Bedtime Unwind is a 13-minute routine which includes three simple stretches to relax before bed - or anytime you could use a mind-body break. Check out Bedtime Unwind here.

O is for Outdoors: An outdoor walk can boost creativity and focus. A study has found that both walking and being outside could lead to more creative thinking. While the association is not well understood, it is an easy-to-implement strategy.

M is for Mindfulness: Mindfulness practice: You have to eat anyway - might as well enjoy it mindfully! To start, simply look away from any technology and look directly at your food for a moment. Notice color and texture. Next, take in aroma. Finally, take one mindful bite and chew slowly and mindfully. Pay extra attention to the genius of your tongue.

E is for Exercise: You've probably heard this one a lot, but let this be another sign for you to workout while watching TV. You can do push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and squats while focusing on your show. Want an extra nudge? Bring your jump rope, dumbbells, resistance bands, or any other fitness tools near your TV to help remind you to use them.

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