Welcome November! 

November always seems like the last stretch of the year to get anything productive done before the holidays start taking away my will to complete any task on my to do list. This year may be different for obvious reasons (merci COVID!), but I still plan on fully indulging in that end of year feeling of being able to log off early to enjoy a cheeky cocktail or ginger cookie. Before that though, there’s work to be done!  

October turned out to be a busy month, and I did not get to eat all the apple desserts that I’d hoped. But it’s OK, because I was able to spend time beta-testing and finally launching my very first LIVE virtual Shop Your Closet Studio Session!


I wanted to take advantage of our current ‘virtual-everything’ situation to share what it would look like if I shopped someone else’s closet instead of my own! Why? Because the average consumer purchases 60% more clothing now than in the year 2000 and only keeps it for half as long. (source). Discovering your closet from a fresh perspective greatly reduces your carbon footprint (not to mention your credit card bill!), while increasing confidence in your creativity and personal style.

In the Shop Your Closet Studio we’ll be shopping two different closets which means different body types and very different styles. The best part though? Styling and getting to chat with you in real-time as we break down looks and enjoy a little “choose your own style adventure” together. I’m also including two downloads to keep you creative on your slow fashion journey. 

Tickets are $30 USD and the event is on November 14th at 1 PM. For more details, and to purchase your ticket, click here. I hope to see you there! 

In preparation for this launch, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest seeking out looks, but also doing a MAJOR overhaul to some of my boards. I’ve been pinning since it came out in 2010 and there were a lot of old Pins that really didn’t reflect my style anymore. Even though it was a virtual declutter, I was shocked at how much lighter, and more affirmative in my own style I felt after that. 

Grasping your personal style is fundamental to becoming a conscious consumer, but it’s also not easy to figure out. So this is my slow fashion tip for you this month, in an effort to get you a bit closer to knowing your personal style. 

Not on Pinterest? No problem, I think this can apply to any visual or fashion consumption that you do on the internet or even hard copy magazine clippings that you've kept! Those pesky sale emails you get from a brand you purchased from ages ago and don’t care for anymore? Unsubscribe. IG saves that have gotten out of hand? Declutter and organize. Influencers who don’t share your values? Unfollow. 

It takes a bit of time, but here’s why I think this is so helpful: 

  • A decluttered mind: Although intangible, a decluttered inbox and feed leaves room for only the good, valuable stuff that inspires you. It also helps nip those pesky impulse purchases in the bud. 

  • A chance to zoom in on what you like: By objectively assessing imagery that you used to identify with, you can really start ruling out what it is you don’t like, and that can help immensely when cutting out the noise of trends and marketing. 

  • When your visual inspiration is intentionally organized in a way that makes sense to you (ie; organizing by garment item vs. organizing by style vibe), you can get so much more out of the abundant inspiration floating around on the internet. 

I've been posting regularly on the blog (so proud!) and shared my go-to slow fashion items for fall in this post
I'm really proud of this Sunday's video because it covers 5 different ways to shop your closet. This topic really is the heart of my channel so I feel like it's a solid watch
I'm not a makeup person, so this was my first foray into a liquid lipstick and I love this colour. The texture took me a while to get used to at first and I like to reapply clear lip balm often.  Cheekbone beauty is a Canadian Indigenous-owned company and so far I've been enjoying this product! 
I would not do my business degree any justice if I didn't use this spot for some shameless self-promotion. In all seriousness, I'm really excited for this virtual studio session as I get so many requests to feature different body types, and real-time styling is a fun challenge. See you in the studio! 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of November! xx
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