We still believe in the power of media to move your mission.
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At the end of a long and bruising national election, media and philanthropy are facing a dramatically changed policy environment. For many funders, the results of the election may create new challenges reaching long-sought objectives like slowing climate change, advancing health outcomes and achieving economic justice for all. But we still believe in the power of media to enlighten and improve society—now more than ever.

To that end, we will continue to organize convenings and dialogues that bring funders and media makers together to address key issues, with each session taking on a renewed relevance and urgency. So please continue to share anything important that you are working on—we will gladly circulate it to our wider network, or a particular group of peers. Either way, we are listening, and we are confident that the work we do together can and will make a difference.

Thank you for your continued engagement with Media Impact Funders.

Newtown, gun violence and the power of hope

Click to watch the trailer for Newtown. And don't miss the April 3, 2017, national broadcast on PBS Independent Lens.

Earlier this month, we joined our colleagues at the offices of Philanthropy New York for a screening and discussion of Newtown, a gripping documentary that explores the grieving community in the aftermath of the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The film, which premiered at Sundance this year, was directed by Kim Snyder and produced by Maria Cuomo Cole, who joined us for an illuminating discussion on using media to shift public debates, and the need to reframe gun violence as a public health issue. Nina Vinik, program director for gun violence prevention at the Joyce Foundation, and Dr. William Begg, a subject in the film, also joined as panelists. 

We pulled together a summary of the event on Storify, and encourage you to watch the film and consider ways that you might share the experience with colleagues. If you would like to screen the film or discuss ways in which you can incorporate the film into your work, please let us know and we will help make that possible. 

Also take a moment to read this Q&A we produced with the Joyce Foundation, a longtime and leading funder of gun violence prevention. In it, we discuss Joyce's approach to reducing gun violence, the flawed narrative in our current gun debate, and what other funders can do to get involved.


What's the role of business in racial equity & inclusion?

Racial equity and inclusion is a continuing conversation for us. We were thrilled to partner with Net Impact—the organization for students and professionals interested in using business skills in support of various social causes—earlier this month for an important discussion on the role individuals and institutions can play in achieving racial equity and inclusion. Our panel participants—Dr. Rahsaan Harris, CEO of the Emma Bowen Foundation; Dr. Tiffany Gueye, CEO of BELL; and Dr. William Hite Jr., superintendent of the Philadelphia School District—offered their candid insights and shared their personal experiences. Now more than ever, it’s this kind of dialogue that helps deepen and advance the conversation. And we are committed to continuing such conversations, so stay tuned as we shape the next one. And read up on our past events featuring filmmaker Stanley Nelson and CNN commentator Van Jones.

The following night, we teamed up with Net Impact again for a screening and discussion of Sacred Cod, acquired by the Discovery Channel as part of its Discovery Impact series. The film captures the collapse of New England's once-thriving cod-fishing industry and explores the factors that led to its demise. Thanks to David Abel, co-director of the film and Pultizer Prize-winning reporter at the Boston GlobeRyan Harrington, director, aquisitions, documentaries & specials, Discovery Channel; and Andy Laub, co-director of the film and founder of As It Happens Creative, for participating in the panel discussion.


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ExxonMobil, which in the past has been accused of paying scientists to deny the threat of climate change, is now accusing the Rockefeller Family Fund of masterminding a conspiracy aimed at harming its business interests.
"We are not in the politics business; we are in the hope business. We are in the social impact business. What happened in the election was politics; what matters for us is what happens now, what we do next." Read more on post-election strategy from Grant Oliphant, president of The Heinz Endowments.
Facts can be weaponized, says MIF's Jessica Clark in an editorial for a new online magazine on interactive storytelling, Immerse, jointly produced by TFI, MIT’s OpenDocLab and the Fledgling Fund. The antidote? Creative storytelling. Read her powerful remarks on what the field must do to move forward.
And speaking of facts, turns out some of them are actually fake! MIF's Clark and Katie Donnelly nailed it with this piece on how to fight back against fake news. Take a moment and read up on how the solution goes way beyond producing more good journalism.
Sarah Lutman, founder of Lutman & Associates and a longtime consultant on philanthropic work, took our data mapping tool for a spin to see what she could find and how it might be useful to her work. Here are her thoughts. Interested in trying out our data map? Let us know.
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