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Software Weekly - Week of 10/01


Last week’s most popular episode: JavaScript Engines with Mathias Bynens. Mathias Bynens is a developer advocate at Google working on the V8 JavaScript engine team. In this show we explore how a JavaScript engine works, and how compiler toolchains can adapt the hot code paths depending on what code needs to be optimized for.

Old favorite: Ethereum Platform with Preethi Kasireddy. Preethi Kasireddy is a blockchain developer who writes extensively about cryptocurrencies. She joins the show to describe how the Ethereum platform works, including the steps involved in a smart contract transaction. This episode covers some advanced topics of Ethereum, and if you are out of your comfort zone, don’t worry–you aren’t alone.

Datadog, a monitoring platform for cloud-scale infrastructure and applications, provides dashboarding, alerting, application performance monitoring, and log management in one tightly integrated platform so you can get end-to-end visibility quickly. Visualize key metrics, set alerts to identify anomalies, and collaborate with your team to troubleshoot and fix issues fast. Try it yourself for free, a 14-day free trial.

Read: From Software Engineering Daily

Edge Computing and the Future of the Cloud by Gökhan Şimşek

Crash Reporting: Improving the Customer and Dev Experience 
by Abdallah Abu-Ghazaleh

Why Airbnb is Moving Off of React Native by Adam Conrad

Tim O'Reilly on the Future by Harrison Flatau

Container Storage Interface and Its Relationship to the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape by David Woolfenden

WebAssembly and the Future of Browser Languages by Selin Erdem

Inside DoorDash: Machine Learning and Logistics by Harrison Flatau

Stay tuned for more episode summaries, digests, longform articles, and other  great content from the SE Daily blog. What else do you want to read about? Let us know.

OpenShift is a Kubernetes platform from Red Hat. OpenShift takes the Kubernetes container orchestration system and adds features that let you build software more quickly. OpenShift includes service discovery, CI/CD, built-in monitoring and health management, and scalability. With OpenShift, you avoid getting locked into any particular cloud provider. Check out OpenShift from RedHat, by going to

Community and Industry

What to Do with the Data?
The evolution of data platforms in a post big data world. 

How We Rolled Out One of the Largest Python 3 Migrations Ever
From the Dropbox engineering blog.

Understanding User Support Systems in Open Source
How do popular open source projects manage high support volume?

Why Building Your Own Deep Learning Computer is 10x Cheaper Than AWS
"You know how crazy expensive GPU time is."

USD Coin Arrives: Circle's Crypto Stablecoin is Now Trading
Dollar-backed stablecoin released.

Payment Startup Stripe is Now a $20 Billion Company
Raised $245 million and signed on new customers. 

Slack Buys Email Smart Assistant App Astro
Will integrate AI/email/calendar tools.

Transifex is a SaaS-based localization and translation platform that easily integrates with your agile development process. Your software, websites, games, apps, video subtitles, and more can all be translated with Transifex. Use Transifex with in-house translation teams, language service providers, or even crowdsource your translations. If you’re a developer who is ready to reach a global audience, check out Transifex by visiting and sign up for a free 15-day trial.


AI and Security: Lessons, Challenges, and Future Directions
Dawn Song explains how AI and deep learning can enable better security and how security can enable better AI.

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