Benvenuto Agosto! 

If all has gone according to plan, I should be enjoying the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea in one of my favourite places on the planet; Crete, with two weeks in the Puglia region of Italy ahead of me. Ah yes, my friends, it’s August. The Sunday of summer - a time to take the long way home, plan a last minute getaway, or indulge in your favourite book during those golden hours at the end of the day. While last month felt festive and energetic, I always feel as though August is truly a time to slow down and relish those last moments of a lazy summer. 


While my brain and body are getting a break via the seaside and homemade pasta (I’ll be staying at my aunt’s in the region of Puglia), my closet will be getting a full-on analysis (when I return, of course). I don’t normally do annual purges or decluttering, but once a season I do take proper stock of what’s in my closet. What have I worn often, what needs some love, what needs to be reorganized so that it’s within my grasp and doesn’t ignored, what aligns with my lifestyle, what needs to be let go. A little bit of a closet audit so to speak. I do this so as to better arm myself for the blitz of fresh and enticing fall trends and goods that will inevitably cross my path … and maybe sometimes end up in my dreams. 

Because - surprise! I’m not immune to beautiful things! Especially with the changing seasons, it’s a lot easier to make an impulse purchase thinking that we need a seasonal refresh, when maybe it’s not all that necessary. Or maybe it was necessary, but for a different aspect of our closet ie; we’ve just gone and bought another pair of shoes when really, a heavy-weight turtleneck would have filled a gap. 

While conscious consumption is on the rise (yay!), did you know that 40% of in store purchases are unplanned? So instead of getting lost in the magic of fall trends, here’s something you CAN do: 

Here’s why this helps: 

When you have an intimate knowledge of your personal style, your lifestyle needs and the current state of your wardrobe, you will be far less tempted to buy things that don’t truly serve you. I’ll dive deeper into my steps for a closet audit because I believe you should go far deeper than just asking yourself: “do I really need this?” (I ask myself this when a jar of Nutella comes into question and it almost always fails. DARN.) 

Steps for your closet audit: 

  1. Schedule a block of at least 4 hours for yourself and make sure there won’t be any interruptions.

  2. Ask yourself the following questions and either jot down the answers or simply keep them in mind as you proceed to the next step: 

    1. Has my lifestyle changed? What are the three core activities that I do on a daily basis and is my wardrobe a reflection of these activities? 

    2. Have my work wardrobe requirements changed? 

    3. Has my personal style changed, or do I want to start taking it in a different direction? 

    4. Do I have any wardrobe goals? (ie; capsule closets, sticking to a certain palette, ignoring “style rules”)

  3. Go through each item in your wardrobe (Some people take everything out and place it on their bed, but I don’t see a need to do this unless your closet is so stuffed that you can’t properly see or handle your clothing), trying on the items that you haven’t worn in a while or that you’re not sure of. Think about the questions above as you assess each garment to help see the garment from a holistic perspective. Here are some specific questions to prompt yourself:

    1. Does this item serve any of my three core lifestyle activities and if so, can I create at least 2-3 outfits with what I already have using this item? (doing this repeatedly with each item will also help you identify gaps - keep your shopping list handy!)

    2. Can I wear this for work or whatever my core activity is? 

    3. Does it suit my personal style (or my new direction for personal style, be it a palette or aesthetic)? 

    4. Does it fit with my wardrobe goals or is it redundant/serves no purpose/identical to several other pieces? 

    5. Does it fit me well?

    6. Is it an investment piece that I am willing to have altered so it serves a current purpose? 

      4. By now you have likely created a pile of clothing that no longer serves you. Divide this into items to donate/recycle and items to consign (if you like). Put all the garments you still love and that still serve you back (if you laid them out in the first place).

      5.     Finish off by giving your closet a once over, taking careful stock of how many garments actually serve your top three lifestyle activities, and noting down any gaps, as well as colours or silhouettes that you know you love and gravitate to often. Include those notes in your shopping list, so that when you are shopping IRL or filling up your virtual basket, you can reference them and make sure that any purchase you make will be one that you cherish. If you’re still grappling to find your personal style, taking note of what silhouettes, colours, and types of clothing (casual? dressy? flirty?) you wear often will help develop it.

Whew! That was a lot! 

There are plenty of guides on how to do a closet audit out there, and the above is simply what I’ve done in the past and what works for me. Would you like it in a pdf format so you can have it on hand where convenient for you? Let me know. Feel free to edit or add steps as you like, or seek out your own version elsewhere on the world wide web. What’s important is that you spend some time with your closet before the fall fashion frenzy hits. Trust me, your wallet and future stylish self will thank you (and the planet will too!:)

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Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of August! xx
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