Welcome May! Does this feel like a fresh month for you? Or does the surrealness of our current situation have you missing the mini “reset” feeling new monthly beginnings sometimes hold?  

As always, I’m sending lots of love and well wishes your way. Everybody’s situation looks so different but I’ve been hearing a recurring theme about people taking this pause as a time to re-evaluate and reflect on how we want to live our lives going forward. Perhaps more slowness, more time connecting with friends and family sans devices, more appreciation for what we already have, and my personal favourite - dressing up because every day is a special occasion. If you’re looking for another way to thoughtfully declutter and curate your closet, I have an easy (and fun!) idea for you …


As we become more accustomed to dressing solely for ourselves or current “roommates”, there is more room for experimentation in what we wear and how we wear it. Always wanted to mix two prints together but not sure it’s really “you”? Wander around your house in the combo for a day and see how you feel! 

26% of discarded clothing in the United States is discarded because it is no longer wanted. We have an opportunity now, to test our “maybe” items without worrying about judgment from others, or worrying whether or not a certain garment or combo is “appropriate” for a certain event. I believe that the staying power of a curated closet lies in how mindful we are about what we let in and out of our wardrobe. So instead of mindlessly purging items you're not sure about, try this instead: 

Here’s why this helps: Having to spend an entire day in a garment will give you a true assessment of how you feel in it. Is it comfortable? Tight in places? Itchy? Remind you of a crotchety neighbour of the past? No thank you. Fairly quickly you’ll know if this item is a keeper or not. 

A few tips that I learned after doing this (don’t worry, I filmed them, stay tuned for the video!) 

Don’t overthink it: Pair your maybe item with one of your go-to’s so it feels less intimidating and will give you a true idea of whether it will be used/worn often. (Unless of course, your challenge is to uncover other uses for it, in which case, allow yourself a few additional minutes of experimentation when getting dressed.)

Do your best to spend the whole day in it: Unless you’re seriously uncomfortable, do your best to avoid changing out of said item unless it’s a styling issue. Here’s a gentle reminder that nobody (unless you have virtual conference calls for work, in which case try out your maybes on hard-core self isolation days) will be seeing you, so try to stick out a day in your maybe piece to really get a feel for it.

I learned quite a few things about my own personal style and seasonal outfit formulas after testing my maybes - I hope you find this exercise helpful too!

I've given the website a little re-jig and have created a space for all of my free downloads to live. If you're new to the newsletter or website and may have missed a handy download (where I've shared things like a closet audet guide, shopping tracking sheet, etc.) you can find them all here
This was one of my favourite videos to create because I think the concept is something we overlook so often when we want to change our style aesthetic. Rather than shop, tiny style tweaks can take an outfit from edgy to preppy - or any range of styles. Watch here
I was sent this triangle bra from Organic Basics* for an upcoming collaboration and have to say I am LOVING it. Made out of organic cotton and super comfortable, it's the perfect bra for wearing with my wfh clothing. As one of the 0.08453% of women who actually enjoy wearing an underwire, I still feel secure in this one. 
Since we are still in the Spring of Deception (as I like to call it) where I live, I'm still running in my Icebreaker merino, and find myself pulling it on even on days when I'm not running - I've always loved Icebreaker for their thoughtful procurement and production.  
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of May. xx
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