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Software Weekly - 10/21/2019

Build a cloud provider, cache first, multiplex HTTP, Ionic React, Flash innovations, Spark ML predictions & more


Last week’s most popular episode:  How to Build a Cloud Provider with Anurag GoelAnurag shares his strategy for building Render, and talks through his belief around modern software engineering, including his belief that developers mostly choose their tools based on what they read from popular websites rather than what solves their problems–a phenomenon he describes as “fashion-driven development."

Old favorite: Open Source Business Models with Karthik Ranganathan, Heather Meeker, and Matt Asay. A discussion on open source business models, how some can be defensive, some can be open, and what that means for long term sustainability and operability of a business.

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Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

YugaByte open source business model by Gokhan Simsek. YugaByte announces they are going 100% open source. What does this mean for a database business and how can this be sustainable? 

The Bel Language. What would programming languages look like if we weren’t constrained by current computer limitations? Bel is a Lisp-style programming language written in itself. The full guide is here. Highly recommended reading.

Predicting and monitoring payment volumes with Pearl and ElasticSearch. A machine learning model design for time series prediction and anomaly detection using Apache Spark that works in real-time.

Yes, you should estimate software projects. Though estimates don’t help with the actual code you are writing, they help management and organizations plan better.

Einstein analytics and Go. Salesforce was using C with Python wrappers. As they shifted more and more logic to Python for faster development, the performance degraded. The move to Go allowed for better performance and made for easier development. Your mileage may vary, so I wouldn’t recommend Go as the solution to all your problems just yet.

Making faster part 3 - cache first. By using local storage, initial rendering time reduced through stale data might be shown. This pattern is heavily used in mobile development and apps already, glad to see more adoption on the web.

How multiplexing changes your HTTP API. Really great article on HTTP/2 and how it’s positioned as a query language rather than just a transport protocol.

Pick your poison. A short post on making the right technology choices and why nothing is perfect and every framework/dependency might suck.

Operators and Controllers, What is the Difference?​ They could be the same and they could be different -- especially in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Books, an immutable double-entry accounting database service. Wow, this took me back to my college accounting class. The article is interesting and a bit misleading. Square is actually using Google Cloud Spanner, a new SQL database (in contrast to regular SQL databases like Postgres). Most of the innovation for scalability lies in using Spanner but there are good lessons about data modeling and immutability.

Announcing Ionic React. React is really eating the world and especially cross-platform application development. Ionic React is an alternative to React Native. I am happy about this because we might finally have a stable version of React for native development.  

Should we rebrand JavaScript? Honestly, the only valid reason for renaming is to stop recruiters on LinkedIn from confusing Java and JavaScript.

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What's New in Tech

Migration complete - Amazon’s consumer business just turned off its final Oracle database. The biggest lesson here is how migrations are very expensive and can require years of work. The second biggest takeaway is managed databases/services are awesome. For an interesting analysis check out Is Amazon’s database strategy a glimpse in the future?

Flash is responsible for the internet’s most innovative era. I agree. For me, the era of the flash games really solidified my love for computers and especially the internet, even before social media.

Samsung says it will soon patch Galaxy S10 fingerprint recognition problem. I can also print out a picture of my face and hack my iPhone so yea all phones are insecure. Better not leave any private data on your phone. Write everything on paper and keep it in a safe in your basement. 

Supreme court hands victory to blind man who sued Domino’s over site accessibility. Glad this is over: I am hoping Domino’s corrects its site immediately and ends up being remembered for doing the right thing.

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