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Fortunately for geeks like me, being "technical" and having a code-obsessed persona is kind of cool these days. But it's only cool because it's important. What we do as marketers online is becoming increasingly technical and every step we take in that direction makes us that much more effective. Nonetheless, I agree with Simo Ahava's recent sentiment (more on that later) that the label "non-technical digital marketer" is an oxymoron. Every marketer who works online is technical in one way or another. There's no barrier to entry, so perhaps it's high time we stop pretending that some people just can't — or simply don't have the time to — become technical. 
So getting technical is the theme of our newsletter this week. We wanted to share some video, audio, and written content that will get you thinking about technical matters and just maybe give you a little inspiration. :-)
Hack the planet,
Mike Arnesen
Founder & CEO at UpBuild

Ruth Burr Reedy on TV with The Oklahoman

Ruth, our awesome Director of Strategy, keynoted Confluence at the end of last week. The team here got a preview of her talk, "Why You Need to Invest in Technical SEO" and it was incredible. Before taking the stage, Ruth was interviewed by The Oklahoman and shared some of the key lessons from her session. Head over to to watch the whole thing. 

The Myth Of The Non-Technical Marketer

You could think of Simo Ahava as the Godfather of Google Tag Manager. As Mike tells it, he's done more to drive GTM usage and push its limits that Google's own team has. Well, Simo wrote a great post this week about the Myth of the Non-Technical Marketer. The TL;DR is that there's no such thing; we all have the ability to become more technical and we just need to work on it. It's a great read and, as icing on the cake, Mike got a special shoutout in the post! 

Technical Posts on the Analytics Side of Marketing

Surprise, surprise. UpBuild put up some great new posts about technical marketing. Check them out and let us know in the comments if you have questions.

Chrome Extensions We Love: jQuery Unique Selector

We're always looking for new efficiencies and Google Chrome Extensions are always welcome in our analytics arsenal. Read Laura's latest post and learn about how we use "jQuery Unique Selector" to streamline our analytics work

Setting Up Device Specific Tags in GTM

A quick tip to fire analytics (or other) tags in GTM based on the type of device being used — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Read Mike's full write-up on our blog.

From the Productize Podcast, "All my SEO Questions Answered by Mike Arnesen"

Want to add something to your podcast queue? Mike was on Brian Casel's Productize podcast talking about technical SEO and about UpBuild's agency model. Give it a listen on the Productize site or subscribe in your favorite podcast app. 
Until next time. Thanks for reading!
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