Well hello there! I hope you are safe and well. What a different place we are in compared to last month. How are you doing? I am sending much love and positive vibes your way. Although I have been working from home for years and typically spend a lot of my time alone on the regular, I have found it difficult to maintain my daily routine. I’m finally getting into one, and feel incredibly lucky to still be able to go out for my regular runs, which have always been my sanity. I hope that whatever situation you are in, you are able to find some comfort in your day to day.  


I’m not going to lie - sharing a slow fashion goal for this month seems a bit frivolous. (stay with me here, I'm not giving up on slow fashion!) Paying rent/a mortgage potentially without income, caring for a loved one, home schooling kids while working from home, staying healthy, all of these things are at the forefront of our new normal. 

And while we are all struggling with varying scenarios, one thought does come to mind. In every one of these unique situations there is a commonality: we all still have to get dressed. 

Since April is earth month, I am reminded that the fashion industry plays a huge role in the health and well being of the planet. Did you know that “the fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.”? (

So rather than feel defeated by yet another depressing statistic, I feel rather encouraged that we can make our own small impact through something we already have to do every day (even more so in today’s circumstances). Here’s how:

Are you surprised? Are you tired of me going on and on about shopping your closet? (In true Canadian fashion, I do apologize for this!) But now more than ever, I believe using what we already have is so relevant, and in some cases, no longer a choice. If you’ve been around for a while, you likely already shop your closet, but the key here is making it a habit. Studies show that “interventions are more effective if they take place during moments of change,” (source) As an example, “A 2018 study ... found that when people were unable to drive and given free e-bike access instead, they drove much less when they eventually got their car back.” (source)

So if you want to make lasting change regarding your fashion consumption, now’s a good time (provided you have the time and energy - if not, you do you my friend, one day at a time).

Here’s why this helps: 

You build your creative muscle: The more you test and play with your closet, the easier it becomes to pair items in new ways, allowing you to make the most of out that 80% of your closet that you likely don’t wear. 

You step out (or in, these days) with more confidence: The more times you love what you’re wearing, the more gratitude you will feel for the items already in your closet, limiting the amount of times you feel you need to shop and consume more. 

You get to know your style and values: The more you know your closet, the better understanding you will have what you like, why, and what your values are. This sets you up for conscious, and more successful shopping habits in the future. 

Some resources to help you shop your closet: (apologies for the shameless self-promo, I have also included some of my favourite Youtubers here as well!) 

Using Pinterest/Instagram for Inspiration: 

My Shop Your Closet Playlist 

Audrey Coyne’s Street Style Inspo Video 

Steal Her Style Series by Use Less 

After postponing my live workshop, I realized now is the time to get started on a project I've wanted to create for you for a while. If you have time, please fill out this 2 minute survey (I swear, it's that fast) so I can build something that you will actually find useful in your slow fashion journey. 
I've been posting on the blog more regularly, here is my lastest post about how this extra time alone can benefit your closet. 
I was sent The Sustainable(ish) living guide and really enjoyed it for the guilt-free and easy solutions it laid out for living a more conscious lifestyle. I've had more time to dig into the sections which I'd like to focus on. 
Even though it doesn't happen often these days, when I head out I am usually in a pair of sunnies. I love how this small but mighty accessory makes me feel glam, and I had to share these Etnia Barcelona beauties that are the perfect mix of old world vintage and timeless style. You'll also see me on this website! Supporting my friend Joelle who owns this practice and is now closed due to the pandemic. 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of April. xx
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