Hello March!

With the majority of winter behind us (fingers crossed! This meme made me LOL with its accuracy in depicting Canada’s many seasons), we can come out of hibernation and into the longer warming days of Spring.

How are you all enjoying the change of season?

This month marks the end of a busy February and the beginning of more new projects. The Toronto workshop is a GO (yikes! Now I’m getting nervous - if you haven’t bought your ticket you can grab one here), as well as a few other potential projects which i’m too superstitious to mention. 


If my therapist were here, she would remind me that superstition is a fear based belief and that I need to base decisions on facts instead. Well - here are some interesting facts I found recently and they are fascinating!

This article states that 79% of women shop to cheer themselves up, and that 3 in 5 women feel dissatisfied with their closet. I found that first stat quite high, but entirely believable since a lot of our purchases (especially impulse ones) are based on emotion. And what better way to tackle emotional purchasing than with cold, hard, numbers. Although I’m glad my finance days are behind me, I always appreciated the inarguable accuracy of data. So if you’re feeling the pull of “something new” but want to maintain (or start!) your conscious consumption journey, try this:

If you like to write things down, here is a little worksheet (you may have to choose your preferred pdf reader in order to open) I created which I’m sharing with you before it goes up on my site. I hope it helps! 

I touched on tracking your purchases in my most recent video on how to shop less, and can’t believe I’ve never done it myself. So - starting in March, I’m going to track all of my newly acquired closet items. This includes any product that is gifted to me as well. 

Here’s why this helps: 

Numbers Don’t Lie: You know that moment of clarity that hits you when you look at the nifty pie graph of your expenses at the end of every month? (Just me?) Now you can pinpoint it exactly to your closet spending, which can help you be more responsible with your personal budget, better understand how long it will take you to save up for that one special piece (instead of a bunch of cheap ho-hum items), and put your clothing shopping in perspective. Would you rather save up for a trip? Buy mom lunch? Those experiences become crystal clear when you understand the financial commitment behind them. 

Get to Know Your Shopping Habits and Triggers: By reflecting on where you were and how you were feeling with each purchase, you will be able to start identifying shopping triggers and start developing new habits to replace shopping with. 

Shows Your Clothing Accumulation: There’s a big difference between seeing your clothes hanging (or stuffed, in some cases!) in a closet vs. seeing them listed out by line items.

I feel like I've mentioned it a thousand times but I still get questions about it - I'm hosting a workshop in Toronto! Grab a ticket here - seats are very limited so as to keep it impactful and intimate:) 
I started a NEW shop your closet series, where I take on an entire style genre / scenario vs. breaking down one look at a time. Lots of outfits in this one! Have a watch here.
A few months ago I was gifted this snake ring from Mejuri (which I chose myself) and I'm really enjoying the tiny dose of attitude it gives my classic outfits. *affiliate
As odd as it seems for winter, I wear my Organic Basics tank top ALL THE TIME. Under sweaters, under blazers and dresses - this piece suprised me in its power and comfort. Love that it's made of eco-friendly fabric by Organic Basics - use ALYSSAXOB for a special discount. 
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of March. xx
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