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Software Weekly - Week of 9/24


Last week’s most popular episode: Continuous Delivery Pipelines with Abel Wang. Abel Wang works on Azure Pipelines, a continuous integration and delivery tool from Microsoft. Azure Pipelines is designed to work with open source projects as well as companies. Abel joins the show to talk about using continuous integration and delivery within open source, and the process of designing a CI/CD tool that can work in any language and environment. 

Old favorite: Sports Deep Learning with Yu-Han Chang and Jeff Su. Yu-Han Chang and Jeff Su are co-founders of Second Spectrum. They join the show to describe the data pipeline of Second Spectrum from the cameras on the basketball court to the entertaining visualizations. 

Jaspersoft offers embeddable reports, dashboards, and data visualizations that developers love. Give users intuitive access to data in the ideal place for them to take action—within your application. To check out Jaspersoft, go to and find out how easy it is to embed reporting and analytics into your application.


This Windows File May Be Secretly Hoarding Your Passwords and Emails 
Feature will create file storing text extracted from all emails & plaintext-files.

New Trends in The World of IoT Threats
IoT attacks for 2018 are already 3x that of all 2017.

Erlang Authenticated Remote Code Execution
Dangerous to have statically assigned Erlang cookie for Docker images.

How A Content Security Policy (CSP) Could Have Protected Newegg
Explores CSP, a security standard that prevents code injection attacks.

Harsh Truths I Learned As a Junior Developer
Tips relevant to all regardless of skill level.

Leading Bitcoin Cash Developer Says Future Fork Unlikely 
Argues each fork reduces the ability to create future value.

With Webpack 4 & Babel 7, now boots up to 57% faster during development.

Idle Until Urgent
Only run code in idle periods or when it’s truly, urgently required.

Running A Database on EC2? Your Clock Could Be Slowing You Down.
What's causing it, check if your machines are affected, & how to fix it.

Bine is a Go API for using and controlling Tor.

DoiT International helps startups optimize the costs of their workloads across Google Cloud and AWS, so that they can spend more time building new software–and less time reducing cost. DoiT International helps clients optimize their costs–and if your cloud bill is over $10,000 per month, you can get a free cost-optimization assessment by going to


State Department Suffers Data Breach
Classified network wasn’t penetrated, according to officials.

SiteLock Research
Telemetry found on average, a website suffers 58 attack attempts per day.

Mirai Botnet Authors Avoid Jail Time
Cooperated with FBI & received lighter jail sentences.

Japan Hit by Another Cryptocurrency Heist
Tech Bureau Corp said ~$60 million in digital currencies were stolen.

White House Draft Order Directs Probes into Tech Giants
Would push federal antitrust and law enforcement to probe biz practices of social media & other internet companies.

How Much Are Stolen Frequent Flyer Miles Worth on The Dark Web?
Frequent flyer miles and how thieves sell/steal them.

Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans to Closely Track Search Users in China
Bosses force employees to delete confidential memo.

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Building Distributed Systems with Kubernetes
Using Kubernetes to create higher-level app abstractions that allow you to build distributed systems from scratch. 

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