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Newsletter November 2017
Chair of the Board: Yvan De Baerdemaecker

News from the Board

Dear members,
A new Rotary year has started. The membership is in expansion. Also the Executive Committee is growing with three new members to better respond to the many addiction problems which the RAG AP is addressing.
Our presence at the Convention in Atlanta has paid off. We were overwhelmed by a large number of contact-seeking Rotarians. Many of them were prepared to join the RAG AP as a full member in order to help to fight a variety of addictions.
At this time the world is flooded with opioid addiction. The RAG AP tries as much as possible, to help in this matter without, however, losing sight of the fact that our main goal is: Prevention for the target group of children and young adults.
Thanks to the many available evidence-based programs, we note that prevention is the best way to fore come addiction.
That is why we are asking all members to spread this message to other Rotarians and other interested parties to convince them to become a member and help to fight against all forms of addiction. 

Yvan De Baerdemaecker
chair RAG AP

Conclusions Atlanta

RAG Adiction Prevention members discussed with a lot of interested Rotarians and made some conclusions.

Johan Maertens, Vice-Chair and Managing Director manned the booth with help from Guido Dutoict, responsible PR, Kathleen Van Rijsseghem, PDG1620 and member of the Executive Committee, Dirk Schockaert, honorary founding Chair and many others.

Talks and discussions with participants from all over the world were informative for determining follow-up and action. 


In essence, the United States is in the midst of a addiction crisis. Many US Rotarians are seeking support and guidance on how to best engage their club in addressing this huge, epidemic problem. RAG Addiction Prevention is offering a regional response.  Heidi Heilman, a specialist in drug use and addiction prevention, is coordinating all support questions from US Rotarians, Clubs and Districts. Read the broader introduction on the opioid problem here. Rag Addiction Prevention will help to develop a blueprint global grant model for use by Rotary Clubs and Districts in the US to advance community-based solutions to this national problem. If you need help please contact Heidi with this address: 

Trump declares opioid epidemic a national public health emergency 26/10/2017


Many visitors from India showed interested to organize training for professionals in addiction prevention. Especially the region of Delhi is interested to copy the action in Mumbai where Indian and European rotary clubs organized a  global grant on this topic.


The three Chinese clubs present at their booth in Atlanta showed intrest to study the possibilities to take actions against the game and internet addiction that is the most spread addiction in China. The Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention will support to find the right programs and the adaptation for China. It was great to meet again since Johan maertens met Frank Li some years ago in Shanghai.

Other countries

65  Rotarians from many different countries visited the Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention booth and discussed the possibilities for membership and local actions.

Global Grant Addiction Training and prevention for professionals in Mumbai approved.

Implementation of a well structured, tried and tested programme to address a very need based and a socially important issue of Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug, Substance abuse, gaming and internet addiction.
Programme is planned to encompass all stake holders and address the issue in its entirety by taking care of both: a) Prevention and b) Treatment. See the full text with this link.

Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening

In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut in the past 20 years. Emma Young finds out how they did it, and why other countries won’t follow suit.

Rc Brindisi and rc Maldegem are studying a new project in Beirut based on the method of José Antonio  Abreu to learn teens to play music instruments and to form youth orchestras. This method is successful used in Brazil and is subsidized by the Government in Venezuela. José Antonio Abreu won the famous Erasmus prize in 2010.

 Discussion Group

The Rotarian action Group Addiction Prevention coordinates a Rotary International discussion group Addiction Prevention. You can join the group via , my rotary, exchange ideas, discussion group.
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