OBA Weekly Newsletter. Issue 106 - 4th July 2017

Issue 106 - 4th July 2017
Dear families and friends of OBA,

This edition of the Newsletter is, yet again, full of just some of the many fantastic opportunities on offer to our students throughout this term.

The sailing and water sports adventure in the Isle of Wight will provide those involved with many long-lasting and exciting memories and, although they were all very tired when they returned, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I would like to congratulate them for their determination and willingness to have a go at every challenge on offer.

Equally, my congratulations go to our Dragon Boat team for winning for the third year running. We are very proud of their success.

What a fantastic first season for our Year 7 football team too! The final couldn’t have been tighter but despite their disappointment, they really did themselves proud and I wish them well for next season. I am sure they will go from strength to strength.

From sports leadership skills to fashion awards and much more, as you will read, OBA has a lot to offer its students. My staff and I enjoy watching them broaden their horizons, as they develop into well-rounded and resilient young people.

Mr. J Rigby
Executive Principal

Water Sports Spectacular in The Isle of Wight

Ten exceptionally lucky Year 8 students recently enjoyed a week of water sport activities provided by UKSA, formerly known as the United Kingdom Sailing Academy. UKSA’s waterfront campus in Cowes on the sunny Isle of Wight was the perfect location for this residential sailing and water sport activities adventure, which involved a wonderful combination of fun, determination and tough challenges to keep everyone entertained.

After an eight hour minibus journey the students were pleased to be able to enjoy some games in the sea, followed by an orienteering session in the local woods.  They spent an hour and a half trying to find clues hidden on trees or in the undergrowth and, to do so, they had to use teamwork skills as they worked with students from other Ormiston schools from various parts of the country on mind puzzles by using clues to work out anagrams.

During the week, the students learnt how to paddle board and they then went on to learn how to sail a dinghy, which is not as easy as it might seem. However, the students soon managed to perfect their seamanship with only the accompanying Teaching Assistant, Mr A Bird, capsizing his dinghy and having to be rescued!!  And so the week went on, with everyone throwing themselves into each activity with enthusiasm and their best effort, despite any set-backs along the way.

On the final day, students enjoyed learning how to steer a Keel boat and enjoyed the exhilaration of being in a coach boat which accelerated up to 30 nautical miles per hour.

Later that day, students participated in an auction where they bid against other groups for ‘lots’, with each lot contained some of the necessary parts to make a raft. And so the next challenge began, as the students went on to build a life-raft that would float on the sea with, hopefully, some degree of success.

Over the time they were there, the Year 8s learnt many life skills, such as teamwork, perseverance, endurance, decision making and, of course, being able to laugh and learn from their own, often silly, little mistakes.

Mr A Bird said proudly:

Our students were commended by the staff at the activity centre for their willingness to participate in every challenge and for their impeccable behaviour during the trip.  It was an outstanding week and it was a pleasure to see how our students built up their confidence over the week as they threw themselves into each adventure with a smile on their faces

Higher Education - Futures Event at Edge Hill University

As part of the year 10 work experience programme this term, twenty students who had registered an interest in a career either the Health Sector (Midwifery/Pharmacy/Medicine) or a career in Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) were invited to take part in the HE Futures Event, hosted by Edge Hill University. 

Edge Hill University provided the students with a full day’s programme, designed to raise awareness of the range of choices available to them in higher education and to help our students to make well informed decisions about their future.

The workshops were hosted by two undergraduate students who were able to inspire and motivate the students by sharing their own experiences at university, their intended career paths make informed decisions about their career aspirations. 

The day ended with a campus tour, where the students had the opportunity to visit staff, meet some under-graduates and see the facilities in each of the departments.  They also experienced a Lecture Hall setting and got to see the accommodation and the Student Union in order to get a real feel of life on campus.   

Mrs Jarvis, Careers Co-ordinator said:

In their feedback, I was really pleased to see that all twenty students stated that the day had inspired them to seek further information about going university and the specifics of the courses available to them, particularly at Edge Hill.

I now look forward to supporting the students on their journey to success which will enable them to eventually follow their aspirations in the exciting world of higher education.

Athletics at OBA

OBA entered the Halton Athletics Competition held at Helsby High School recently, competing against Helsby, Wade Deacon and The Heath. This competition was held to send students to the regional round of the Athletics to be held at Macclesfield.

OBA’s students were very successful and nine of them went through to represent Halton in the Cheshire Athletics Meet. The students that were successful were, Connor Wilson (400m), Brandon Lee Barton (200m), Reece Dyson (1500m), Cameron Schofield (800m), Jadon Allen (100m), David Beaumont (100m), Charlotte McLinden (200m), Felicity Gallimore (800m) and Bethany McTegart (100m). 

The students that did well in the Cheshire Final were Jadon Allen who got to the 100m final and came 4th, Brandon Lee Barton who got to the 200m final and came 5th and David Beaumont who got to the 100m final and is through to the National Finals. 

Well done to all those who took part and we wish David Beaumont the very best of luck in the final.

Behaving at Chester Zoo!

Sixth Formers who study Psychology, Sociology and Child Development in Year 12 recently spent the day at Chester Zoo to further develop their observational skills and understanding of animal behaviour.

Miss Machin said:

On arrival we were greeted by very cute, baby elephants who playfully tussled with each other. We then continued our tour of the animals to observe their behaviour, to see how it compared to human behaviour. Prior to the trip, the students had chosen to research one animal’s behaviour in detail and during the day they carefully completed a structured observation of their chosen animal. One student researched the social interactions of giraffes and found that, as previous research had predicted, the male giraffes tended to interact less with other giraffes than the female giraffes did, preferring solitary lives. Students then followed up their findings and analysed their data in order to write a report about their observations to present to the class.

