OBA Weekly Newsletter. Issue 67 - 20th April 2016

Issue 67 - 20th April 2016
Dear families and friends of OBA,

I hope you had a wonderful spring holiday and are now looking forward to some warmer weather as we enter the summer term.
We have a lot to look forward to here at the Academy too.  Next week we have our annual Dance Shows taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Please buy your tickets from reception as soon as possible as these events always sell out because you are guaranteed an amazing performance.  Please note that Tuesday's event is centred around our 'Dynamix' dance school group.

Year 11 students are due to enter the examination period, with the first large exam, the first of the two iGCSE English papers, taking place on Tuesday, 3rd May.  This is also the day after the May Bank Holiday.  Our full revision and enrichment programme is of course still in place to support them, with the whole year group invited to attend the final English exam preparation workshop on Saturday, 30th April.

Please also note that Year 8 Options have now been confirmed with students, with the vast majority having received all their first options choices.  Where second choices have needed to be taken, these have been discussed with students and parents.

All our staff and I look forward to working with you and your children again this term.

Best wishes
Mr. M Wyss- Academy Principal

Canal Boat Adventure

Eight lucky students were given the opportunity recently to travel along the Bridgewater Canal as part of an educational workshop which focused on developing transferable skills and making the most of educational opportunities in formal and informal settings.

Year 9 and 10 students Dylan Edwards, Lewis Thomas, Louis Morton, Dean Flood, Brendan Potter, Liam Lavelle, Jamieleigh Cartmell and Courtney Heaps began the day aboard the Canal Boat Adventure Project’s ‘floating classroom’.  After some ice breaking activities the students took part in a range of activities which focused on teamwork skills, confidence building, presentation skills, recognising your own qualities and target setting.

A visit to the nearby Walton Gardens Zoo saw the Year 9s and 10s participating in some problem solving activities and they even had fun playing rounders in the park to develop their sportsmanship. However, the highlight of the day was saved until last when the students were given the opportunity to steer a boat along the canal. They learnt about canal etiquette and rules and also realised that canal boats are not only used for leisure and holidays but can also be permanent homes for some people.

Mr Ingram who accompanied the students said: “They all got so much out of this adventure and were so much more knowledgeable and confident by the end of the day. They had great fun and I know this has inspired some of them to consider spending more time on our canals as they found it to be a very relaxing and worthwhile experience.”  

Year 8 Music Mega Mashup!

Mrs Cathcart's Year 12 and 13 BTEC Music students recently held a concert for Year 8s entitled the "Year 8 Music Mega Mashup!"

The Sixth Form students organised the entire concert themselves with each student having a specific role in the planning process. Team work skills were essential as they carefully planned all the marketing, stage management, lighting, performances and visuals in great detail.   Year 8s had been listening to radio adverts and watching promotional videos in Music lessons, which were also created by the Year 12 students so they were already used to seeing and hearing many of the talented performers.

Vocal solos were given by Nikita McGrath (Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses), Cara Davies (Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys), Alex Gooding (Stone Cold by Demi Lovato) and Amy Rotherham (One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson, from ‘Dreamgirls’).

Guitar solos were performed by Shaun Jackson (I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness) and Tom Booth (Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic at the Disco).

The band closed the show performing three songs featuring Arron Flynn, Shaun Jackson, Tom Booth, Nikita McGrath and a guest performance was also made by Mr Reid on bass.  They sang Holiday by Greenday, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and Teacher's Pet from the film "School of Rock".

Congratulations and a special thank you to Hannah Brown from Year 8 who operated the lights for the entire show! She did an amazing job.  Special thanks also go to Miss Whittle and Mrs Cathcart who provided accompaniments, as well as Mr Reid who was the concert’s Sound Technician.

Spelling Bee

On Wednesday 23rd March, three of our youngest linguists, Year 7 students, Engy Hamido-Desorki, Kayleigh Lowe and Rebekah Moore participated in The Foreign Language Spelling Bee, a nationally recognised competition.

The competition is for students in Year 7 to encourage them to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in Spanish, French or German.  This year saw more than 75,000 students taking part nationally and more than 12,500 students register for the competition from 102 schools across the North West.

The North West competition was held in Manchester Metropolitan University and, after months of practice, OBA’s students were excited and keen to get started.  The girls didn’t have to wait long as OBA was the first school to compete in our group and they gave a magnificent performance, not letting their nerves get the better of them.

