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Software Weekly - 11/19/2018

Building Resilient Systems, Machine Learning for Noise Cancellation, Night Vision & Video Processing & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Fission: Serverless on Kubernetes with Soam Vasani. Learn about Fission, the open-source Kubernetes-native serverless framework. Soam explores how serverless improves the lives of developers and discusses the features that Fission provides on top of Kubernetes.

Old favorite: Kubernetes Vision with Brendan Burns. Great episode with one of the co-creators of Kubernetes talking about the future of Kubernetes and building distributed system primitives on top of Kubernetes. 

Fission is an open-source, Kubernetes-native, Serverless framework. Fission allows you to easily code serverless functions in any language, and have them run wherever you have a Kubernetes cluster -- be it in the public cloud, in your own datacenter, or even on your laptop.

Read: From Software Engineering Daily

Website Performance Monitoring Using FullStory Dev Tools by Harrison Flatau. Why is website performance important? How can we measure it? And how can we improve it? Learn how Dev Tools empowers you to improve your website experience.

GraphQL: A success story for PayPal Checkout by Mark Stuart. Check out PayPal's journey building their APIs and how GraphQL allowed for flexibility and performance for the PayPal checkout Mobile SDK.

Scaling Time Series Data Storage at Netflix — Part II by Ketan Duvedi. Netflix redesigned their time series data storage system, by sharding their clusters, changing what's stored and rearchitecting the data flow. Check out how they also tuned their performance and added caching in their system. 

React Styled Components with Max Stoiber by Adam Conrad. Learn about React components and best practices are changing for UI and front-end design. Explore how styled components allow for simple, bug-free UI styling without breaking cascading parts of CSS.

Building a Serverless End-to-End Solution for Brand Detection in Video by Juri Sarbach. Check out how Quantworks built an entire machine learning pipeline to process video media streams on top of GCP. Amazing application of ML and Google Cloud capabilities.

Stay tuned for more episode summaries, digests, longform articles, and other great content from the SE Daily blog. What else do you want to read about? Let us know.

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What's New in Software Engineering

Incident Report for DigitalOcean: Limited Availability of Spaces API in NYC3. At the time of writing this (November 17), Digital Ocean is still experiencing issues with Spaces (object storage product). 1% of Objects are still unavailable in NYC3. The problem has been ongoing since November 13. This is a huge outage and it seems like the recovery is difficult. #HugOps

Announcing “AI for Everyone”: a new course from Andrew Ng, the Stanford Professor who started Coursera and launched the first machine mearning MOOC, created a new course called AI for Everyone. I started the course and so should you. No better person to teach AI than Andrew.

2018 Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report. The Report by ThousandEyes highlights measurements of inter-availability zone and inter-region performance and reliability measurements across all cloud providers. If you are using one cloud provider or are multi-cloud, read this. Read the report here.

Google goes down after major BGP mishap routes traffic through China. Due to changes in the global routing system BGP configuration for an ISP in Nigeria, for over 74 minutes some of Google's traffic was improperly routed through China, causing an outage for some of Google's IP addresses. Google doesn't think this was malicious, but this incident highlights huge compliance and security risks.

HTTP/3: Come for the speed, stay for the security. HTTP/3 is going to use QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) instead of TCP. Google led the effort to introduce QUIC in 2013 and now the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is considering it for the next version of HTTP.

Data @Scale – Boston recap. Check out this summary from Facebook's Data @Scale conference. All the talks are interesting. I recommend you start with Kubeflow: Portable Machine Learning on Kubernetes by Michelle Casbon from Google.

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Progressive Service Architecture At Auth0. Auth0 goes through how their SRE team made a few decisions to make their services reliable and available. Great insights into the pros and cons of approaches they considered for building a feature flag router service.

Patterns for Resilient Architecture. Check out this series on building Patterns for Resilient Architecture on AWS. Also take a look at Amazon Web Services in Plain English.

Night Sight: Seeing in the Dark on Pixel Phones. Google explains how they built NightSight using AI in their newest Pixel Phones. Great insights into how they collected and trained their models and challenges faced.

The C++ Build Process Explained. In-depth steps of how C++ is compiled. A great read for anyone who wants to understand more about software compilation and how software becomes machine instructions.

Real-Time Noise Suppression Using Deep Learning. Nvidia uses deep learning to build a noise suppression using a single microphone. They moved this to the cloud and used Nvidia GPUs to train faster.

Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync. Learn how Firefox Sync works to align your settings between devices without compromising security and privacy.

Offensive testing to make Dropbox (and the world) a safer place. Dropbox ran a penetration test against themselves, identified a few vulnerabilities and are sharing the findings and the process in this blog post.

Jaspersoft offers embeddable reports, dashboards, and data visualizations that developers love. Give users intuitive access to data in the ideal place for them to take action—within your application. To check out Jaspersoft, go to and find out how easy it is to embed reporting and analytics into your application.

What New in Tech

The Potential Unintended Consequences of Article 13. YouTube CEO asks EU to revise Article 13 which would greatly hinder online sharing of copyrighted content. Article 13 basically disallows memes or any copyrighted content from being shared and would disallow a song like "Despacito" from being shared on YouTube.

Shop Safe This Holiday Season. Mozilla created a holiday tech gadget gift guide for ranking tech gadgets by how creepy they are. FREDI baby monitor won creepiest tech gadget.

SAP is acquiring survey software maker Qualtrics for $8 billion. SAP acquired Qualtrics before its IPO. Big companies are racing to close acquisition deals this Q4! What company will be acquired next week?

Amazon picks NYC and northern Virginia as HQ2 winners. After a long wait, Amazon announces HQ2 x 2.

Azure Container Service simplifies the deployment, management and operations of Kubernetes. Eliminate the complicated planning and deployment of fully orchestrated containerized applications with Kubernetes. Check out the Azure Container Service at
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