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How've you been? We missed a week there (did you notice?) but now everything's back on track. To help fit in all the SEO news of note that I wanted to share, I tried summing up some key stories with a simple TL;DR and a takeaway for each. I'd love to know if you find that format valuable. 

Other than that quick note, I'll let this week's newsletter content speak for itself. 

Until next time, happy optimizing.

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Hitting Capacity: Our Cup Runneth Over

UpBuild's client discovery team has been busy working with some really great businesses over the last few weeks. As we've worked on their proposals and as we get new leads coming in via our website, we've been initiating a delicate and sometimes difficult conversation. We're telling them that we probably can't work with them...right away, at least. 

At UpBuild, no one is asked to lead more than four accounts at any given time. That means that when we reach a certain number of clients, we're full! Right now, it looks like our team is spoken for through June. In this recent post, Mike explains why we have capacity rules in place as well as the pros and cons of telling prospective clients, "you're going to have to wait to work with us."
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Tools We Love:

If you are — or aspire to be — a Google Analytics power user, RegEx is a critically important tool in your toolbox. In Alex's most recent post on the UpBuild blog, he'll walk you through how to form useful expressions using You still can't use negative lookaheads in GA ::shakes fist in air::, but you can sure benefit from using 

Read the post here.

Mike says, "I've thought Regular Expressions were pretty cool for most of my adult life (not sure what that says about me) and this sums up how I feel fairly well."

One major retailer's profits plunge by 87%, due in large part to major SEO issues
  • TL;DR: Asos lost millions in the 6-month period following their launch of over 200 microsite clones — each designed to mirror the main site but cater to a specific country/geographic area. Search rankings, unsurprisingly, fell off a cliff. 
  • Key Takeaway: Do not launch 200+ microsites. For any reason. Ever. While there's a chance this could have gone "okay" provided they'd done months of careful SEO planning and tagging, the risk was massive while the potential reward was microscopic. Don't be like Asos; hire an SEO firm to oversee massive, global campaigns (or at least vet the strategy). 

What version of Chrome is Google actually using for rendering?
  • TL;DR: It appears that Google is currently using v69 of Chrome, released in September 2018.
  • Key Takeaway: It seems safe to use modern JS features supported in Chrome 69. Fair warning: Bing still supports next to nothing.

Google Resolves Big Deindexing Issue(?)
  • TL;DR: Google struggled with an issue starting last Friday where pages mysteriously vanished from their index, i.e., organic search results. They claim that it's been completely resolved but various reports indicate that the turbulence could be ongoing. 
  • Key Takeaway: Google is remaining tight-lipped about what caused the issue and the magnitude of the problem, so the takeaway is...not particularly helpful. If you saw your search traffic drop over the past week and then bounced back, you may have been impacted. 
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