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Ruth Burr Reedy — UpBuild's incredible Director of Strategy — has a memorable theory about SEO. Everything we do ties back to a central idea: the field of SEO is just humans trying to understand machines that are trying to understand how humans want to get information from machines. Simple, right?

As an SEO, my job essentially boils down to trying to make sure machines understand web entities as well as humans do. It's funny to think about how reliant this industry and my livelihood is on the existence of a piece of third-party software. Actually, it's best not to think about it for the sake of one's sanity. 

This edition of our newsletter focuses on Google and SEO. No surprise there, but check out the rest of this one for some more thoughts on E-A-T, Google Search Console News, and a great post on internal linking strategy. 

Happy Optimizing,

Mike Arnesen
Founder & CEO @ UpBuild

Optimizing for E-A-T with Ruth Burr Reedy

It was just last week that we were discussing E-A-T here in our newsletter. How fitting that Ruth Burr Reedy, UpBuild's Director of Strategy, was already in the middle of writing a great new post about it. 

In her post, you'll learn about the history of Quality Raters and QR Guidelines, why E-A-T factors are more important than ever, and what you can do today to optimize for E-A-T. Read it on our blog.

Goodbye, Property Sets

If you're the admin of any Google Search Console properties, you may have received a notice from Google this week that Property Sets are going away.

From their announcement — "We have seen limited usage of sets in Search Console, which makes it hard to devote the engineering time required to maintain this feature. We are working on providing other ways to manage sites with multiple hosts or protocols."

Hello, Domain-Wide Data 

Just about a day after receiving the above-mentioned GSC email, Google announced a new feature to replace it. What great timing! ;-) In their announcement post, Google acknowledges the historical difficulty that webmasters and SEOs have faced in managing multiple versions of the same website in Google Search Console. 

The next time you hop into GSC, look for the "add a new domain" option and follow the steps. If you're lucky enough to be an UpBuild client, we're already on it. Unfortunately, setting this up relies on using the DNS verification method: the one method that's historically been the most difficult for the average organization to use. 
"This announcement cracks me up because just the other week, I was telling someone that no one really uses the DNS verification. Out of the five options, it's by far the biggest hassle. Guess this shows me"  — Mike Arnesen, Founder

Read Google's full post on the Webmaster Blog.

The Best Internal Linking Structure Depends on Your Business Model

Atlassian's Kevin Indig published a great post this week on internal linking (Kevin's well worth a follow). In this post, Kevin underscores that when it comes to internal linking, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sure, the general rule that pages should cross-link extensively with descriptive anchor text is a helpful starting point, but beyond that, internal linking strategies vary greatly according to site goals and industry.

If you've ever wondered if internal linking is all that important, just ask this question: what are the most valuable pages on the site from a conversion standpoint? Probably either some form of a landing page or a contact/lead form page. 

Now, what page gets the most external links? The homepage. 

See the disconnect? The task of strategic internal linking, then, is to ensure that your site's link equity can flow down to those deeper and higher-converting landing pages, rather than remaining trapped on the homepage.

The article gets a bit technical and assumes you're familiar with his TIPR model already, so if you're not keen to geek out on it, don't worry. We are. 

Until next time. Thanks for reading!
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