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-Herb Caen

Edition 3, Volume 1
June 4, 2019
Greetings fellow Trentonian,

I hope that you are well!  Welcome to the third edition of my monthly newsletter!  In this newsletter, I will provide updates regarding matters in Trenton's City Hall as well as empower Trentonians with information about their local government and city!

Like all Trentonians, I am concerned about the recent spate of gun violence in our city.  I am working with Mayor Reed Guscioria and other elected officials on all levels, community leaders and city residents to address these issues in a comprehensive and sensible way.  We must address this issue in a thoughtful way and make critically needed investments in recreational, educational, and workforce development opportunities for the people of this city.  

Council confirmation hearings are scheduled for June 4th for Acting Police Director Sheilah Coley and Acting Economic Development Director Ben Delisle.  I will be voting to confirm both nominees.  I am confident that they have the blend of experience and education necessary to do their jobs effectively.  

Finally, the City of Trenton is still mired in a budget battle.   I have tried tirelessly to implore them to pass the budget.  “The aforesaid municipal inaction results in the failure to establish a municipal purpose tax levy, preventing the continued operation of government,” Melanie Walter, the director of the DCA’s Division of Local Government Services, wrote in a letter addressed to Gusciora and council president Kathy McBride.

According to local news reports, "Walter’s letter, also sent to Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver of the Phil Murphy administration, advised the city she was using her power to set the city’s tax levy at $80.8 million for fiscal year 2019 and that council members should expect to shell out a $25 daily fine to the state, retroactive to April 11, for every day it doesn’t pass a budget.  “Failure to adopt a budget will have serious implications for the City of Trenton and its residents,” Walter continued. “Failure to adopt a budget may also result in a credit downgrade, compromising the city’s already limited access to financial markets. Ongoing noncompliance may compel additional state oversight, up to and including state supervision or imposition of a Financial Review Board.”

The City of Trenton has a deadline of June 8th to pass a budget or face dire consequences.  Please reach out to your local elected officials and implore them to pass the budget.

Please share this newsletter with your friends and neighbors.  I look forward to continuing to work tirelessly to make Trenton the very best city that it can be.  


Councilman Jerell Blakeley
Trenton City Council Meetings for June 2019
310 East State Street
City Council Chambers
Trenton, NJ 08609
City Council conference meeting on June 4, 2019 at 5:30 PM
City Council business meeting on June 6, 2019 at 5:30 PM
City Council conference meeting on June 18, 2019 at 5:30 PM
City Council business meeting on June 20, 2019 at 5:30 PM
Join Councilman Blakeley for an After Work Mixer!

Click HERE for tickets!
Councilman Blakeley Endorses
Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds Jackson
Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli

June 4th is the Democratic primary election for the NJ State General Assembly. I am endorsing incumbent Assembly representatives Verlina Reynolds Jackson and Anthony Verrelli. Both have proven themselves to be fierce advocates for Trenton in the General Assembly. Both Trenton natives, they care about making Trenton the very best place it can be. I am confident that they will continue to fight for the resources Trenton needs to thrive.
Councilman Blakeley Community Meetings!

I host a monthly meeting in a different ward each month where residents can visit and ask questions directly to me about what's going on in City Hall.  Please see my next scheduled monthly meeting below!

West Ward Community Forum Meeting

Modern Parking Kiosks Come To Trenton!

The City of Trenton on Thursday began exciting changes to its parking system. All of the City’s aging parking meters will be replaced over the coming months with new parking technology, providing motorists with additional payment methods.

Easy-to-use solar powered parking kiosks will be installed on the majority of blocks and in downtown parking lots. The pay stations feature a 7” full color display screen that walks users step by step through the transaction. Coins, bills, credit cards, and debit cards will be accepted at all pay stations. Users will get a receipt at the end of the transaction and place it on their dashboard for enforcement officers.

On blocks that do not have parking pay stations, drivers will find credit card enabled single or dual space parking meters.

All of the new parking pay stations and meters communicate transactions and alerts in real-time to a back-end system, allowing City staff to monitor parking activity and take a proactive approach to maintenance.

Installation of the new pay stations began on May 23. The new system is provided by Moorestown, NJ based Flowbird. The company supplies parking systems to major cities across the country including Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia.

Salute to Will Holly for his Recent Investment in Trenton!

Real estate investor and Trenton native Will Holly recently renovated a beautiful brownstone that will be used as an AirBnB for city visitors.  You have to see it!  If you are interested in visiting the AirBnB property at 109 Centre Street , contact Will Holly at!

