OBA Weekly Newsletter. Issue 139 - 25th April 2019

Issue 139 - 25th April 2019
Dear families and friends of OBA,

Welcome back to the new term! The Spring Term is the most enjoyable in school – the weather takes a turn, we have light mornings and nights and the excitement of final preparation for examinations. Both Year 11 and 13 are working really hard and we are looking forward to excellent success for our students in the summer. Resources for parents relating to revision, as well as other examination information can be found on our website.
Our newsletter is full of articles about the extracurricular activity in the academy. We are very proud of the offer we make to students so that we meet our pledge to our student body about the experiences we give them beyond the classroom. The amount of work that goes into planning and leading a trip is phenomenal and our staff work very hard and really do go the extra mile to put on a wide range of trips and activities, and we should all be very grateful to them for that.
Don’t forget you can also follow the school on Twitter and Instagram (both @OBAcademy) for the very latest news and information from the academy.

Mr. E Wright

OAT Awards 2019

Mr Wright and Miss Porschke recently had the pleasure of accompanying Scarlett, our super talented Year 8 gymnast to the eagerly awaited Ormiston Academies Trust Awards in London.

The prestigious event held at the Royal Institute of British Architects was hosted by the presenter of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, Georgie Barrat. The charismatic tech journalist gave an inspiring speech to all attendees about pushing themselves to achieve their full potential and experience as many new things as possible to take all opportunities they can.

The event featured over 13 awards to celebrate the achievement of OAT students and involved performances including outstanding singing and a fantastically funny drama performance from other Ormiston Academies.

Our OBA winner was presented the Sporting Champion Award to celebrate her achievements within trampolining after succeeding against hundreds of others from OAT’s 38 schools. Scarlett was also rewarded with a winner’s gift bag on the night including the prize of an Amazon Fire tablet.

Scarlett has recently been awarded Halton Young Sports Personality of the Year in recognition of her achievements and commitment to her sport and training, on top of completing her schoolwork. 

Mr Wright, Principal, said:

Scarlett is an exemplary pupil and a credit to Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy. 

We are so proud of her sporting achievements and the unwavering commitment and dedication she shows in order to achieve her sporting and academic goals. 

We are also very grateful for the support and partnership we have with Scarlett’s family. 

She has an incredibly bright future ahead of her and we are delighted that her inspirational achievements have been recognised with this award. 

Scarlett was presented with the award at a ceremony held at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Mr Wright enjoyed a great morning with our top OBA Way scoring students. Well done to everyone who was invited to Hot Chocolate Friday recently, we hope you enjoyed your well-deserved treat. It’s fantastic to see new faces joining each week alongside some of our highly commended Friday reward regulars! 

Thought for the Week

Chester Zoo Trip

Year 12 Sixth Form students studying Biology and Psychology were welcomed at Chester Zoo at the end of March to further develop their understanding of the A Level content. 

Students participated in workshops about classification and animal behaviour. They were able to discover how Chester Zoo uses biological and psychological knowledge to enrich and improve the conservation of animals. 

A Level Social Science teacher and trip lead, Miss Machin, said:

Student feedback was very positive. It was so lovely to hear how much the students had enjoyed their experience.

Student feedback:

The workshops were really interesting and were useful for applying what we learn in lessons to animals.

Molly B

I really enjoyed the trip. The workshops were very beneficial as I study both Biology and Psychology. I got to learn how classification and conditioning are both used in the zoo today. I also enjoyed seeing all of the animals.


The conservation work that the zoo does is amazing! It was really fascinating to learn about the connections the zoo has with other conservation projects around the world. The zoo matches animals according to their breeding compatibility. They do this in a caring manner and ensure the stress of travel is kept to a minimum. A great day!


OBA made it work at the ‘Make it Work’ Grand Finals!

After their amazing success at the ‘Make it Work’ Halton Heat Robot Competition; Abbie, Katie, Evan and Charlie were ready to get themselves focused and blow away the other teams at the Grand Final!

The day started with a jaunt across the water to Liverpool Exhibition Centre. The competition run by ‘all about STEM’ was to see 10 teams, each the winner of their own regional heat, build, brand, test, and compete their own mini robots.

Miss Smith, Science teacher and trip lead, said: 

The team started strong, diving straight into the branding challenge. They soon came up with the name S.I.R Tiddles where S.I.R stands for Smart Intelligent Robots. Charlie took to drawing a friendly little robot as their team logo whilst Evan wrote a speech to introduce the team. Abbie had to list the teams top 10 attributes and it was very quick to see just how fantastically the four pupils gelled together. Katie had come up with the name and soon their brand was smoothly coming together.

Once they were happy with their brand, the team started building their robot. Splitting into two groups, their teamwork shone through again and within just a couple of hours, S.I.R Tiddles was created and Charlie was readying himself in the driving seat.

