Hey, You.

Pulling a bunch of different Lego pieces out of the bin and trying to assemble something that makes sense can be a fun challenge. You might end up with a Frankenstien's monster that's more akin to a vision from a fever dream than a work of ark, but at least you tried. Other times you might end up with something beautiful and functional; something worthy of showing off to your friends and family.

But this isn't about Legos. Not really. This is about taking different components — including many that don't easily fit together — and forming them into a cohesive whole. 

  • Structured data schema blocks and itemprops
  • CMS components, functionality, and plugins
  • Individual members of a team at work

How can each of those be best arranged so that the result is something effective and elegant? A product greater than the sum of its parts? Today's newsletter dives into some news around each of the topics above and discusses what to think about when trying to assemble those Lego blocks into something that won't fall apart. 

Until next time, happy optimizing.

Mike Arnesen

Founder & Geek-at-Large at UpBuild

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Yoast's SEO Plugin for WordPress Rolls Out Elegant JSON-LD Structured Data

Hey, hey! Yoast can now equip your website with fully-formed JSON-LD structured data.

Takeaway: Pending further verification on our end, it seems like Yoast is one of the first SEO plugins to do this kind of thing well. If your site is primarily a blog, you might be able to get all your structured data basics covered. Be warned though, this will absolutely interfere with any pre-existing structured data on your site, so you may have to do a bit of work and finagling to get it right. For the kind of implementations we do, we'll stick with GTM — read our arguments for and against.

The Best Content Management Systems for SEO

Choosing a content management system is a big deal, and while SEO is but one consideration, the impact of your future CMS on organic performance should be given careful thought. Michelle Polk breaks down what we look for in a CMS and outlines pros/cons of WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Shopify, and more. 

Takeaway: We advocate a strong preference for CMSes that are both open source and known for their flexibility. Avoid any proprietary CMS like the plague.
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What It’s Really Like to Work in an Open Office

Not SEO-related, but the topic resonates with many of us. And by "resonates", I mean, "sends a cold chill down our spines". While some may revel in the joys of the good old open office, many do not. This easy coffee break read pairs perspectives from employees at WeWork and Wayfair on the pros and cons of open office work.

Takeaway: The truth is, there's no way to please everyone with a single work environment. Different people have different work styles and as such need different types of workspaces. Some people thrive on being in the thick of it and being able to yell over to their Director of Marketing whenever they want; others can literally feel the constant social interaction requirement and the rampant distractions slowly draining their energy, effectiveness, and the general will to live away each day. Offering multiple options for work settings might be the key here. 

Note: I'm not sure that someone from WeWork, a company whose entire offering is an open office, is able to provide the most objective perspective on the subject. 
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