Well hello March!

After what feels like the blink of an eye since February (I feel like I say that every time), we are back with another newsletter, and what better way to start this new month with something that will hopefully leave your closet feeling more exciting and abundant. My recent wardrobe planning and ongoing closet edit has certainly left me feeling more excited about what’s in my closet despite only having to get dressed for the benefit of my cat. (He loves a solid #ootd, I swear). In all seriousness though, the pandemic is starting to take a toll on my spirits, and having some sense of purpose around my closet feels good. I hope you are happy, healthy and coping as well as possible, and I’ll do my best  to take your mind out of the real world for a while …


I’ve taken the first two months of the year to really focus on my wardrobe plan for 2021 and there has been some serious editing, and interesting revelations happening. One thing which has helped me stick to my wardrobe goals (check out the January ‘21 and February ‘21 past newsletters if you want to nerd out on this topic), discover new style elements, and help me make confident editing decisions, is my Pinterest board for my 2021 wardrobe plan. 

I’ve always been a fan of Pinterest, with many boards on the go, but I’ve never made a targeted board for the year ahead and OMG what a DIFFERENCE! Audrey Coyne inspired me to do this and I think it's genius. Here is how I approached it so that it informed my most recent edit, capsule building, and shopping list. (Total disclaimer: you don’t have to use Pinterest, you can use old school magazine clippings, IG saves, Adobe Illustrator, the Cladwell App or some new program that probably exists which I’m not aware of lolz) Here's a link to my board as an example.

1 - Create your board and start pinning anything and everything that inspires you from a fashion perspective. Whether its colours in scenery, jewelry, hairstyles, a mood … just pin away and add it to your board. We’ll get to refining in a minute. 

2 - Now you’ll comb through it a few times with different filters. This step really helped me to distinguish what was aspirational or unrealistic vs. what was achievable and made sense for me. 

  1. Lifestyle Filter: Comb through your board and ask yourself if these looks / colours etc. suit your lifestyle. Certain outfits are super chic when frozen in time on a glossy screen, but do they make sense if you have to chase after 3 kids and a cat all day? Likely not. Eliminate photos that don’t make sense for the majority of your lifestyle needs or that really can’t be adapted. 

  2. Personal Style Filter: Now go through your board and assess whether it reflects your true personal style. If you haven’t already come up with your three description words to describe your style, or your colour palette; take a moment to develop them and make sure your board is in alignment with those aesthetics. 

  3. Values Filter: Finally, assess whether the items on your board align with your values. Is there plenty of fur and leather when one of your values-based wardrobe goals was to incorporate only cruelty-free items? Are most of your items easily available secondhand? This one takes a bit more time, but is really effective to check back in with your values. Eliminate photos that aren’t in alignment with your values. 

And you’re done! Now you have a visual wardrobe plan which you can refer back to anytime you feel the pull of an impulse buy or feeling dissatisfied with your wardrobe. This has also helped me feel more confident in my editing decisions. Even though the items in my closet haven’t changed, referring back to my visual wardrobe plan makes me feel in control and optimistic about new ways to style what I already have, and gets me excited to properly research items on my wishlist. 


More satisfaction within your closet reduces the pull to fill it with more stuff you don’t need. Period. It’s so simple yet it does take some work to get there. Even though I have things on my wishlist, I find that simply taking a browse through my Wardrobe Plan board offers me a sense of satisfaction because it is in alignment with my style, lifestyle, and what I want my closet to look like. It helps me balance aspiration and reality, and I hope it does for you too!

If you're a fan of my shop your closet series, you'll love the newest addition to this that I added on the channel. In addition to recreating a look I love, I was able to take those style elements and create several new outfits. Watch it here!
I was less active on the blog this month, but I managed to get this post up about how to have a successful low buy year for 2021. I know a lot of you are trying out a low buy or no buy year so hopefully, this is a good resource for you! 
If you follow me on IG, you may know I often praise my amazing yoga instructor, Erica Vetra! She has recently relaunched her site and offers a wide variety of classes from personal training, to HIIT to my fave: yoga. She is SO talented and I've been doing her virtual classes for about 2 years now and LOVE them. 
This week I got the best news! One of my favourite influencers, Aja Barber wrote a book and I am HERE. FOR. IT. Like me, Aja's focus is on reducing consumption but her knowledge about the intersections of social justice and climate change along with slow fashion goes SO MUCH deeper than mine. It won't be released for another few months so I have not read it yet but you can bet I pre-ordered it and already committed to the outrageous shipping fees (in British pounds!) to have it shipped to Canada. 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of March. xx
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