Hello October! 

What do you say to a new month that you are surprised to see so soon? I guess like an unexpected guest; you welcome them in, offer them a seat and make them an espresso or cup of tea (with biscotti or amaretti of course!). This month has already started a bit rocky for me as I’m getting over a barometric pressure migraine, but I’m determined to embrace October’s chilly reception with open arms. I plan on enjoying all the apple-cider cocktails, apple desserts, plenty of tea, and the odd cappuccino when I want to treat myself. Pumpkin spice? I do not know this thing. 

I get overwhelmed by wanting to do all the indoor things as the cooler weather approaches. I make an ambitious list of DIY projects, tell my mom I will bake her all the delicious healthy desserts I find on Pinterest (lol) and vow to train Apollo how to cuddle. Of course, it doesn’t all get done - how do you prioritize a list of things where everything feels important? 


I think a lot of us have the same dilemma when trying to become more conscious consumers. How are we supposed to prioritize the lengthy list of human and natural resources that are negatively affected by our consumption? Aren’t they all important? What if workers are paid fair and living wages but the materials used are virgin synthetics made out of petroleum based fibres, ie; plastic?

There are so many cases like this, where as consumers, the deeper we dig, the harder it is to find a company that lines up with every single one of our values and has a true zero-impact on the planet. In the end, it can feel overwhelming - how do you balance animal rights with the biodegradability of leather? (a very long and circular argument, I’d recommend checking out
Sylven New York who works with both vegan and animal leather and shares her thoughts on the pros and cons and impacts of both)

It can be overwhelming to sort through these thoughts, so I’ve come up with a simple way of thinking that includes thoughtful consumption without overwhelm (at least as much as possible): 

Here’s why this has helped me:

  • By choosing which values you want to shop by, you are still including conscious decision making and reflection in your purchases. 

  • You have given yourself another guide post to follow. This is helpful so as not to get completely disheartened, throw in the towel and shop fast fashion because shopping sustainably is too frustrating and overwhelming. 

  • Once you admit to yourself that a brand/product/company may not check off ALL the boxes (although more and more I’m finding companies that do), you free yourself to make more informed decisions. (If you didn’t read it, my August newsletter talks about doing your own research)

Where to start: 

I tend to include both aesthetic and ethical (or external and internal) values in my priority list to make sure I’m satisfying my style, and my alignment. 

For example, my aesthetic (external) values are: 

  • Long-lasting in construction and design

  • Is classic but with a twist

  • Is comfortable and functional, not fussy

My ethic (internal) values are:

  • Minimal to no virgin resources used (prioritize secondhand, deadstock, or recycled fabrics)

  • A gentle or minimal environmental footprint - minimal use of chemicals, waste, resources, with a circular component (take back programs, waste water recycling, etc.) to reduce harm on the environments and communities around it

  • Fair treatment of the people who made the item

Prioritizing your values doesn’t mean you don’t care about all of the other issues that come with slow fashion and sustainability. Indeed, the more you research and spend time building a conscious closet, the longer your list of ethical priorities become (as mine has, but if I had to narrow it down, the above is what really lights my fire), but if you’re just starting out, or dipping your toe into the murky waters of sustainable and slow fashion, I would suggest starting here. 


This is an old IG post from July (so far away now!), but it really goes hand in hand with today's newsletter. Give it a read, and follow me on IG if you don't already for a random mix of thoughtful and completely frivolous captions. 
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If you follow me on the channel, you know I've been on the hunt for a versatile bag, and I finally found it. This was a pr gift from Cuyana, and I absolutely LOVE it. I've written blog post about it here. I'd highly recommend if you're looking for a day to night, fancy to casual bag. Cuyana uses the highest standards in leather working and I like their focus on product maintenance and end of life. *affiliate link
As I mentioned, Sylven New York has some pretty cool thoughts on different leathers, and their shoes are actually amazing too. Here is one of their booties made of apple leather
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of October! xx
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