This is the first year that Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy has participated in The Foreign Language Spelling Bee and the experience has been exciting and very beneficial for all Year Sevens as they were all involved in the preliminary rounds.  At the end of the first term, class competitions were held and the top ten students were then invited to attend a Spelling Bee enrichment which saw students battle it out for the top three places in an OBA competition in January. The three winners were Engy, Kayleigh and Rebekah and they then carried on attending the enrichment sessions to practise the 150 words that they needed to know to compete in the North West Final.

Spanish teacher, Miss Canadillas Perea, who organised the Spelling Bee competition in OBA said:

This is a very challenging competition and I have been very impressed with the commitment these students have shown over the months. Even though they did not qualify for the Cambridge National Final they really did themselves and OBA proud. They showed amazing resilience and linguistic skills and thoroughly enjoyed taking part.  They truly earned their place on that stage.  Well done to all three of them!

Year 11 Reward Trip

Forty-four students took part in a Year 11 rewards trip on Tuesday 29th April. After enjoying ‘Shrek The Musical’ in February, students suggested a variety of activities for their next reward trip, with the majority of students opting for a ten-pin bowling treat, followed by a meal at Frankie and Benny’s restaurant in Cheshire Oaks.

To take part in the trip, students had to achieve at least 98% attendance as well as excellent effort, behaviour and ‘Attitude to Learning’ scores, both in class and in after school enrichments. With numbers at enrichment sessions having increased significantly over recent months, the students were looking forward to the opportunity to recharge their batteries just before the Easter Revision Programme kicked in.

With prizes for the highest scoring male and female, as well as a wooden spoon for the lowest scores, it was interesting to see how competitive some of the students became. Mr Milne and Mr Watkins also battled it out competitively, with Mr Watkins winning by a narrow margin!

The prizes were presented in Frankie and Benny’s, and the winning students were Matthew Kyprian and Niamh Allanson - although Matthew admitted that he had been practising since the age of 9 when he received his first personal bowling ball! Well done Matthew and Niamh!

The wooden spoon went to John Gobin but only later was it discovered that Will Vichos should have received this tongue-in-cheek award for the lowest score overall! Better luck next time John and Will!

Mr Milne said: “With students putting so much effort into their last full term, it was good to see them so relaxed and enjoying themselves. They were a credit to the school and the staff in both the bowling alley and the restaurant commented on how well-mannered they were.  The meal was a delightful way to round off what has been a very hard-working term for the Year 11 students. As well as preparing for their exams, they are all now beginning to look forward to their final rewards trip, The Prom, which will take place in The Liver Building, Liverpool.  This is bound to be a spectacular event!”


Rising Stars

The Music department hosted its third Rising Stars event just before the Spring Break. Parents and students were treated to a variety of performances ranging from the Year 11 GCSE band playing Muse and some great guitar solos, to a beautiful rendition of Edelweiss on the flute, and some amazing vocal and violin solos.

The Muse performers were Stephen Jakeman (voice), Robbie Jones (piano), and Ethan Kelley (guitar). Solos were performed by Charlie Fogg and Ethan Kelley (guitar), Rebekah Moore (voice), Abbie Cheers (flute), and Georgia Vardy (violin).

Miss Smith said “Every student gave a fantastic performance and I was exceedingly proud of all of them, as were their parents.  They are all very talented individuals.

Well Done Matthew!

Congratulations go to Year 7 student, Matthew Lea, who has recently received his colours for the Under 13s Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club team.

Matthew has completed a two year induction programme which involved intense training outside of school which saw him playing at a consistently high level.  If Matthew continues to excel on the rugby field, when he turns sixteen he may be offered a scholarship with the Vikings Academy.

Matthew’s family have thanked the school for the support offered, and say that they have noticed how much this has benefitted Matthew, developing his teamwork skills and his confidence.

Keep up the great work, Matthew!

Top Ten Healthy Eaters

1st PRIZE - 6 week free pass to Brookvale Gym and Pool plus a Cineworld voucher

234 Nathan Hughes 8CBS

2nd & 3rd PRIZE - 1 free pass to Brookvale Gym and Pool plus a voucher

200 Bradley Edwards 10LHU 

193 Michael Roberts 9SHN 

4th  PRIZE - 1 free pass to Brookvale Gym and Pool

185 Martin Smith 11KRD


172 Archie Mason 9EBN 165 Alex Barton 7SMY 
162 Lewis Cobourne 8JSM  160 Daniel Barton 9SSH 
159 Chelsey Pointon 11ANN  152 Molly Summers 8KRR


Community News from PC Williams

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Registering with this site is completely free, and not only allows you to receive messages about your local area, but also allows you to give information to your local policing teams to help them better police your neighbourhood.  All of this is done through Cheshire Constabulary’s secure servers.

For further information, please visit the ‘Cheshire Police Alert’ website.


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