Charlie’s first task was to navigate around a tight and tricky agility course. After only one practice test, he was ready for off and finished the course in a speedy 52 seconds taking the team to second on the leader board. Great work speedy Gonzalez!

After a quick pit stop for lunch, it was onto the big competition. Competing to get as many tennis balls scooped up from the ground and placed into their goal left Miss Smith nervously biting her nails and screaming words of encouragement!

Miss Smith, said:

Charlie was absolutely fantastic, keeping his cool and soaring the team through. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to finals but the day wasn’t over for us yet!

The team wasn’t ready to leave empty-handed. With ideas and input from all, pencils started scribbling and soon enough a rap was made. Unfortunately, after realising Eminem wasn’t available to perform, it was left to DJ Evan Downes who was reportedly nothing short of INCREDIBLE. 

Miss Smith said:

We waited with bated breath…

“And ‘The Brand Challenge Award’ goes too… ORMISTON BOLINGBROKE ACADEMY!”

A brilliant end to a fantastic day. Teamwork, perseverance and determination were shown by these two girls and two boys and I think we could all learn a lot from their fantastic abilities.

Massive congratulations to Miss Smith and everyone involved - what an achievement!

KS3 Spanish Spelling Bee Competition

For 10 weeks, a group of Key Stage 3 students have been working with Miss Clémençon every Tuesday after school to prepare themselves for the first Spanish Spelling Bee of 2019. Prior to the event on March 26th, students had to memorise up to 100 keywords and learn how to spell each of them accurately using the Spanish alphabet! 

Miss Clémençon said:

Throughout the sessions, students made remarkable progress and grew in confidence with their language skills after each enrichment. In the final competition, all children wowed the judges with their dedication and amazing courage to stand in front of an audience.

As part of the competition, Students went through 12 rounds of spellings where they could be eliminated at any time for a single mistake or misplacing an accent, until there was only one pupil left standing from each year group.  It was a close sudden death between everyone but Joel Collins of Year 7 and Ruby Bramwell of Year 8 managed to secure the victory!

After the competition, each pupil was rewarded by Mrs Fakir, Head of MFL Department, with many prizes including a £15 voucher from Love2shop for the two Spelling Bee winners. 

Parents commented on how good it felt to see their children's’ hard work paying off.

Ruby Bramwell, the official Year 8 Spelling Bee winner said:

At first, I found it quite challenging but attending the enrichment with other students every week helped me lots and was fun! It was a great learning experience and I am glad that it happened. Thank you Miss Clémençon!

A big congratulations again to the following pupils from all the staff in the MFL department:

  • Joel Collins
  • Grace Doyle
  • Chloe Hammond
  • Amber Houghton
  • Harry Savage
  • Ruby Bramwell
  • Clarence Beaumont
  • Charlie Chesworth

ECM Update

Mrs Noon

Last half term students incorporated the British Values to their ECM lessons. They have been applying Respect, Tolerance, Individual liberty, The rule of law and Democracy to topics such as Body image, LGBTQ+, Sexual Health and Relationships, Drugs and Alcohol and Hate Crime. Year 9 students have been assessing what it means to live in Britain and be part of a multicultural society as part of their RE lessons and we have also had sessions delivered by the school nurse and Halton's "Got your back" team.

The Year 7 and 8 Drama club started working on a cross-curricular project, creating a short film on internet safety to be entered in the 2019 Childnet competition. 

We have set up our first OBA Pride group on Thursdays 3-4pm in F028 with Mrs Noon and Mrs Hindley. Students have started creating an LGBTQ+ student display and are working on ideas for Diversity Week in May.

We also now have an OBA ECM Instagram account, please follow us on: @OBAecm 

Year 10 Mock Interview Day

Year 10 students have gained some invaluable careers guidance as part of a recent mock interview initiative held at the academy.

Twenty employers and providers from across the region ensured that each student had the opportunity to undertake a 1:1 Mock Interview, they were able to discuss the first draft of their CV and practice a range of interview questions.  This was followed up with constructive feedback from the employers, to help our students with their interview technique.

Although the students were a little nervous at first, they soon conquered their initial fears and had an extremely positive and worthwhile experience.  Guidance on how to ‘sell’ themselves better, the importance of body language and presenting themselves in a confident manner were just some of the key things that were discussed in the de-briefing session at the end.  All students will also be provided with written feedback from the employer that conducted their interview.

