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Software Weekly - 06/17/2019

Kubernetes storage, Git workflows, micro frontends, golden signals, performance bottlenecks & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Stripe Machine Learning Infrastructure with Rob Story and Kelley Rivoire. Rob and Kelley discuss data engineering and machine learning at Stripe, and their work on Railyard, an API for machine learning workloads within the company.

Old favorite: Edge Kubernetes with Venkat Yalla. Venkat talks about Kubernetes at the edge, and how the Internet of things applications can use Kubernetes for their deployments today–and what the future might hold. 

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FindCollabs 2nd hackathon

The FindCollabs Open has started. It is our second FindCollabs hackathon, and we are giving away $2500 in prizes. The prizes will be awarded in categories such as machine learning, business plan, music, visual art, and JavaScript. If one of those areas sounds interesting to you, check out!

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Performance speed limits. A great read on finding out the limiting factor for your performance. "It’s not a comprehensive performance evaluation methodology, but for many small pieces of code it will work very well."

2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise, Polyglot Persistence. MySQL still leading the way, followed by Postgres in the open-source world. Some interesting findings on what cloud is used for hosted databases. 

How to switch from RDBMS to DynamoDB in 20 easy steps…. The steps are not so easy. I watched the videos. Modeling NoSQL databases is an art and it blew my mind how I and most people I know didn't know NoSQL best practices and were rather just making relational work on NoSQL.

How to monitor Golden signals in Kubernetes. The golden signals are latency, traffic, errors, and saturation. Check out some possible approaches and a good comparison of different ways you can monitor your applications (even if not running on Kubernetes).

Learn git concepts, not commands. Great visualization and explanation of git development workflows.

Understanding Network Quality: The Rise of Customized Content Delivery. LinkedIn Engineering team share some of their experiments at the edge and their findings (improvement in one region didn't correlate to improvements to other regions).

Micro Frontends. The hottest term on the internet these days. A lot of buzz, good and bad, so here is a good source to learn about micro frontends with examples.

 DigitalOcean offers a simple, developer-friendly cloud platform. It’s optimized to make managing and scaling apps easy with an intuitive API, multiple storage options, integrated firewalls, load balancers and more. Get started on                                               DigitalOcean for free at

What's New in Tech

Is Target still down? After long waits and store closings, nationwide register outage ends. Over 2 hours' outage and 4 hours of degraded performance. There were no data breaches and this was not security-related but due to a technology issue. All we know so far is here.

Google Buys Looker, Salesforce Buys Tableau – What This Means for Business Intelligence. Acquisitions just weeks apart. I would love to see platforms/data converge so we can end up with a tool that gives you BI, visualization, data warehousing, as well as operational metrics.

GoCD is a continuous delivery tool from ThoughtWorks. If you have heard about continuous delivery, but you don't know what it looks like in action, try the GoCD test drive at GoCD's test drive will set up example pipelines for you to see how GoCD manages your continuous delivery workflows.
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