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Software Weekly - 11/11/2019

Leadership, distributed storage using Raft, circuit breakers, chaos order, self-driving moral dilemma & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Leadership with Ben Horowitz. Ben joins the show to discuss his writing, and how he has applied his beliefs to Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital firm he co-founded and leads today. He started Loudcloud with Marc Andreessen in 1999. He ran the company for eight years and chronicled his experience in his first book The Hard Thing About Hard Things. His second book, What You Do Is Who You Are, surveys a set of case studies in leadership, including a Haitian slave revolt, the Mongol empire, and a dominant prison gang.

Old favorite: Software IPOs with Tomasz Tunguz. Tom discusses his blog writing, and offers reflections on what can be learned about company building from the recent series of IPOs and direct listings.

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Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Building a Large-Scale Distributed Storage System Based On Raft. Excellent article on how to build a scalable and available storage system. Learn about different sharding strategies, implementing availability, scalability, and consistency.

The circuit breaker pattern. Sometimes retries can kill your entire service. A retry storm took many services down. Learn about circuit breakers and how to use them to better protect your services. 

Post-Quantum TLS Now Supported In AWS KMS. “Post-quantum TLS is a feature that adds new, post-quantum cipher suites to the protocol. AWS implements TLS using s2n, a streamlined open source implementation of TLS. In June, 2019, AWS introduced post-quantum s2n, which implements two proposed post-quantum hybrid cipher suites specified in this IETF draft. The cipher suites specify a key exchange that provides the security protections of both the classical and post-quantum schemes.“

Space Partitioning in Doom. A Binary space partitioning tree was used to keep state of the worlds and connect levels in the classic game of Doom. Learn about gaming and rendering in this great article.
JavaScript framework security report 2019. Security vulnerabilities exist in both React and Angular. Angular seems to care about security more than React. 

React Conf 2019 Playlist. Watch videos from React Conf. Learn more about React and Relay, custom React rendered, suspense, and the future of React.

Building faster in iOS with Bazel. Bazel is the hottest open source tech that everyone is talking about today. Learn what Bazel is and how to apply it with specific example for building an iOS App.

TiDB in the Browser: Running a Golang Database in WebAssembly. You can use this just for testing or you can ship this as part of your application and have your website run its own database. WebAssembly is really an amazing piece of work. 

Chaos Order: Randomizing Queries to Find Order-Dependency. Adding a bit of chaos engineering to your database querying in order to uncover bugs or bottlenecks during development. 

Using Google Cloud’s AutoML in AWS Lambda with API Gateway. Serverless and multi-cloud. This is the type of multi-cloud where you use the strength of each provider. Also, everything is serverless! 

VictorOps is a collaborative incident response tool. VictorOps brings your monitoring data and your collaboration tools into one place--so that you can fix issues more quickly, and reduce the pain of on-call. Go to, and get a free t-shirt when you try out VictorOps. VictorOps integrates with all of your services: Slack, Splunk, Cloudwatch, Datadog, New Relic, and more.

What's New in Tech

The Real Moral Dilemma Of Self-Driving Cars. US safety investigators released a report on a self-driving car crash that suggests the real choice at this stage of self-driving car development is not between one innocent victim and other innocent victims; it’s between caution and competitive advantage.

You cannot submit an electron 6 (or 7) app to the Apple store. Worrying when you get denied because you are using some library that you don’t own that Apple doesn’t like.

Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by digging into the accounts of kingdom critics. Your data is never safe -- even what you think is private. Scary when it’s an inside spy job. 

 Sumo Logic is a continuous intelligence platform that builds tools for operations, security, and cloud-native infrastructure. The company has studied thousands of businesses to get an understanding of modern continuous intelligence, and then compiled that information into the Continuous Intelligence Report, which is available at


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