September is here! And so is a new name to the newsletter! Do you like it? Or should I call it "snail mail"? LOL

Although “back to school” looks a lot different this year, Mother Nature still adds a chill to the air and crisp evenings and mornings give off major fresh-start-to-a-new-season vibes. Will you be using the last quarter of the year for one final push to cross things off lists or put a close to some projects? Or will you use it to wind down slowly? 

Last month I celebrated a little milestone on my Youtube Channel - 100K subscribers! I celebrated with some local and sustainably sourced flowers and a custom mini cake. (It had Nutella buttercream, of course). I think this has given me some motivation to start a few projects I really want to get off the ground before the end of the year, so if all goes well that's how I'll spend the last quarter! 


A new season in some parts of the world also requires a wardrobe change to go with it, and for whatever reason, a new season makes most of us want to update what we already have. There is absolutely no shame in this. I find big cosy fall sweaters and this year’s rich earthy tones hard to resist. 

One thing that keeps me in check when it comes to shopping mindfully though, is some random fashion math (that doesn’t even turn out to be math but more common sense / mind blowing numbers): every year, 100 billion garments are produced, yet there are only approximately 7.8 billion people on the planet. That means we could produce 0 garments for the next 10 years and there would still be enough clothing on the planet for EVERYONE. 

I think I say this a lot in this newsletter, but that’s BANANAS. It also increases your chances of finding a new garment you love that hasn’t used virgin resources to be produced. In other words … 

As someone who loves secondhand shopping and vintage, I can't BELIEVE this has never made it into the newsletter as your monthly slow fashion tip.
In an effort to raise awareness for the positive effects of secondhand shopping, Oxfam UK launched a challenge called #secondhandseptember (you can read more about it
here), which challenges us to only shop secondhand for the entire month. I already did some secondhand shopping at the end of August, so don’t foresee any secondhand purchases this month, and instead, i’m challenging myself to wear only secondhand items already in my closet for a week. 

I would highly encourage you to shop secondhand if you plan on shopping for new items this season. My Fall 2020 trends video is proof that most of this season’s trends are recycled from previous years, and can be found secondhand (or already in your closet!) 

Here’s why shopping secondhand helps: 

1 -  It creates more demand for a circular economy. The more our economies and products are designed for circularity, the better - designing for planned obsolescence is unsustainable and irresponsible. By shopping secondhand and creating demand for more secondhand items, I think consumers can have a hand in changing our economy’s blueprint for the better. 

2 - It extends the life cycle of a garment, which reduces that garment’s carbon footprint by approximately 85%. 

3 - It requires 0 virgin resources or chemically intensive processes. The production of one tee shirt requires the same amount of water one human will drink in 13 years. There are so many environmental savings when you shop secondhand. 

4 - It keeps discarded clothing out of developing countries. Unfortunately, a lot of our unwanted clothing gets packed up and shipped to developing countries, leaving them with the burden of discarding it, as well as disrupting their own economies. (and not in a good way. Local businesses in developing countries can’t compete with the cheap goods that come in and don’t have an opportunity to grow themselves). 

5 - While a lot of garments do still end up in landfills either here or abroad, shopping secondhand is still a great way to keep clothing out of landfills. 

One last thing … 

It’s so important to discard or declutter items as mindfully as when we shop for them. A giant Marie Kondo declutter might feel really good, but all of that “stuff” still has to go somewhere, and then you need to think about replacing it all, which might spark the need for consuming without really thinking. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to thrift and secondhand shop, here’s a little video I did earlier this year that might help! 

I created a small capsule collection from my closet and these are all the outfits I came up with. I'm excited to do this exercise for fall!
As part of my continued effort to highlight BIPOC voices in the sustainable community, I share some of my favourite sustainable influencers in the BIPOC community. All of these women are incredibly successful and I learn so much from them. Click here for the blog post!
Continuing with the theme of secondhand September, I have been really loving my vintage Versace-esque earrings (you can watch the whole exciting purchase in my Italy travel vlog) and found these beauties on One King's Lane which I thought i'd share. I love a good stud - especially now because they're easy for mask wearing! 
Victorian and lady like were big themes for Fall 2020 this year, and a lot of this season's trends can be found secondhand. This gorgeous vintage Valentino skirt I found on Etsy is proof! I won't be purchasing it, but I thought it is such a classic take on a romantic trend and had to share! 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of September. xx
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