Welcome February!

Welcome to the first anniversary of my newsletter! A year ago, I started this monthly ritual and I have to say, I love sitting down at the end of every month and writing what feels like a good old fashioned letter to close friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed receiving them. 

This month, 2020 seems to be zipping right along, with lots of new projects happening and a feeling like I can’t quite keep up with myself. I launched my very first conscious product -
a beautiful necklace in collaboration with Ana Luisa - with 10% of proceeds going to the World Federation for Mental Health and a 100% recycled sterling silver base (then gold dipped). I’m very proud of this creation, and was, of course, very nervous about how it would go. I’m also very excited to be hosting my very first mindful style workshop in March in Toronto. If it comes to fruition and is well received, my hope is to turn this into a regular offering with more robust programming and at international venues - a rustic villa on the Adriatic perhaps? One can only hope! 


When life is running at a break-neck pace, it’s easy to always choose the easiest and fastest option. However, this may not always be the best option. Case in point - running out and buying something mediocre last minute because you thought you didn’t have anything to wear. Did you know that the average woman thinks only 10% of her wardrobe is wearable and 47% admit they struggle creating an outfit in the morning? What would life be like if we loved everything in our closet, thus reducing wasteful impulse purchases that end up in the donation bin, or worse - the landfill?

You’ve likely heard of the concept of a capsule closet, and while I believe it’s more fun to wear everything in your closet rather than compartmentalizing, a capsule closet is a great first step to editing down your closet and learning to get creative with what you already have. 

Here’s why this helps:

Exercise your creativity muscle: There’s nothing like limitations to boost your creativity. A capsule closet is a fun exercise in discovering the versatility in pieces you only thought to wear one way. 

Less decision stress: Because of the intentionality behind a capsule, all of your pieces will work together and can be mixed and matched, resulting in fewer stressful mornings without an idea of what to wear. 

Identify the gaps and redundancies in your closet: By limiting your selection to a few key basics, you’ll slowly learn what items you actually are missing - from a pragmatic and less panic-stricken perspective. 

A more focused shopping list: Once you’ve figured out the redundancies and gaps, you can approach shopping with a more intentional mindset and actually stick with your shopping list. 

Less mindless consumption: Now that you have a more conscious mindset and a toolkit of creativity, I truly believe you will find yourself shopping less and reducing your consumption (at least when it comes to your closet!). No matter how many eco brands exist, it's important to remember that the most sustainable closet is the one you already have. 

A couple of pointers: 

  • If you’re not sure where to start, you can tune into my live webinar which I’ll be doing with Encircled on February 15th (stay tuned on IG for more details), or you could check out this video by Audrey Coyne which is a great example on how to build a capsule. 

  • Depending on how big you want your capsule to be, choose to test it out for a week, the month, or a weekend trip - whatever suits you best. The point is to get inspired, not frustrated.

On the blog this month, I shared a bit more about the launch of my conscious necklace with Ana Luisa. You can read more about it here
By popular request, I did a video on breaking down Italian woman style - this has been one of my favourite videos to put together, and have a few more coming to complete the series. 
Obviously, I'm going to be biased and show some love to my own necklace which I designed with Ana Luisa. I still can't believe there is a piece of jewelry out there which has my name on it and have been wearing it daily for the past few months. If you've purchased one - thank you for supporting the channel and the World Federation for Mental Health
I have recently discovered the brand Dear Frances and have added these incredible boots to my wishlist. I'm letting go of 2 pairs of short ankle boots to make room for this classic pair. I am hoping to buy them secondhand as this will be way healthier for the planet and my wallet! 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of February. xx
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