Hello January!

As I sit down with my first tea of 2020 reflecting on the past year, I’m struck with both a strong sense of gratitude for the community and opportunities that grew from 2019, and also a sense of apprehension for what’s to come. As we slowly ease back into work from the routine-less haze of the holidays, the start of a new year often comes with decisions to be made, plans to hash out and a pile of unknown twists and turns. 

When navigating the often messy maze of life, it’s nice to have something stable and comfortable on which we can rely. 

And I’m not talking about a cup of tea and a good book (although those help too!) - I’m talking about your closet. 


There’s a reason why highly successful people wear the same thing every day; it reduces decision fatigue, stress, develops an “iconic-to-you” personal aesthetic, and results in a more curated closet. And while i’m not encouraging a Steve Jobs level of repetition, style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Dean, Jane Birkin, Emmanuelle Alt, and Anna Wintour do come to mind. Somehow, these people manage to look effortless and chic while maintaining a distinct “look” and uniform, proving that wearing the same thing twice isn’t a faux pas. Did you know that one in ten people would discard a piece of clothing after being pictured on social media wearing it three times? (source via ecoage).

I’ve said it before in previous newsletters and I’ll say it again. That’s bananas. 

So instead of getting tired of what’s in our closet and blindly wading through fast-paced trends, here’s what you can do. 

Why does this help? Knowing what works for you eliminates impulse shopping and fosters planned and intentional purchases. The more we like what we wear, the less we feel the need to discard clothing. 

An outfit formula can be as detailed (ie; blue jeans, neutral colour button down shirt, neutral blazer, matching colourful belt and shoes) or as loose (ie; A-line dress + statement accessories) as you like!

Here are some of my top tips for creating an outfit formula (or several!) 

You don’t have to stop at one: An outfit formula feels a little bit looser than a dedicated uniform, and that’s the whole point! You can create different “formulas” for different occasions or scenarios in your life; casual work occasions, dressy, date night, etc. Or you could categorize them by style vibe depending on your personal style; bohemian, feminine, glam, etc. 

Write them down!: There's nothing worse than forgetting the secret sauce (for anything!) so take a picture or jot down what your winning outfit formulas are for future stylishness. 

Start with the basics: The foundation of every solid outfit formula is choosing effortless and timeless basics. Whether you prefer separates, dresses or coordinating suits, steering clear of trends will yield endless outfit combinations. 

Show off your assets: We all have something we love most about ourselves, and rather than seeking out what to camouflage, I find it’s a more positive dressing experience if we start by choosing what we want to show off. This is where silhouettes and proportions come in handy - choose them based on what makes you feel 100%, then vary them by colour and texture for a multitude of looks. 

Notes on colour: Colour can be a defining factor of your uniform (think Emmanuelle Alt and her dark neutrals), or it can be what adds the fun (think Anna Wintour and her colourful dresses which are always the same crew neck/sleek silhouette combo). Choosing how you would like colour to play a role in your uniform is a great jumping off point. 

Signature accessories: Once you’ve got the basics of your outfit formulas sorted, don’t forget the importance of accessories! While they can add diversity to every look, a signature accessory or two can really add the final touch to any of your outfit formulas, making you feel truly “put together”.  

Styling tweaks: Sometimes all an outfit formula needs to be updated is a little styling hack here and there. Take the same combination and tie a knot in the belt or cuff a sleeve - a few of these changes in the same outfit can give the impression of a whole new look!

Finding inspiration: If you’re having trouble coming up with combinations, use Pinterest to research celebrities or style icons who you identify with, or search specific outfit ideas like “Jeans and blazer outfits” for a wealth of new ideas! 

For the month of December I posted an accompanying blog article for every video. Going forward, if you want some more thought process details behind videos or simply want an easy way to pin the video - you can! I hope to keep this up in the new year and would love to start creating more written content.
My last video of 2019 was about dispelling the myth that all of those beautiful #winterootds on Instagram are actually warm lol I have some Canadian-proof winter dressing tips and take them from basic to chic - watch here
Ok this might be a bit of a lie because I technically don't own this yet - BUT. I am eagerly awaiting my order of this eco-friendly planner created by the wonderful podcaster/blogger Kamea Chayne. Kamea is a leader in the sustainable space and her planner lays out eco and holistic wellbeing goals, is printed on recycled paper and uses soy based ink. I CAN'T WAIT to open it up and had to share. *Note : sadly this is currently only available in the US
I've mentioned this product before on the channel, and it is still a number one for me in the winter. My skin gets SO dry in the cold months, so I put this on before bed, and underneath my sunscreen before a run to create a protective layer of moisture on my skin from the harsh elements. I've also discovered the light version, and use it as my day cream (before sunscreen).
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of January. xx
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