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Happy New Year!
Looking Forward to 2022 and Celebrating Our Accomplishments in 2021

In a year filled with tremendous need for working families, small businesses and our City’s most vulnerable due to the ongoing pandemic, I am proud of the work my team and I have done on Council in 2021 to secure historic investments in housing and homelessness, support worker protections, invest in our smallest businesses, and provide much needed COVID relief. I know these investments will help plant the seeds that will grow into a more equitable, safe, healthy and resilient Seattle for all to enjoy, live and prosper. Thank you for all your support, messages, and ideas throughout 2021, some of which are featured here.

Policy Wins

Grocery Workers Hazard Pay
Passed hazard pay for grocery workers, who were five times more likely to contract COVID, as they take personal health risks to keep our families fed, healthy, and safe during the pandemic.

Making it Easier to Build Affordable Housing
Exempted affordable housing projects from hefty fees when using street vacations. This will reduce costs so more affordable housing can be built quickly.

Single Family Name Change
Updated our zoning language to more inclusively and accurately reflect Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods. This is a first step toward more inclusive zoning, with community engagement coming in 2022.

Investing in Public Safety
Identified an additional $3 million in salary savings within the Seattle Police Department and re-allocated the funds toward gun violence prevention and interruption as well as other community driven solutions.

COVID Relief

Childcare Pay & Support
Allocated an additional $3 million in direct childcare provider payments, or up to $835 per worker before taxes, in addition to $5 million to build more childcare facilities, as well as $2.4 million in childcare business stabilization grants.

Small Business Grants
$10.5 million for small business emergency support grants, helping local businesses keep their doors open as well as providing technical assistance. This money was awarded through the Small Business Stabilization Fund.

Cash Assistance for Workers
$25 million to help workers disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, including those unable to access federal cash assistance. This, in turn, helps the local economy, including direct cash assistance to immigrants and refugees left out of federal assistance.

Rapid Acquisition for Affordable Housing
Invested $28 million in acquiring / buying newly constructed buildings for rapid conversion into affordable housing. The housing is coupled with supportive services to ensure the health and safety for all.

Budget Wins

Historic Affordable Housing Dollars
Secured $194 million for affordable housing — including rental units, supportive services, first-time homeownership opportunities — made possible only from $97 million in JumpStart payroll tax revenues.

Human Service Provider Pay
Added $5.3 million in one-time funding - in addition to protecting the COLA - for front-line human service providers caring for youth, those experiencing homelessness, and survivors of gender-based violence.

Community Safety & Care
$27 million into community care and stability programs, including $7.8 million in criminal legal system programs / alternatives, $6.1 million for firefighters and mental health care, added $5.7 million for food security, restored $4 million for youth violence, and $6 million for education, arts and culture programs.

Homeless Shelter & Service Expansion
Added $15.4 million for sheltering and caring for those who are experiencing homelessness, totaling $156 million for improved services and to be a better partner with King County and the Regional Homelessness Authority.

Hoping you and your family are healthy and have a Happy New Year,
Teresa Mosqueda
Budget Chair/Finance & Housing Chair
Seattle City Councilmember
Position 8, Citywide/At-Large
Office: 206.684.8808
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