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If you haven't heard, UpBuild is a 100% distributed company — everyone works remotely (from wherever they work best) and we now have team members in every US timezone. Yet even though we're usually working from basements, coffee shops, and living rooms we still feel very connected as a team. Nonetheless, there's still something about being in the same physical space together that's impossible to replace with digital alternatives; even I'll admit that. 

That's why I'm so excited that the UpBuild team is having our twice-yearly company retreat (AKA, "Team Day") this week. For the last half of this week, we'll all be holed up in a big house in the forest outside of Denver working on company strategy, sharing insights, coming up with new ideas for our clients, cooking some meals together, laughing at geeky jokes, and just having an all-around great time. Jealous yet? ;-)

I guess this is all to say that I've been incredibly busy gearing up for this event and I thought that simply sharing my excitement with you here would be an easy way to create some content and not miss our regularly-scheduled newsletter.* 

Of course, I still have a few posts and links to share with you. Check those out below.

Happy optimizing,

Mike Arnesen
Founder & CEO at UpBuild

* I'm trying my hardest to send this thing out every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. 

How We Make a Remote Team Work

If you're curious about how we make our remote team work at UpBuild, you can check out this evergreen post from February. The size of our team has nearly doubled since the post's initial publication (wow!), but everything there still applies. 

Want to travel way back in time? Check out Mike's post about UpBuild's first "Team Day" in November of 2015.

Speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for a brand new reflection on this week's retreat. We should have that up on our blog by next week. 

What “Data Should Tell a Story” Really Means

Ruth wrote a fantastic post last week and the introduction that she wrote sets the stage so well, we'll just include it here! 

"Simply put, 'data should tell a story' means that you should never be reporting on information without having a clear idea of what it means, the context in which it should be interpreted, and the actions you’d expect to be taken as a result. Anyone can pull a report – the real value is in using that report to effect positive change."

Get some inspiration that'll help you level up your reporting. Read the full post on our blog

This is not an endorsement by any means; it's just an FYI. The remote-working experts over at just launched a new service called The service does one thing and one thing only — it helps create "meaningful events for meaningful companies." Think of it as a way to outsource all the planning, coordination, and logistics for your next company retreat. It's one of those ideas that you wish you'd come up with and had time for, right? 

If you want to check out the Yonder episode that Mike was on back in August, you can check out the episode here.
Until next time. Thanks for reading!
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