Good morning and welcome June! I had this month's newsletter prepared and scheduled but the world is literally on fire in almost every sense of the word: from our environment, to the social injustice in our communities, to our very own health - and I couldn't hit send without acknowledging how upsidedown things feel. Yikes, that was heavy. (It was also a run-on sentence - sorry!) Since I want this little corner of the internet not to feel as scary as the morning news, I thought I would start by simply checking in: How are you doing? How are you feeling? 

I hope you're doing well. I hope you are finding some joy and beauty in every day because it still exists. The theme of this month's newsletter revolves around finding it through gratitude and I hope you find it helpful. 
I also hope, that if my content has ever come across as exclusive or not applicable to you - that you accept my apology. Given the crises that have seized our planet and as someone in the fashion sustainability space, I can't help but feel a responsibility to be sensitive to what's going on. But much like slow fashion, my priority is intentionality and longevity. I may not partake directly in the sharing of a black screen on Instagram for example, but I will be integrating more content now and moving forward to support and include marginalized communities which are so directly linked to the fashion industry and the environment. Through this, I'll be doing a lot of learning too.

Gratitude may not directly help solve the world's pandemics (ie; racism, climate change, global health) but I do know it's hard to learn and be part of a solution if our own emotional and mental capacity is at -4657%. One surprising habit which I’ve managed to keep up for a good chunk of this year has been a quick gratitude practice every morning. Oddly enough, I realized this has not only had an impact on my daily outlook on life, but also - my wardrobe. 


With everything going on right now, listening to the news is important to be an active and engaged citizen, but it can also be a tough way to start or end the day. As a naturally born pessimist (shocking, I know), a mini gratitude session every morning felt unnatural but now it feels like a little puzzle piece has been nicely slotted into the task of building a curated and conscious closet, as well as a more hopeful and open mindset.

So my slow fashion tip for you this month is this:

How it works: I don’t think there’s one fixed way to practice gratitude, whether you take a moment to think of things that make you smile at any point in your day, or get more involved and slot some time aside for proper gratitude reflections, I think you're already doing good things for the soul. Here’s what works for me. Before I get out of bed or as I’m putting on my workout gear - in my head - I list three things that I’m currently grateful for. Usually it’s more than three, and sometimes they are as simple as a hot shower or cup of tea. Almost always, my health tops the list. 
And that's it. The end. It's not a hugely immersive reflection period,  but listing a few things that cheer me up as I start my day has helped immensely these days.

Here’s why this helps: 

Perspective: It took me a while to realize this but after a few months of practicing gratitude daily, never once did I profess my gratitude for “my beautiful pair of Manolos" (as much as I LOVE them, let's be honest). Not to say that I’m not grateful for my clothes (see point #2 below), but this practice has really helped me define what I value vs. what’s “nice to have” and takes the emotion and impulse out of “wanting/needing” the next new thing for my closet. It is also simply an exercise in cheering up. Which, if you're feeling like I am, we might need an extra dose of. 

Appreciation: On the flip side of this, I’ve found a renewed sense of appreciation for my clothes and all of my possessions, but more simply - how lucky I am to be able to acquire such things. This is also a good priviledge check.

I think it’s always handy to have another tool to help fend off the noise of trends and social constructs and help us stay grounded. While I am definitely NOT immune to wanting or adding new things to my closet, another layer of mindfulness can’t hurt. I hope you enjoy this tip, and if you already have a gratitude practice, please feel free to share it with me! 

And finally ! June is my birthday month, and to celebrate my gratitude to YOU, I’ll be hosting a birthday giveaway on my Instagram account later in the month so keep an eye out over there! It will be international because I know you are reading from some of the coolest places in the world.

Last month I managed to post two additional videos mid-week and in this one, I go through my "maybe" pile and learn a lot of things along the way! Watch it here.
My second mid-week video was a round up of tips and neutral outfits. It's chock-full of proof that neutrals are anything but boring. Watch it here.
I recently read Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward. I want to do my part (even if small) in dismantling the systemic injustice that happens every day, so - much like our consumption and the environment - I'm starting with some self-learning. This book was an incredible read that I would highly recommend. If you're interested, I've added another section to this newsletter with additional books and resources, and accounts whose knowledge makes me both uncomfortable but more aware of what's going on. 
I was recently sent these freshwater pearl earrings* by female owned Shop Skye - a birthday gift I chose for myself if you will. Skye currently uses 80% post-consumer recycled metals for their jewelry. I've always loved that June's birthstone is a pearl and love its classic qualities. *affiliate


BOOKS (on my list)
Me and White Supremacy 
White Fragility 

I've also signed up for Rachel Cargle's 30 day #DoTheWork course - if you'd like to join me, you can sign up here
Thank you so much for reading, I am always grateful to be included in some small way in your day. Wishing you a beautiful month of June. xx
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