Welcome November,

In the part of Canada where I live, the seasons change as though in a musical. One day the trees are bursting with colour, sunshine is warm and golden, and overnight it’s as if stagehands sweep in and change the backdrop to one where the trees are bare, skies are grey (does anyone else play the Mamas and the Papas’ California Dreamin’ on repeat this time of year?), and you find yourself wishing you had bothered to find that missing mitten at the end of last season. 


In addition to sleuthing for that lost mitten, there’s some other detective work you might want to task yourself with this month. Sustainable fashion is #sohotrightnow and while it’s incredible that sustainability is now a more mainstream conversation, a lot of brands are using greenwashing to mislead consumers into thinking they’re making a more conscious choice. But how are consumers supposed to keep up with all the new brands and sustainability statements cropping up? It would be great if we all had hours to research supply chains and fibre content but let’s be real - it’s hard enough to come up with dinner on the table every night (or is this just me?).

So what can you do?

Here’s why this helps: 

Productive downtime: As a purely selfish reason, adding a little learning into the cozy colder months is a great way to pass indoor time and still feel productive. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, pop a conscious podcast on while you lounge on the beach (you lucky duck!) or grab a sustainable fashion book to read while you take in those late sunsets. 

Learn to Shop With Your Values: On a more holistic level, learning more about the provenance of clothing and the world of conscious fashion can lead to a better understanding of how to shop with your values in mind. For example, I learned that while I really do care about the environment and the ethics behind fashion, my priority is consuming less and purchasing garments that prioritize longevity (in aesthetics and construction).  

Avoid Greenwashing and Put Your $$ Behind Brands You Believe In: By opting out of phony sustainability promises, you’re able to support brands that really are making a difference in how they do business. Of course, no brand is perfect - everything is a trade-off - but being aware of what is important to you will ensure you’re making the right purchases for you in the long run, leading to a closet you’ll value and cherish more. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions: 

For the Readers 

Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press 
Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline
Slow Fashion: Aesthetics Meets Ethics by Safia Minney 
Greendreamer Weekly Digest (every week 3 articles about positive change in the sustainability space are featured)

For the Listeners 

Conscious Chatter Podcast
Wardrobe Crisis Podcast 
Greendreamer Podcast 

For the Watchers 

The True Cost 
River Blue 

I share my newest fall and winter additions ... most are timeless classics, and one was a result of using my own discount code lol watch it here.
One of my favourite videos to film - how to style up basics so they feel fresh and chic. Are there other basics or themes you'd like me to use this process with? Have a watch and let me know! 
I recently received some product from Swedish Stockings, a company that is super committed to reducing their environmental impact. Factories are zero waste and powered by renewables, the stockings are made out of recycled fibres, and they have a recycle club where you can send in your used hose for a 10% discount. Lots to love, including how they look! I'm a big tight-wearer this time of year, so I chose these cute dotted ones
This is very unlike me, but I've recently fallen in love with a designer handbag. I'm not a huge handbag person but have been looking for one that is a bit wider than my current day bag and smaller than my backpack. Sometimes I just want to feel a bit more ladylike you know? I love the Loewe Puzzle becuase of its width, structure but maleable and interesting look. I have been stalking secondhand sites until I find one that's just right. 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of November! xx
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