Hi February!

Ahhh another satisfying month where the 1st falls on a Monday. Do you feel like the universe is setting you up for optimal organization and productivity with this happy lineup of dates? I am loving how it lines up with this month’s Live Shop Your Closet Studio (tickets on sale now! yay!) This is what I’m hoping for, as January was the complete opposite of productive and those fresh “new year, go get it” vibes. Although if writing this newsletter is any indication (I sat down to write it 3 hours ago…), I’m not setting my expectations too high. 

The more I create slow fashion content, the more I realize the lessons I learn from a mindful closet can be applied to life in general. Things like not striving for perfection (because it doesn’t exist), and taking time to pause and reflect before making purchase or declutter decisions equally apply to a mindful daily life. 


In last month’s newsletter, I talked about setting wardrobe goals (if you missed it you can find all my previous newsletters here), and as February is a short month, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on those goals, and how we plan on achieving them. (I will be doing this for my personal goals too.)

January is a great jumping-off point, and an invigorating time to set goals and be super enthusiastic. But as we ease into this year, why not lay the groundwork to make sure we achieve our goals, and take the proper time to reflect if now is a good time to go after them? I’m in the process of building a closet audit/edit system (more robust than what’s on my
free resources guide right now) and an important step is to pause and reflect. I don’t think we do this enough in our daily lives either, so I’m hoping this newsletter gives you permission to do so today, and beyond. 

Ok, I know last month’s tip was to set goals and now I’m saying hit pause. But I really do think it’s important to reflect before moving forward. Or, perhaps you’ve gone ahead and done a major declutter or closet edit already. That’s great! This pause is actually perfectly timed for you, because you can sit with your newly edited closet and see how it feels before making purchase decisions. 

Here are some reflective prompts to make sure you set out the right plan to achieve your wardrobe goals (both values-based goals like shopping ethical or local, as well as aesthetic goals like colour, style), and which will hopefully allow you to connect (or reconnect) with your closet in a mindful way.  

Personal Values Reflections: 

  • What do I value in my clothing? (ie; Durability? Craftsmanship? The story? Eco-fabrics? Artistry? etc) 

  • What in turn, do I value in brands? (ie; Size inclusivity, circularity, fair labour practices? Diversity and Inclusion? etc)

  • Does my clothing reflect these values? 

  • Is it important that my clothes are a reflection of these values? If so, do I have a financial and time plan to prioritize these values going forward?

Aesthetic Reflections: 

  • What do I want my clothes to say about me? (This person is … )

  • How do I want to feel in my clothes? (happy, comfortable, confident, etc.)

  • Do I want to add colour or narrow down my colour choices? Or leave them as is!

  • Do my clothes fit my current or projected lifestyle? (remember our current situation is *fingers crossed* temporary)

  • Do my clothes fit me in a way that make me feel amazing? (Like, really amazing, not just meh. Take note of the garments that make you feel amazing and pinpoint why. Then replicate when you make future purchases)

  • What are the style beliefs I want to let go of? (ie; petite people can’t wear oversized, tucking shirts only looks good on certain bodies)

  • Where is there resistance with my certain items of clothing and why? (I can’t wear x, I can’t let go of this because ..., I can't rock this because …)

I am so happy with recent additions to my closet. This is the first time in 10 years where I really took a deep dive into my style & evaluating what's in my closet. Click here to watch, and best watched with the major declutter video
And speaking of decluttering ... here are my top tips to do it mindfully. Society's prioritization of disposability and massive decluttering can skew the message of doing it with intention and mindfulness. Hopefully this video helps combat that.
Yup. Featuring my good old Nordgreen watch again because it's been a few years and I still love it. It's not about buying new things all the time ... this watch, like my black sunnies is starting to feel like a signature piece and I love that. I recently did a collab with them and in all honesty, one of the reasons why I appreciate them is that they never push me to accept a new watch, new strap, or anything for our collabs. This to me, shows a commitment to slow fashion which doesn't always get shared in collab videos or IG posts. If you're interested in adding a classic timepiece to your wardrobe, you can use BELTEMPO for 15% off. 
It's back! My live Shop Your Closet event is happening on February 20th and you can buy tickets here. I think we'll try and make them happen every month. I love doing these live events with you, and the opportunity it provides to learn from each other and peek into other closets, dress other bodies, and explore other styles. I hope to see you there! xx
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of February. xx
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