Salute to the young Trentonians who are now newly minted Gentlemen!

On June 2, several young Trentonians earned the prestigious designation of Urban League Gentlemen!  As a Gentleman from the Class of 2005, I was very proud to address my fellow alumni as a representative of Trenton's government.  Congratulations to the young men from Trenton who will attending colleges and entering the workforce.  The entire city is very proud of you!

Taste Trenton Restaurant Crawl
Trenton has a plethora of amazing restaurant. On June 7th, 8th, and 9th, celebrate food in Trenton!
Keep it Cool and Safe!  Safety Tips from Fire Director Sawyer
Be Sure to Join the Trenton African-American Cultural Festival and 
The Parade of the African Diaspora!


Salute to the T.C. Nelson and Scott Miller for their Trenton Pork Roll festivals!  A great time with food and awesome crowds was had at both events!

Trenton Education Association Black and White Masquerade Ball!
Trenton Kicks Off 2019 Street Paving Schedule

Trenton received more than received more than $1.1 million in Transportation Trust Fund grant funds!  These funds will go to repave many streets in the city.

The City will repair up to 59 streets in 2019 across all four wards. They include:

West Paul Ave between MLK Boulevard and Calhoun Street
Vine Street
Rossell Ave
Pine Street between Brunswick Avenue & New York Avenue
North Willow Street between Calhoun Street and Jeanette Street
Kirkbride Avenue between MLK Boulevard and Calhoun Street
Violet Street between Brunswick Avenue and Mayer Street
MLK Boulevard between West Paul and Miller Street
Holland Ave between Montgomery Street and Old Rose
Ferry Street from Broad Street to South Warren Street
Bank Street from Warren Street to Willow Street
Tucker Street from Warren Street to Willow Street
MLK Boulevard from Southard Street to Ingram Avenue
Arlington Avenue between Pennington Ave and Parkway Ave
Bellevue Avenue between Prospect Avenue and Hermitage Avenue
Gouvernuer Avenue between West State Street and Edgewood Avenue
Overbrook Avenue between West State Street and Edgewood Avenue
Hermitage Avenue between West State Street and Bellevue Avenue
Prospect Street between Pennington Avenue and Parkway Avenue
Frazier Street
Mellon Street
Roosevelt Street
East Stuyvesant Avenue
Stuyvesant Avenue between Whittlesey Avenue and Parkside
Bellevue Avenue between Hermitage Avenue and Prospect Street
Kulp Street and Summit Street between Arlington Avenue and Pennington Avenue
Woodside Avenue from Stacy Street to dead end
Hermitage Avenue from Bellevue Avenue to Boudinot Street
River Drive from Sanhican Drive to Route 29
Lenape Avenue from West Street to Edgewood Avenue
Fowler Street from Bellevue Avenue to Spring Street
Beachwood Avenue from Stuyvesant Avenue to Stacy Street
Argyle Ave from Morningside Drive to Abernethy Drive
Morningside Drive from Argyle Avenue to Afton Avenue
Stuyvesant Avenue from Whittlesey Avenue to Parkside Avenue
Franklin Street between Liberty Street and Cedar Lane
Franklin Street between Liberty Street and Morris Avenue
Washington Street between Liberty Street and Roebling Avenue
Centre Street between Cass Street and Landing Street
Centre Street between Lalor Street and Cliff Street
Williams Street between Cedar Lane and Liberty Street
Third Street between Second Street and Landing Street
Whittaker Street between South Clinton Avenue and Swan Street
Whittaker Street between Mott Street and Swan Street
Washington Street between Roebling Street and Anderson Street
Furman Street from Second Street to Lamberton Street
Third Street from Cass Street to Stokely Street
Cuyler Avenue between Hamilton Avenue and East State Street
Hart Avenue
Popular Street
Perrine Street
Sherman Avenue
Fillmore Street
Wall Street
Dickinson Street between North Olden Avenue and Fillmore Street
Plum Street between Enterprise Street and Breunig Avenue
North Logan Avenue between East State Street and Parker Avenue
Culberson Street
Lawrence Avenue between North Olden Avenue and North Clinton Avenue

I am interested in having more city residents and businesses bid for municipal Requests for Proposals.  Below are a few opportunities to bid on city contracts!

Watch Trenton City Council Meetings!

City Council Meetings are now taped!  

Please click here to watch videos of City Council meetings!

Download Gov Alert by Clicking Appropriate Link Above!

GovAlert is a mobile app for residents of the City of Trenton to log concerns.


Please don't hesitate to email me at with suggestions on how to make our city better!
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