Mrs Oulton, Assistant Principal and Careers Leader said:

The students found it a bit daunting to complete their first CV and were very appreciative of the individual support and suggestions for improvement that the employers gave. They all took this process very seriously and the evaluation forms that they filled in afterwards were exceptionally positive, with some students asking if they could do this again, as they had found it so useful.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the professionals that took the time to attend OBA’s Year 10 Mock Interview Day, as the support they offer to our students is invaluable.  It was great to see them come out of their interview buzzing with pride because they had made a good impression, as well as put themselves through an interview experience that they thought was quite a challenge.  I would also like to acknowledge all the hard work of Tina Baker from Mploy Solutions and Sian Woods, OBA’s Careers Adviser who gives 1:1 guidance sessions to all our students.  With everyone working together, along with local and regional employers, we are able to offer a high-quality Careers Education, Information and Guidance package for our students.

The professionals’ evaluations of the day included the following comments:

A very useful and enjoyable experience. The students were focused and engaged.  They will hopefully go on to benefit from our small contribution.  They are all a credit to the school.

Brian Reay, Director, Pagg Property


There were some amazingly well-prepared and focused students who genuinely wanted to learn from the experience and took on board the comments I made. What a nice opportunity to help and support young people!

Cherrie Walker, Extra Care Manager, Halton Housing


This Mock Interview Day was a great opportunity for pupils to receive direct feedback about interviews "Dos and Don’ts" from people in industry.  I hope it has been a great benefit for the pupils and they master a technique that gets them their dream job! Well done and thank you for allowing me to participate.

Brian Hayes, STEM Ambassador, TEVA


I was very impressed with the Year 10 students at OBA.  Every student I spoke to had a clear and realistic future ambition and demonstrated evidence of having thought about the next steps that need to be taken to achieve their goals.

Jessica Coulthurst, University of Liverpool

Year 12 Visit Hays Recruitment

As part of the academy’s continuing commitment to raising the achievement and aspirations of our pupils, two of OBA’s Year 12 business studies classes were recently invited to go to the Liverpool office of Hays.

Hays is a global recruitment company with offices in 33 countries and in more than 100 locations in the UK.  The busy Liverpool office is situated in St Pauls Square which is in the business area of the city centre and employs almost 70 people.

During the course of the day, the pupils participated in a workshop which was designed to help them identify what skills they have that employers are looking for.  Hays professionals worked with the group to help to show evidence of commitment, organisational skills, teamwork, the ability to communicate and ICT skills. The importance of having hobbies, interests, doing voluntary work, involvement in extra curriculum activities and school attendance was also talked about in detail and how pupils can demonstrate this on their CV.  

Before undertaking mock interviews with Hays professionals, preparation techniques before an interview and the actual interview itself were discussed in detail and the pupils were given a ‘Get that University place/Job’ workshop booklet to complete with advice and tips.

The day ended with a tour of the Hays office, where pupils had the opportunity to experience a city office environment and meet various people in the office to talk to about their job roles.  

Mr Hussey, Curriculum Leader for Business Studies who organised the visit for the second year running said:

The visit to Hays recruitment was an excellent opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons by being able to get expert advice from professionals who work in recruitment. The workshop and activities delivered by Hays were excellent as was the students’ participation and engagement in the activities. Some students even expressed an interest in a career in the recruitment industry!

My thanks go to Jenny Lampkin and Graeme Lovelady from Hays for their time and effort in supporting our students.

Business Studies Students visit Goodison Park

Year 9 and 10 Business Studies students participating in a World of Work Day at Goodison Park with Everton in the Community. Students enjoyed a variety of practical sessions on media, catering and hospitality, leadership and coaching as well as customer service.

Girls Football 

Monday the 18th March saw the academy’s girls team’s penultimate fixture of the Halton league. So far the girls had managed to brush every opponent aside with ease and were sitting quite comfortably at the top of the league. Monday brought our sister school and most competitive opponents; Ormiston Chadwick Academy. There was a nervous excitement in the air as the team started their ritual warm up preparing for the arrival of their competitors. The opening half was cagey and the two teams evened each other out well. OCA was first to draw blood with an error from the home side. The girls battled hard but entered half time 1-0 down. Despite the scoreline, the team were upbeat and their spirits were high and they were starting the second half with greater determination. The final half started with a bang, OBA on the offensive from the get-go. The team refused to give their opponents an inch and from a long ball over the top from our goalkeeper and an excellent touch and shot gave OBA the equaliser they deserved.  The rest of the game was played in a similar fashion with both teams balancing the other out. The draw keeps OBA at the top of the league with one game to go.

Player of the match was awarded to Erin Roberts and Keira Bradley. 

Miss Morgan’s Comment:

This team has grown from strength to strength. As a team, they did not stop fighting and did not stop giving 100%. They are currently top of the league with one game remaining which is something they should be very proud of. Both me and Miss McAuliffe are so proud of this team and how far they have come. They need to now look forward to their next game to ensure they win the league.

