Hello September!

I think I say this every month, but ohmygoodness where did this month go!? I spent August eating my weight in pasta and gelato which, you would think has a very slow, dolce vita kind of ring to it, but my month in Greece and Italy zoomed by just the same. I will be posting some travel guides on the blog in the coming weeks but in the meantime, if you’d like some travel inspiration, have a peek at my Instagram feed before it goes back to normal (lol!). How was yours? Did you travel? Enjoy a blissful do-nothing time at home? However you spent your August, I hope you feel refreshed and ready to take on the end of the year. 


The air of productivity that September is steeped in is hard to ignore. It almost feels more like a fresh start than January, so I’m taking a page out of “Back to School” vibes and suggesting a fun project. Except this is one that I think you’ll actually want to do. (weren’t those kind of projects the best?!)

When a new season rolls around, it’s easy to want to refresh our closets with some new items. Of course, it’s nice to add a thoughtful purchase that brings life to current pieces, and I think if done mindfully, this can be a great thing. But with 150 billion garments being produced every year and 12.8 million tons of it sent to landfill annually (source), it’s clear we have a tough time getting creative with what we already have. 

So if there’s a piece or two in your closet that’s causing frustration because you only ever wear it one way and are feeling like it would be better in a donation bin, here’s something you CAN do to get your creative juices flowing. 

Here’s why this helps: 

Getting creative with what we already have and restyling garments breathes new life into our closets without spending money or making a mindless purchase. (AND keeps garments out of landfill - yay!) It is also a great exercise that, once done often, becomes easier every time (just like homework, but fun!)

Reducing our need to get fulfilment out of new clothes helps us mentally “let-go” of that all-consuming need for new things. It takes time, but when we are able to see our closets from a perspective of abundance and creative challenges, then we get to spend more time and money on things like experiences, or treating those we love to a Nutella latte. ;) I think this also sends a subtle message to retailers that consumers are seeking out clothes with more longevity and versatility.


“Reverse Engineer” sounds complicated and fancy, but it’s really not. Here’s an easy way to put some use to those frustrating items you’re wearing only one way (or perhaps not at all): 

1 - Create a pinterest board titled after that item (or a grouping of similar items) 

2 - Pop the item description into Pinterest + “outfit ideas” and see what comes up

3 - Pin away! Choose looks that are realistic and that suit your personal style and lifestyle. It’s also important to look at the outfit inspiration as a whole, not discounting certain looks simply because you don’t have a similar pair of shoes, or coat, etc. (if you need a hand with this concept, I have a series that might help you ;) 

4 - Keep these pins handy next time you’re outfit planning, or if you’ve got time; head to your closet straight away and put some looks together based on what you pinned. Don’t forget to snap a photo so you remember the ingenious combinations for when you need them! 

New outfits, no shopping - doesn’t that sound like fun? 

Some easy outfit formulas that will get you through the awkward season between summer and fall. The best part? You'll be able to use what's already in your closet! 
This series is a popular one :) I tackle styling the midi dress in the hopes that it inspires you to get more use out of the dresses you already have! 
I've had a pair of menswear inspired loafers on my list for a long time - I've been going back to this style from Everlane often but have yet to pull the trigger. In the meantime, i'll keep lusting after them! 
I'm normally not one for beauty but when my girlfriend introduced me to this all-in one stick of magic by Eva Garden I fell hard. Since I'm lazy/beauty incompetent I love that it's a liner AND/OR eyeshadow. Because it's in a pencil I don't have to buy brushes and it's easy to apply. I've never been an eyeshadow person but somehow this actually looks good on me! Find it online or at Rinaldo's 90 George if you're in Ottawa! 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of September! xx
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