Conversations from the valley are testimonies of God’s presence in those places we fear the most.

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Q Place Year One
Hi  Jack,

Sunday nights, for the past year, I’ve met with a group of guys downtown. It’s called Q Place and the purpose is to discuss questions about God. We gather around a conference table for an hour. The first several months that we met, conversation would be around an life issue, such as suffering or purpose. Eventually, we transitioned to a Scripture passage from a resource produced by Q Place. We read the passage and walk through this list of questions:

  • What does this reveal about God?
  • What does this reveal about people?
  • What else did you learn?
  • If you believed this was true, how would you apply it in your life?
  • If you put it into practice, what could be the challenges and benefits?

I noticed something new

Last night the passage was Psalm 23. It is probably the most widely known part of the Bible. However, as we discussed what it says about who God is and what it reveals about people, I noticed something new. Half-way the pronouns switch and it becomes a prayer. When he mentions walking through the valley, the third person "he" becomes a second person "you".

Ceases talking about God

It is a beautiful Psalm as a declaration. David states He [the shepherd] makes me lie down, He leads, He restores, and He guides. It is a comforting declaration of the security the shepherd provides. But it is when he leaves the green pastures and the paths of righteousness, and enters the trials and struggles of death valley that he ceases talking about God and talks to God.

Getting us talking to God

Over the past year, there have been valleys the guys around that conference table have walked through. One guy has been walking through almost three years of litigation. Another lost his mother at the beginning of the year. One has a daughter battling cancer and is in her fourth round of chemotherapy this week. Valleys have a knack for getting us talking to God.

Conversations from the valley
If you are in a valley currently, I would love to hear how this truth is playing itself out. Valleys always get people talking to God. They may not always be conversations we want made public, because often they are raw and unedited. But, they can also be the most encouraging and inspiring to others. Conversations from the valley are testimonies of God’s presence in those places we fear the most.

Jerry & Edna
If your life was impacted by Jerry and Edna Mapstone, a retirement reception is being held in honor of their 41 years of service. If you would like to pass along a greeting you can send one to their daughter, Kim: c/o Mrs. Kim Gockley, 92 Muddy Creek Church Rd., Denver, PA 17517, or

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