At the end of the day, the students attended a workshop about animal attachment and parental care in great apes, considering the research conducted by Bowlby, Ainsworth and Harlow. They were also able to look at animal behaviour and welfare by investigating imprinting, classical and operant conditioning and how the zoo staff use these techniques to look after animals and enrich their experiences in the zoo. 

Student feedback was very positive and was evidence of how much they had enjoyed the experience. 


I enjoyed today as I learnt so much more about why animals behave the way they do and the atmosphere was lovely too. Bethany Talbot-Woodward

It was very educational and I learnt lots of new things. Hannah Hewitt

I enjoyed observing the elephants as I actually saw some of the behaviours listed in my observational tally chart. I also enjoyed applying attachment theories to animals. Ellie Mogg

I enjoyed observing the giraffes and being able to interpret their behaviour. Emma Bygrave

I loved the bats, they were very cute and noisy! Alexandria Catherall

I enjoyed today as I learnt how to become a zookeeper and learnt more about the animals I would like to work with. Emily Hughes

It was a good day! We enjoyed it lots. Angela Gray and Chloe Brenton

Merseyside’s Dragon Boating Champions

Third Year Running

Fifteen Year 8 students from Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy participated in the Merseyside Dragon Boating Championships hosted by Liverpool University Confucius Institute at the Albert Dock.

Over a series of five races, OBA’s students managed to storm ahead, and achieved the lowest time overall, meaning they started the final from the outside lane.

All the students showed great teamwork and the other schools were impressed at how well OBA performed. The final race was very close, however, OBA’s students managed to cross the finish line first beating the other teams by an amazing ten seconds, to win the title in real style.

Miss Belford, PE teacher, who co-ordinated the event said:

This is OBA’s third consecutive win in this great competition and we are very proud of our students’ achievements.  I would like to congratulate every one of them, as they showed great sportsmanship and gave 100% effort throughout the competition.  I would also like to thank the Liverpool Confucius Institute for organising such a fun event which our students really enjoy taking part in.

If At First You Don’t Succeed... Tie, Tie and Tie Again!

Congratulations to Mollie Pountain from Year 9 who took part in the ‘Eco-Wear’ section of the Junior Miss Cheshire competition and claimed the Best Runner Up Award.

To enter the competition, which is targeted at young people aged between 13 and 16, Mollie chose to make a dress out of recycled ties.

Mrs Fisher and Mollie worked hard persuading staff to bring in any unwanted ties and their generous donation of ties made the challenge more than possible.  No one else in the competition had made anything like it and Mollie’s innovative creation really deserved the Runner’s Up Prize. Well done, Mollie!

Youth Sport Trust Initiative 

OBA recently received funding to participate in the ‘Girls’ Active Camp’ which was delivered by The Youth Sport Trust, in partnership with ‘Women in Sport’ and Loughborough University. The aim of the camp was to develop a network of girls who would act as role models and influencers in sporting fields. 

Four girls who had demonstrated those skills in OBA were chosen by PE staff to lead the way on this initiative and spent the weekend in Loughborough University. This university, which has seen many famous sports men and women graduate, such as Sebastian Coe, Paula Radcliffe and Tanni Grey-Thompson, has been named the best sporting university in the world in the global QS higher education league table, having been ranked joint-first with the University of Sydney, Australia.

The four girls stayed over at the university with students from other schools from across the UK. Over the weekend, they took part in many different challenging workshops to explore the barriers to participation in Sports at degree level for teenage girls. They had to come up with innovative activities and ideas to engage and improve participation and subsequently deliver these to a minimum of fifty other female students, in an event at their own school.
The four extremely lucky girls that were chosen to take part in the ‘Girls’ Active Camp’ were Taylor Braithwaite, Lauren O’Neill, Molly Summers and Halle Knowles, who have all excelled in sport and  leadership skills over the years. As a result, the girls have been meeting with the PE staff to review provision and opportunities for young girls in PE lessons and in enrichments.  Their ideas will be used to improve and raise the profile of girls’ participation in PE at OBA, both in the classroom and beyond and will encourage them to think about the role sport will play in their future lives.

Well done, girls!  Your voices will be heard and your opinions listened to and this, coupled with your determination to succeed, will result in even bigger and better things for girls in sport in the future.

An Outstanding First Season

Many congratulations to the Year 7 Football Team who had an outstanding first season at OBA; they fought their way through all kinds of weather to get to the final of the Halton Schools’ Cup.

Here is the match report from the final from the very proud, Manager and Coach, Mr Barrett:

After a slow start from OBA going 2-0 down in the first 10 minutes, a lovely move pieced together by Adam Mosely and Michael Martin resulted in the start of what was to be an amazing 15 minute period. After Michael pulled it back to 2-1, Wade Deacon scored again and, with only 5 minutes left of the first half, it didn’t look good for the OBA team.

Then came the ‘Michael Martin Show’; a solid through ball from Owen Cushion saw Michael get the score back to 3-2.  There then followed a calm and excellent finish with Michael completing his hat trick to bring it to 3-3 at half time.

A tense second half saw no goals from either side although Adam Mosely had a near miss when he hit the wood work towards the end of the match after a powerful run to the edge of the box.  As the whistle blew, the realisation that a penalty shoot-out was ahead had everyone on edge.  Unfortunately, the nail-biting end to a truly amazing season, sadly saw OBA’s Year 7 lose 4-3 on penalties but the team should be exceptionally proud of their achievements and we now look forward to next season.

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