The final match for our year 7/8 girls football team was on the 25th March and against our rivals across the Mersey; Saint Peter and Paul. There was a slight sadness in the air with it being their final league game but the team were confident and raring to go. Both teams displayed nerves as the play at the start of the game was cagey, loss of control and wayward passes meant neither team could find a clear cut chance on goal. P&P showed real team cohesiveness and managed to draw first blood with an excellently worked goal. However the OBA squad never gave up and kept working and as a result, managed to get a goal back. As the team grew in confidence their playing grew as well, passes cutting through the opponent's defence and shots narrowly missing the target. As the whistle for half time blew the girls were happy for the well-earned break. The second half started similar to the first with OBA on top and were very unlucky not to bag another goal. Towards the end of the match, P&P started to get more into it but our goalkeeper pulled off some great saves to keep us in it. After a well-balanced and even competition, the game ended 1-1. 

The result leaves a nervous wait for the announcement of league champions. OBA has to hope for rivals to get results to ensure they secure the title. 

Miss Morgan said:

This team has grown from day one and their commitment to the sport really shines through. Their chemistry and team-work are astounding and their results and league position speak for themselves. I am very proud of this team and everything they have achieved. Even if they don’t win the league they should be proud of themselves.

Praise for Year 7 and 9 Netballers 

27th March was OBA netball team’s second competitive match. Their opponent was the local neighbours; Sandymoor School. Both our Year 9 and 7 teams were nervous but excited to get going. The Year 7s started the match really well, passing and moving with ease. Their opponents worked equally as hard, forcing the girls to up their game and give everything they had. Eventually, the girls managed to get an excellently worked goal. Within no time the Year 7s were up 3 goals to 0. This seemed to spur Sandymoor on and they managed to get two goals back. Despite this, the girls continued to work hard and went into half-time 4-2 up. On the other side, the Year 9 team were working their socks off trying to pin their opponents back but unfortunately, they went into the half time 11-0 down. 

Half time talks were positive for both sides as there was some amazing play on show. Both teams went into the second half with their heads up and determination painted on their faces. The Year 7s started the second half similarly to how they finished the first, on the offensive and forcing their opponents to work hard to prevent them from scoring. The Year 7s showcased some outstanding passing, movement and shooting skills and came off the court victorious with a 10-4 win. The Year 9s also showcased some great passing and moving. They demonstrated great determination and commitment, never giving up until the final whistle blew. Unfortunately, the team suffered a defeat. 

Miss Morgan said:

These two teams have come together really well. After being crowned 3rd best in Halton, the Year 7 team showcased some amazing skills in the game and, as a result, their confidence has grown massively. This was the Year 9s' first game this school year and for them to show that level of determination and commitment to carry on regardless of the score shows their character. I am so proud of both of these teams and they should be very proud of themselves. Well Done!


Year 13 Sociology students attended a Tutor2u Grade Booster Exam Workshop in Manchester. Students revised key concepts, assessed example answers, using mark schemes, and were given top tips to ensure they can produce top band answers in their summer exams.

Social Science teacher, Miss Machin, said: 

The trip was very helpful in giving students a revision boost as they prepare for their final exams. I wish all students great success in their summer exams.

Careers Corner

Careers Education Information and Guidance at OBA (CEIAG)

Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

How do subjects at school link to careers in the future?​

Career Paths within Biology

What can you do with Biology?

Biologists are scientists who study the natural world and all the living things in it, from the largest mammals down to our very own microscopic DNA. They try to understand how animals and organisms work (including us humans), how we evolved and the things that can make us sick or improve our health.

Lab work is often involved, or they might stand before a classroom and teach, sit down with families who need to understand their genetic makeup or comb through thousands of documents of research data to come to conclusions.

What careers can I do with biology?

Biology is a key subject for lots of STEM Careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) particularly in healthcare, medicine and jobs involving plants or animals. The list is extensive and jobs include: nursing, dentistry, geology, environmental science, materials science forensic science, psychology, physiotherapy, botany, environmental science, zoology, geology, oceanography, pharmaceuticals, energy, teaching, sports science, speech therapy, science writing, genetics and research.

You’ll specifically need biology for courses in medicine, biomedical sciences, dentistry, dietetics (studies in food and nutrition), physiotherapy, orthoptics (treating eye disorders) and veterinary science. 

What employers like about this subject

Studying a diverse subject like biology means that students can learn a range of subject-specific skills including statistical skills and good laboratory practice. Transferable skills you can develop on a biology course include advanced numeracy; written and spoken communication and problem-solving skills. 


Those who want to work in biology careers can begin narrowing down their options to a higher education degree that will suit their future profession. Those who aren’t quite sure yet can simply major in biology, with the intention of specialising with a masters degree if necessary. 

Biology degrees come in many different forms. You can choose to study straight biology or a closely related subject, for example, human, molecular or marine biology or a life science degree as a few options.

Useful websites: 

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