It's April! 

Even though it felt like -14 on today’s run with the wind chill, and my province is going back into a lockdown, the warmer sun of this season had an incomparable effect on my spirits. Sometimes, all you need is a touch of nature to remind you that everything is temporary. I hope, no matter what stage of pandemic-personality you’re experiencing, that you are doing OK. 

This month is an exciting one since I am hosting another live virtual shop your closet studio on April 10th! (have you bought your ticket yet? These events are SO much fun and a real mood-booster! Not to mention the most fun and creative way to practice conscious consumption. Find out more & buy your ticket HERE or send me a note if you have any questions!)

In addition to the live studio event, this month I’m launching virtual styling sessions. I debated for a very long time whether to do this, as I stopped personal styling a few years ago due to it becoming so focused around shopping. This time around, I’m offering a really focused service to shop your closet and shop sustainably. Keep an eye out for an extra email this month with a special offer exclusive to you! 


To be honest, I get those “fresh start” feels at this time of year more than I do in January. When it comes to my wardrobe, I think the feeling is mutual. Whether you do a physical change over in your closet or not, now is a great time to do some maintenance before putting seasonal items away, as well as doing another little edit if needed. 

If you’re waving ‘ciao!’ to winter, it can be really tempting to just pack away your sweaters and boots without giving them a once over. In order to extend the life of your cold-weather wardrobe and reduce the chances of wanting to go shopping as soon as the seasons change again, give your cold weather wardrobe some serious love before storing it away, so that when you come back to it, it feels and looks brand new. 

Here is a little maintenance checklist that will extend the life of your wardrobe, and make you want to wear it with pride again and again: 

  • Launder and depill wools and knitwear

  • Store wools and knitwear in a breathable fabric box or in a cool dry place where they can breathe - add lavender or cedar sachets / blocks

  • Dry clean or steam your coats at home and put them in cloth garment bags with a little lavender sachet *make sure they are on sturdy wooden hangers so they don’t lose their shape!*

  • Launder and steam scarves 

  • Clean, condition leather boots to avoid cracking over the years

    • *Cleaning footwear is an essential step for footwear especially if you are storing it in plastic where the material doesn’t get to breathe 

  • Check the soles, take any damaged footwear to the cobbler for repair

  • Use wooden shoe horns, muslin or unbleached fabric to stuff shoes so they don’t lose their shape 

Mini Declutter

  • If you had any seasonal items in your “maybe” pile that you totally forgot you owned, now is a good time to donate or sell them 

  • If you have items that haven’t quite yet made it to the maybe pile, but you’re unsure about them, make a note that next season is a “final test” season

  • If you have items you never got altered - reassess to see if you’re still interested in altering them, OR get them altered now so they’ll be new and ready when next season rolls around 

There's a lot of greenwashing going on, so I wrote a blog post about characteristics that can help you identify a slow fashion company. More often than not, these companies aren't using a lot of buzzwords because slow fashion is a philosophy inherent to their business. 
Denim is tough to shop for, and since Gen Z declared the skinny "out" I thought I would clear up a few things around fit and styling denim. *hint: nothing is "in" or "out" - it all depends on what works for you! Watch my deep dive on denim here!
Oooobviously I'm looking forward to this month's Shop Your Closet studio. With Spring officially here, it's a fun way to spruce up your closet without shopping and get some inspiration from fellow women all over the globe who care about conscious style.  
My pals over at Nordgreen came out with a new watch design which is a rare treat! There are lots of details to love on this new watch called the Unika. If you are looking to add a watch to your accessory collection, this one is a nice balance of yin and yang. You can use my discount code BELTEMPO for 15% here.*affiliate link!
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of April. xx
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